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  1. A few years back at the ripe old age of 50 I played a couple of seasons of mixed Futsal with my son (bull in a China shop) and daughter (State Player) in a half decent comp with a couple of (then) Futsalroos playing. Really enjoyed it and a great conversation piece but 2 cortisone injections in my shoulder plus a hip replacement later I do wonder if it was all worth it !!
  2. Looks like he's on the bench for Western United today......wtf?
  3. CCM will struggle from next season as the new Macarthur franchise will be the principal poacher !!
  4. Tickets now sold to DinoPresinger !!
  5. Tickets still for sale. Happy to consider offers.
  6. This will definitely be interesting. Hat's off to the AFL marketing division a few years back when they shoehorned the modified AFLW competition into a nice little gap between the end of the 'hit and giggle' cricket season and the start of the AFL season. OTT media coverage and decent crowds (albeit mainly free tickets) in the first year would have it marked as a success. However, despite a large crowd at the Grand Final this year crowds have generally been down as the novelty wears off. Certain parties are now clamouring for more teams and a longer season with the threat of strikes etc. Rest assured that the AFL would not be keen for the seasons to overlap and the AFLW would get far less publicity should the season stretch to overlap AFL. This could definitely lead to reduced crowds, sponsorship etc and the AFL would have to reach further into their pockets to pay wages. This could all go 'tits up' if you excuse the pun !!
  7. OK...time to vent....what grinds my gears is the overuse of the term 'faithful' when describing the more dedicated home fans...it's not isolated to our game and Speedie is one of the biggest offenders. Although I'm a big fan of his, Simon Hill also falls into this trap. My 'pissedoffedness' has heightened tonight during the C7 coverage of the NRL Grand Final. Given that the game has only sold out today so anyone who seriously wanted to support their team could have got a ticket, the C7 reporter at Easts Leagues Club described the patrons as the 'Roosters Faithful'. WFT ??? If they are the 'faithful' why have they not purchased tickets to the game? Rant over !!
  8. They have their critics but at least they have had an 'NPL' style competition for many a year.
  9. Looks like a complete failure by the WA body as well as government. It will be tough in an Aussie Rules dominated arena.
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