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  1. No need to worry folks....the Facebook crowd are going to step in and run the club from top to bottom
  2. If we don't have O'Sullivan and Williams for the rest of the season I suspect that finals is the best we can hope for. Can't see us taking out the comp without these 2
  3. When times were good generally he wasn't in the starting line-up
  4. Yeah we need to get in quick before France grabs him
  5. I see that David Attenborough gave the government a serve overnight. He's probably in Ray's sights now....Pommies telling us what to do....only a TV presenter so what would he know etc etc
  6. He wasn't too bad at Forest but they were a shambles at the time....probably a similar situation at Southend. He'll be more mobile and he'll give a ****. Could be another Keogh
  7. So why did they sign Kurtz in the first place?
  8. I thought that sackings were "in the morning"
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