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  1. Did anyone notice on the advertising next to the big screen end there was possibly pricing for next season’s membership? I couldn’t quite see it clearly as I was at the other side of the ground but I could read: Black: $31 per match Red and Black: $27 per match Black and White: $21 per match Was anyone able to see it up close?
  2. Roger

    FFA Cup 2018

    PAX: 3,947 (bought tix last night at 11pm)
  3. Hey guys, I have 2x Adult GA tickets available due to last minute pull out. Selling for face value and can meet up. Let me know by PM.
  4. Nike Birkenhead Point had some last weekend.Birkenhead here I come, remember what sizes by any chance?Jerseys were back to $40 but had one rack for home & one rack away. Still had plenty there if anyone is still interested Sorry mate - just saw this - I didn't really notice - just saw they were there. Hope you're sorted now. Just in addition to this, they are indeed $40 at Birkenhead Point Nike but a few times during the day they have "flash" sales where everything is 40% in store for a certain amount of time. Luckily for me I came in at the right time and got last year's jersey for $24. They had plenty of S, M, XL and XXL in both home and away.
  5. Hey guys I'll be heading out to the game. Getting tickets but where is the away seating?
  6. Why not bring all the Cole's to WSW? I heard Ashley is looking a new club... Ashley Cole Carlton Cole Joe Cole Shannon Cole
  7. Bought 3x tix in active area no problem at all. Just entered my membership barcode number (the long one) as well as my mates barcode numbers in the area where you put the "password".
  8. I'll be heading over, 3 of us will be there. First ever Wanderers away trip, will be fun! If anyone has any info could you PM me please?
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