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  1. Same ground his brother did the same thing at back in 2018! The opposite goal though from memory.
  2. Needs more money to get to the same level as top women's leagues like in the USA, France and Germany. Too many of the clubs have literally no dedicated facilities or grounds for the women, and the meagre salary cap of $150,000 has only ever been reached by two of the 9 clubs (Canberra United and Melbourne City, which is owned by City Football Group). Only these two teams could really compete in the other leagues I think, but I haven't followed women's football too closely in other countries to be quite certain. The league overall is still decent IMO despite the serious lack of funding by m
  3. Worth keeping an eye on Josh Thomas. Huge WSW fan who is writing for TFS this year with some decent insights. Here's his latest: The future of the Wanderers frontline Averaging just over one goal a game so far this season, Western Sydney Wanderers strike force is yet to truly fire. Starting striker Kerem Bulut hasn’t scored in the A-League since his return to the club meaning the side is relying heavily on super-sub Brendon Santalab. At 34 years of age the affectionately known Santa has already bagged four goals this season but showed against Brisbane he isn’t infallible, missing fr
  4. As the old saying goes, suits may come and go and unfortunately it seems that I am no exception. This Friday (Roar game) will likely be my last A-League match in charge of our Twitter account (I still have W-League on Saturday) before I begin a new adventure in the corporate world. I leave officially on Friday 2 December. While I make the transition from being behind the screen to being in the stands I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone on the forum, those who loved our tweets and even those who didn’t like them: your feedback was valuable and necessary so we could change what we
  5. Caitlin Foord is out suspended for the smurfsDo we know if the 4 young Matildas are back? They are back.
  6. A cool story about our latest NYL signing: http://www.stmarysstar.com.au/story/4280691/journeyman-joins-wanderers/?cs=1508
  7. Haha thanks Daniel! I like the point about ESFC's Members. PS: reading through this thread is like scrolling through your childhood photo album. So many memories.
  8. Whoops, your right. I thought he did against Wellington away but it was actually Mark Cindric. You realize there's also a Worst Starting 11 thread ? I did not. Please excuse my nonsense.
  9. ----------- Trajkovski ---------------- Sim ------- Fofanah ------- Visconte ---------- Lo ----------- Ward -------- Caira -- D'Cunha -- Madaschi -- Adeleke © ------------- Saliadarre -------------- ^^Had to have at least sat on the bench in an A-League game to qualify
  10. Squad has been announced. Full story with quotes and details: http://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/article/wanderers-announce-westfield-w-league-squad/1v8vge96yb6vc1emu73s3oytl8 Western Sydney Wanderers 2016/17 Squad Jada Whyman (GK) Caitlin Cooper Nicola Orgill Chloe O'Brien Helen Petinos Kendall Fletcher (USA) Sarah Yatim Katie Stengel (USA) Paige Neilson (USA) Georgia Plessas Eliza Ammendolia Alix Arlitt (USA) Ellie Carpenter Alix Roberts Casey Dumont (GK) Joe Burgess *Four spots left to fill
  11. We've snared one of the best visa players in W-League history, Kendall Fletcher, from Canberra. Just like Dumont and Burgess she's made the semi-finals (at minimum) in every season she has played. Also signed one of the top strikers going around in the USA at the moment, Katie Stengel - who was also top scorer for Bayern Munich when they won the league undefeated in 14/15. Plus two up-and-comers who had a very strong USA college career: Alex Arlitt (very highly regarded at her NWSL club - just got given a two year extension so we had to sign her on loan) and Paige Nielsen (currently playing U
  12. Pretty exciting signing with Joey Burgess coming out of W-League retirement to play for us. In short: grew up in Western Sydney but played for Roar as she was living in Brisbane when the W-League started. She's a legitimate Wanderers fans, watched our games when she was playing for Roar and in retirement. Has been ripping it up for Marconi in the NPL this season. Anyway, here's the link: http://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/article/matildas-star-comes-out-of-retirement/1s2wflk107tsfze4e8tow5n1r
  13. another escapee from ESFC.They just keep coming. I was excited when Kyah Simon joined WSW. That turned to disappointment when she did her knee on NT duty and never kicked a ball that season (IIRC) and then rejoined ESFC the next season.read the blurb on the club website.Looks sold on our club especially when she trained for the Olympics with our mens team We need a few more seasoned outfield players if we are to be a chance of semis this season Here's the link, the quotes mentioned are below: http://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/article/wanderers-sign-australian-goalkeeper-casey-dumont/1
  14. Hi all, just a note to let you know that Ellie Carpenter has re-signed for the upcoming W-League season. Wanderers re-sign Australia’s youngest Olympian The Western Sydney Wanderers are proud to announce the re-signing of Ellie Carpenter, Australia’s youngest athlete at Rio. Having burst onto the scene in an impressive fashion last season, the 16-year-old Carpenter will remain in Red & Black for the upcoming Westfield W-League season. Full story: http://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/article/wanderers-re-sign-australias-youngest-olympian/y6d3rczmnteg15qa0zw3yogjh
  15. We can take Brazil. They're a team who is built on reputation rather than being genuine world beaters. USA on the other hand... We have never beat them in the history of international women's football :/
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