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  1. GB v Canada has 'draw' written all over it !!
  2. So who did you follow before the Wanderers came along?
  3. Muller deteriorated rapidly....doesn't matter what position he was played he just didn't have the physical presence to make an impact.
  4. Southend have been in free-fall the past couple of years...no stroll in the park when they are up against the likes of Torquay, Notts, Stockport and Chesterfield.
  5. Just the one player would have fixed it for us?
  6. I'm not sure than Sullivan is quite at the standard we expect. Let's face it he was playing pub football in Portugal before he returned.
  7. He's become a very good player but still prone to the odd brain fade.
  8. Trust me, he wasn't....started with promise then faded quickly...still could do a job here though.
  9. We're almost certain to qualify even if we lose to the USA as 2 of the 3 3rd placed teams go through.
  10. Ah but you can't trust anything the BBC says......or so they tell me
  11. Think I'll give the OC a miss....definitely fall asleep material
  12. Yeah but what does it matter...everyone knows they are dickheads but the TV coverage remains and sponsors still pump money in.
  13. Those in the UK might as well stay....'Freedom' achieved this week then there's the ever increasing benefits of Brexit to enjoy
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