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  1. Does anyone know what time the team fly in tomorrow??
  2. Settlers tavern is the usual. Hopefully they wont be closed for 'cleaning' after the game this time!
  3. In + 3. Flight booked, accom booked @ Great Southern and have been ripped for tickets!
  4. Just tried now, now able to purchase in bay 16.
  5. Can anyone advise what bays are active? Only showing bay 15 for $50+ a ticket??
  6. Driving up to newy, group of us will be going to Sunnyside tavern. I'm sure there will be a few others as well that arent going to the wleague game
  7. When you say WSW number plates, what are we saying? Just personalised plates with wsw on them
  8. For anyone wondering, pick up my WSW plates I had on hold at the RMS today, they did advise me they will be releasing aleague styled number plates like they have for the NRL. Couldn't advise when exactly but they said should be released soon
  9. ^^^^ Like Like like!! Where did you find it??
  10. Received an email this morning that the jersey I ordered 3 weeks ago has been posted. Still no reply from previous emails or a call from the club as promised. As long as I get what I have paid for, all other merch I will purchase through nike, don't care if the club don't make a cent from any merch i purchase. They don't deserve it!
  11. Emailed the club on monday about the jersey i ordered over two weeks ago..... no reply. Called the club yesterday was told to leave a message and they will call back.... no reply. WTF is wrong with this club!!! Never again will i order through the online store.
  12. Nike store is pretty much instant.. WSW store is -- dont get me started YES. This so much. If you're getting a customized jersey, the Nike store is the only way. Yep silly me, normally ordered from the Nike store the past few seasons, thought I'd buy direct through the club.
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