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  1. I agree....I can't really seeing them get too many from Fairfield or Bankstown...i'd give them Liverpool but in essence they will be seen as a parochial Cambelltown/Macarthur outfit.
  2. Only 2 senior appearances in the last 2 seasons at his clubs. Probably needs a return to the A League to re-establish himself
  3. Are your Bulls not an option?
  4. I was checking out some of the footage again and life jackets were scarce.
  5. I see that the Trump Armada hit choppy waters yesterday !!
  6. I'd tend to agree.....has to be bad if it's being reported like this in the Daily Mail !!
  7. Is Sonny Bill Williams playing this weekend? I haven't seen or heard anything in the media all week
  8. Needs a spell at NPL level
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