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  1. You'd be lucky to squeeze 2k in at Lambert these days.
  2. Just finished watching The English Game on Netflix. Well worth a look if you're interested in the origins of the professional game and the conflict between the 'Old Boy' establishment and the emerging Northern (working class) clubs in the 1880s.
  3. Christmas Island off the agenda now then?
  4. Whilst many might disagree with the actions taken, Boris does deliver his updates with a fair bit of empathy which is exactly what is required in these times. Morrison isn't doing too bad but he still appears to have a permanent smirk on his face which isn't a good look. As for Trump....words fail me !!
  5. Our local one stopped them a couple of weeks back
  6. Latest measures only take effect at midnight tonight.
  7. It could be worse though....glad we're not living in the US !!
  8. Just wondering where this mini bus would have originated? Yass is a fair drive from Sydney.
  9. He might not be so smug if half his listeners die off with Coronavirus by believing his **** and not taking precautions
  10. So....tonight's game is supposed to be a sellout but the NSW Govt has advised people not to attend if they have symptoms/been to dodgy countries etc. Looking at the number of empty seats in the upper tiers this Coronavirus thing has really taken a hold in Western Sydney !!
  11. Well it has been a long time....
  12. They will have won the league by the end of the month...time to put the feet up !!
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