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  1. Anyone know when Round 1 v Mariners tickets go on sale? I have an 'Out of Towner' membership now but want to buy 10 for this one !!
  2. How come Marconi Stadium wasn't considered?
  3. Cummings may also not have the work ethic required under Babbel
  4. MartinTyler

    Aaron Mooy

    Are Huddersfield not serious about returning to the EPL then?
  5. I understand we're chasing Johnnie Walker and Jack Daniels too
  6. Trump said that they had been doing more on this front than any other previous administration....where have I heard that line before !!!
  7. Edgbaston is usually the most hostile of crowds over there. England need to take advantage and win this one.
  8. I don't think that many know who he is but now there's a move to ban him he gets the publicity. Perhaps an OG from the ALP
  9. It'll boil down to who gets the best rub of the sandpaper......
  10. Having Parramatta and Allianz out of action at the same time for around a year was bad. We could be looking at Allianz and ANZ out of action at the same time for 2 years which would be catastrophic !!
  11. I read a few days back that Perth are likely to be missing several regulars for various reasons
  12. Boris should have been appointed when Cameron resigned after the Brexit vote. He might have made a complete hash of it but the pro-Brexit camp may have appreciated the difficulties better had he been leading negotiations. Instead there has been a couple of wasted years.
  13. Corporate can be included in the Southern end for WDWSF
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