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  1. Even if Boris get's a majority I can still see a period of instability. The country is split in 3...anti brexit, soft brexit and hard brexit. Therefore 2 thirds will not be happy whatever the outcome. Then you'll still have the unelected Farage sniping from the sidelines. Chaos !!
  2. Unfortunately I suspect their crowd will be back down to the 5k mark for their next home game
  3. The gap between the smurfs and the rest is huge....I watched their game up until 2-0 then switched over. I was pissed off with the Wanderers game and pissed off by the commentators continually fawning over Sydney/Baumjohan....plus there was little atmosphere at that game and even the Cove were struggling.
  4. They wont make the play-offs either !!
  5. Apparently we'd be fighting WW3 right now if it wasn't for Trump
  6. Just think how bad it's going to be when every man and his dog are playing there for the next 3 years with ANZ and SFS out of action
  7. Complete bullshit...he'll do nothing....let's face it Kim Jong Un does far worse to his own people and he's one of Trump's best buddies.
  8. Yeah but what's he actually going to do to significantly ease the situation?
  9. Well New England folk still keep voting Barnaby in......
  10. Big Deal...so he's signed a bit of paper...but what exactly does it mean and will it change the HK situation? Methinks not. I guess he could try a trade war....
  11. I recall the Fox guys interviewing him after the Victory game and when asked about his time in Europe he didn't really elaborate. I can see why now !!
  12. Always thought that Kruse was a bit of a prick....still do after tonight
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