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  1. I think that Rob Scriva needs a proper job......
  2. Just popped over the border to Yarrawonga......it's Facemask Central down there !!
  3. I can't see anywhere that Monge or Pagden have signed for NPL clubs...is this correct?
  4. Mauk needs an "early taste" but preferably well away from the penalty box
  5. Spent my first 16 years living in various council estates..
  6. That would be "council estate" to you and I
  7. If he's too big for HAL but not good enough for pub football in Turkey and Greece, where exactly does he fit in?
  8. Do you have any examples of where Kelly would cast his vote to benefit the majority of the populace against the wishes of the LNP?
  9. I wouldn't say that he is "quiet" . He votes with Lib/Nats anyway so not much will change as I can't see him voting with labor/greens.
  10. The 'overall experience' should really consist of being at the game without the burbling lol
  11. In some respects commentators are a bit like referees.....if you don't notice them then they are doing a good job.
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