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  1. So if I nicked a small item from Harvey Norman or Best & Less could I claim that my taxes have already paid for it?
  2. Diamante played the whole game last night and Berisha 86 minutes so I can't see both of them having as much of an impact. 1-2 goal win for mine
  3. City must be favourites tonight with no crowd allowed at Perth
  4. There's no doubt that the Morrison government has stuffed up quarantine for overseas arrivals and also the 'jail or big fine' messaging but there was a story on ABC this morning that 'got my goat'. It was about a Melbourne woman and her daughter who had been stuck in India since March 2020 complaining about the situation and that she "didn't feel like an Australian". Turns out she wasn't even a citizen and just a permanent resident !! Now as a Pom who left getting my citizenship for a number of years I was fully aware that there was always the remote possibility of being disallowed re-ent
  5. Interesting that we have the second worse defence yet Margush, Ziggy and Natta receive constant praise. Must be a weak link or 2 somewhere
  6. With Yeboah I can never tell whether he's injured or not the way he plays
  7. So is Mutch's 'punishment' a place in the starting line-up?
  8. I sincerely hoped that his cameo against the Bulls was a turning point but alas his next start was woeful as you say
  9. Yeah my thoughts too but try convincing the Facebook/Instagram crowd !!
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