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  1. As a British English speaker I can recall calling someone a 'right tit' but never a 'left tit'
  2. I can see Brentford getting an automatic place at the expense of WBA. Hopefully Cardiff get nowhere near !!
  3. I suspect that good ol' Scomo will be experiencing similar accusations once more Robodebt revelations come to light.
  4. Just now got to make sure all our venues are in good order and we don't get into a shitfight with the other codes which will usually have access to most of the stadiums at that time of year.
  5. I find it rather amusing that a season starting in December is seen as a 'Winter Comp'. It was pointed out to me on another forum that the finals will be in Winter (June/July) but fook me, the bulk of the games leading up to the finals will still be played in the warmer months !!
  6. Not forgetting Dutton !!
  7. From memory I think it was said in jest by one of the FC officials....
  8. Didn't Clive donate his stockpile? Perhaps the media should ask Morrison how much of this has been used to combat Covid 19. I also wonder if Clive also took it as a 'precaution'.
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