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  1. Yeah they should have asked the Feds to use the military instead.
  2. However the Brits have much more pressing issues at the moment !!
  3. Local media tend to 'big up' minor successes of our players/coaches overseas....take Arzani for instance....by all accounts he's still struggling but every now and again there will be a big headline about him killing it when in fact he's only come on as a late sub in an U/23 game to set up a goal.
  4. You'd have to think so with the heavy schedule coming up....problem is that Corica will now continue his "we can beat the best in Asia" bullcrap
  5. Whilst I take your point about Birkenhead not being part of Liverpool due to being the other side of the Mersey, I've never heard it suggested that Middlesbrough is part of Newcastle!! Always thought it was a far flung suburb of Leeds
  6. So are Fox Sports going to replace Simon Hill for the forthcoming season or do we have to suffer Speedie as their #1 caller?
  7. To be fair he wasn't really a product of our youth program as he had previously been at the AIS and our 'program' as such was in it's infancy. Now a solid NPL2 player.
  8. Ah Downer....still trying hard to stay relevant !!
  9. Not sure where she would go at this point on the calendar
  10. You'd have to think that if she was re-signing with us it would all be done and dusted by now
  11. Suncorp was back at full capacity for SOO so I'd imagine that should apply to all QLD stadiums now
  12. Hot weather should sort it out
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