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  1. Needs more money to get to the same level as top women's leagues like in the USA, France and Germany. Too many of the clubs have literally no dedicated facilities or grounds for the women, and the meagre salary cap of $150,000 has only ever been reached by two of the 9 clubs (Canberra United and Melbourne City, which is owned by City Football Group). Only these two teams could really compete in the other leagues I think, but I haven't followed women's football too closely in other countries to be quite certain. The league overall is still decent IMO despite the serious lack of funding by many clubs, and I think this has to do with general Australian sporting culture being more accepting of women athletes compared to other parts of the world. The W-League does attract some solid international players, a recent example is Yukari Kinga for Canberra who has nearly 100 caps for the Japan national team. The W-League was formed after Australia made it to the quarter-finals of the women's world cup in 2007 for the first time in order to try and make the Aus national team (the 'Matildas') stay competitive. So far it has done this quite well, and the Matilda's have been consistently in the top-10 for the last few years and have a few very notable talents (Gorry, Heyman, De Vanna come to mind). I know one other team in the league also used the full salary cap this season. But most likely it's the last club you'd expect.
  2. Worth keeping an eye on Josh Thomas. Huge WSW fan who is writing for TFS this year with some decent insights. Here's his latest: The future of the Wanderers frontline Averaging just over one goal a game so far this season, Western Sydney Wanderers strike force is yet to truly fire. Starting striker Kerem Bulut hasn’t scored in the A-League since his return to the club meaning the side is relying heavily on super-sub Brendon Santalab. At 34 years of age the affectionately known Santa has already bagged four goals this season but showed against Brisbane he isn’t infallible, missing from point blank range. With Santalab ageing and Bulut yet to score, the Wanderers frontline may currently be a frustration but the future of the red and black in front of goals is looking very bright. Over the weekend 19-year-old strikers Lachlan Scott and Abraham Majok both got themselves on the scoresheet in the National Youth League for Western Sydney, helping to ensure a comprehensive 3-0 win against Sydney FC. Having already featured for the senior side, Scott is close to forcing his way into the team permanently having scored 15 goals in 13 youth team appearances last season. Scoring with his first touch off the bench over the weekend, as first team coach Tony Popovic watched from the stands, one would think Scott is primed to fire for the Wanderers if Bulut continues to draw blanks. Majok on the other hand won’t be joining the senior side this season, but after just three appearances and three goals for Western Sydney’s youth side looks set to add some punch to the Wanderers front line in seasons to come. Tall, strong, confident, with an eye for goal and surprising pace, Majok has all the right attributes to be a star striker of the future. As it stands, the A-League side are reportedly closing in on securing the services of veteran Irish striker Robbie Keane. A man who by no means has forgotten how to score, 36-year-old Keane could be an ideal short term solution to the Wanderers worries in front of goal. Over the past five years in Major League Soccer for LA Galaxy he has netted an impressive 104 goals across 165 appearances adding to the 68 strikes he has for the Republic of Ireland. Tim Cahill himself said the Wanderers need a big name and Keane gives them not only that but surely a more reliable outlet in front of goal too. His presence at the club could also be just the ammunition Western Sydney’s young guns need to ensure in years to come they are all the side needs in front of goals. http://thefootballsack.com.au/2016/11/the-future-of-the-wanderers-frontline.html
  3. As the old saying goes, suits may come and go and unfortunately it seems that I am no exception. This Friday (Roar game) will likely be my last A-League match in charge of our Twitter account (I still have W-League on Saturday) before I begin a new adventure in the corporate world. I leave officially on Friday 2 December. While I make the transition from being behind the screen to being in the stands I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone on the forum, those who loved our tweets and even those who didn’t like them: your feedback was valuable and necessary so we could change what we do to make the Wanderers account suitable for all our fans. I hope that we managed to find a good balance of passion, NYL/A-League/W-League coverage, community work, a bit of a laugh and just a sprinkling of Al-Nassr friendliness slash Al-Hilal trolling. It’s been great fun being so involved with all of you and while I’ll no longer be running the accounts, you’ll still see me around the grounds and in Red & Black. My personal Twitter handle will stay the same for anyone wanting to chat/abuse/etc.
  4. Caitlin Foord is out suspended for the smurfsDo we know if the 4 young Matildas are back? They are back.
  5. A cool story about our latest NYL signing: http://www.stmarysstar.com.au/story/4280691/journeyman-joins-wanderers/?cs=1508
  6. Haha thanks Daniel! I like the point about ESFC's Members. PS: reading through this thread is like scrolling through your childhood photo album. So many memories.
  7. Whoops, your right. I thought he did against Wellington away but it was actually Mark Cindric. You realize there's also a Worst Starting 11 thread ? I did not. Please excuse my nonsense.
  8. ----------- Trajkovski ---------------- Sim ------- Fofanah ------- Visconte ---------- Lo ----------- Ward -------- Caira -- D'Cunha -- Madaschi -- Adeleke © ------------- Saliadarre -------------- ^^Had to have at least sat on the bench in an A-League game to qualify
  9. Squad has been announced. Full story with quotes and details: http://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/article/wanderers-announce-westfield-w-league-squad/1v8vge96yb6vc1emu73s3oytl8 Western Sydney Wanderers 2016/17 Squad Jada Whyman (GK) Caitlin Cooper Nicola Orgill Chloe O'Brien Helen Petinos Kendall Fletcher (USA) Sarah Yatim Katie Stengel (USA) Paige Neilson (USA) Georgia Plessas Eliza Ammendolia Alix Arlitt (USA) Ellie Carpenter Alix Roberts Casey Dumont (GK) Joe Burgess *Four spots left to fill
  10. We've snared one of the best visa players in W-League history, Kendall Fletcher, from Canberra. Just like Dumont and Burgess she's made the semi-finals (at minimum) in every season she has played. Also signed one of the top strikers going around in the USA at the moment, Katie Stengel - who was also top scorer for Bayern Munich when they won the league undefeated in 14/15. Plus two up-and-comers who had a very strong USA college career: Alex Arlitt (very highly regarded at her NWSL club - just got given a two year extension so we had to sign her on loan) and Paige Nielsen (currently playing UEFA Champions League). They all add to our recruitment philosophy of bringing in winning-mentality players who will help us reach finals for the first time. It's looking to be an exciting season. Full story/announcement: http://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/article/wanderers-sign-experience-and-pedigree-for-westfield-w-league-season/o52shnkbgmgq19sc564objor0
  11. Pretty exciting signing with Joey Burgess coming out of W-League retirement to play for us. In short: grew up in Western Sydney but played for Roar as she was living in Brisbane when the W-League started. She's a legitimate Wanderers fans, watched our games when she was playing for Roar and in retirement. Has been ripping it up for Marconi in the NPL this season. Anyway, here's the link: http://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/article/matildas-star-comes-out-of-retirement/1s2wflk107tsfze4e8tow5n1r
  12. another escapee from ESFC.They just keep coming. I was excited when Kyah Simon joined WSW. That turned to disappointment when she did her knee on NT duty and never kicked a ball that season (IIRC) and then rejoined ESFC the next season.read the blurb on the club website.Looks sold on our club especially when she trained for the Olympics with our mens team We need a few more seasoned outfield players if we are to be a chance of semis this season Here's the link, the quotes mentioned are below: http://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/article/wanderers-sign-australian-goalkeeper-casey-dumont/1n5dosafzjoge1v7xrjmhjqyb6 “I trained with the Wanderers’ boys before the Olympics and they got me so fit. I wasn’t even a player at the club but they made me so welcome and they really helped my training so I’m looking forward to that aspect: it’s going to build me as a better playerâ€, said Dumont. “The most exciting thing is that the Wanderers are such a supportive club in every aspect. The men are so interested in the women’s team and the coaches are so welcoming: you ask for anything and they straight away help you. “Everything about the Wanderers makes them a professional club and that’s going to be the best aspect. The club makes you feel like a professional footballer which is how we should feel.†“The goal straight up is finals. There is no doubt in my mind that I’m going to help the team out as much as possible to get the Wanderers their first finals appearance and make it all the wayâ€, said Dumont. “Speaking with the new coaching team of Richard Byrne, Davide Del Giovine and Leah Blayney, the winning mentality is there: everyone has the same goal and everyone wants to push each other to achieve that. “The squad is going to be of high standard, everyone is going to challenge each other and the coaches are not going to lower their standards: they know what they want and that is performance.“
  13. Hi all, just a note to let you know that Ellie Carpenter has re-signed for the upcoming W-League season. Wanderers re-sign Australia’s youngest Olympian The Western Sydney Wanderers are proud to announce the re-signing of Ellie Carpenter, Australia’s youngest athlete at Rio. Having burst onto the scene in an impressive fashion last season, the 16-year-old Carpenter will remain in Red & Black for the upcoming Westfield W-League season. Full story: http://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/article/wanderers-re-sign-australias-youngest-olympian/y6d3rczmnteg15qa0zw3yogjh
  14. We can take Brazil. They're a team who is built on reputation rather than being genuine world beaters. USA on the other hand... We have never beat them in the history of international women's football :/
  15. Online Broadcast: Streamed online at www.foxsports.com.au/football/ffa-cup/ffacupondemand and Apple TV via FOX SPORTS Now Radio Broadcast: Hawkesbury Radio 89.9FM or online at hawkesburyradio.com.au
  16. Best option is http://www.ticketmaster.com.au/ffa-cup-western-sydney-wanderers-v-leumeah-new-south-wales-02-08-2016/event/130050EECB228130?artistid=1764966&majorcatid=10004&minorcatid=11&tm_link=artist_msg-0_130050EECB228130 Sure will be. Just walked past the canteen in the Western Grandstand. Can confirm giant pump bottle of sauce has been put out on the table. Online Broadcast: Streamed online at www.foxsports.com.au/football/ffa-cup/ffacupondemand and Apple TV via FOX SPORTS Now Radio Broadcast: Hawkesbury Radio 89.9FM or online at hawkesburyradio.com.au Anybody out due to injury? No idea, I get kept in the dark about those things until the team is announced.
  17. Just walked past the canteen in the Western Grandstand. Can confirm giant pump bottle of sauce has been put out on the table. Online Broadcast: Streamed online at www.foxsports.com.au/football/ffa-cup/ffacupondemand and Apple TV via FOX SPORTS Now Radio Broadcast: Hawkesbury Radio 89.9FM or online at hawkesburyradio.com.au
  18. Thanks FCWanderers, appreciate it. Was very valuable for the kids to be able to help out some members of the community in need.
  19. Here's a reply to the Herald Sun's article by my old friends at The Football Sack. http://thefootballsack.com.au/2016/06/aaron-langmaid-is-emerging-new-hack-with-mindset-for-complete-horseshit.html Aaron Langmaid is emerging new hack with mindset for complete horseshit By The Football Sack - June 15, 2016 Trouble flared when Aaron Langmaid put pen to paper in a nonsense article. THE greatest threat of terror on the minds of free-thinking Australians is born not of the twisted and expected ideology of past it columnists like Rebecca Wilson but at the hands of emerging new hacks who don’t need facts or balanced articles packed with truth. THIS IS IN RESPONSE TO AARON LANGMAID’S ARTICLE PROPAGANDA Herald hacks like Aaron come armed with a mindset for anti-football warfare, waging their belligerent campaign that has far less to do with any reality and more with click bait mentality. Aaron wraps his neck in his AFL scarf, lights-up agendas, hurls bullshit and issues ugly rants in guised “community safety†campaigns legitimised by brain-dead readers and “scary wog†hypochondriacs. The new online hack has been blamed for the type of fear mongering that has allowed people like Donald Trump to mar this year’s presidential campaign, watched by hundreds of millions around the world. Critics of wogball have warned of a potential new dawn when AFL and rugby league take a back seat to the world game just like in the rest of the globe. Only recently, stats were released that showed 48.7% of Australian children played football, clear winners over AFL (17.9%) and rugby league (9.3%). This scared the hacks so they began to sensationalise in order to smear football. For years now they’ve gone at it — Sydney, Melbourne and South Australian hacks who lied, sensationalised and ignored the truth, outdoing each other as football fans and administrators battled to contain the brainless dimwits with actual facts. The scenes that have plagued some of the nation’s biggest news sources have overshadowed any talk of which newspaper flushed its ethics guidelines down the toilet first. Tentacles of this kind of vomit have already begun to strangle the streets of Melbourne and Sydney. It began a few years back when racist hacks screaming “bloody wogs†and “won’t somebody think of the children†stormed their way into the mainstream media. It continued two years ago when A-League haters crusaded along the major Australian mastheads, fearing a showdown between the growing code of football and their dying eggball games. Then, early last year, the same kind of nitwits raised their eyebrows in mock outrage at a few broken seats while ignoring the fact that women were being punched in the throat by men in the stands of their favourite sport. For more than two weeks they ruled the front and back pages, resulting in peak mutual masturbation amongst the hacks. In response, police on horseback followed football fans as they approached stadiums around the country but may as well have been at a Moomba Festival. Not a single person was arrested. Such a heavy police presence and lack of intervention led to obvious questions such as why the wasted time and money? Why so many police for such a minority? And who listened to these Herald hacks in the first place? Subsequently, we have all become spectators of a new kind of sport; a kind of unregulated bullying motivated less by quality journalism and more by sporting allegiances. Newspaper sub-editors had front row seats when they approved an article that resulted in lies published in print left, right and centre in a publication previously celebrated for its authenticity. “Bad things happen when we’re allowed to print whatever we want without substance,’’ sub-editor Bark Muttler moaned. “We live in a sports democracy and I was also brought up to believe that as an AFL paper we have to fight to make sure that status quo is maintained.’’ But publishing bullshit and posting angry tweets rarely leads to anything tangible. Just ask any one of the millions who attended A-League and Socceroos matches in the recent record-breaking seasons if what hacks like Aaron say has any truth. When these click bait and wog-hating fear campaigns inevitably spiral out of control, they become far less about the defence of community or protecting society and more about the shallow ambitions of common hacks. Only they understand the exhilaration of lying to an entire nation while hiding in faux comfort behind a pretentious LinkedIn bio. It’s up to all of us to stop it. Until then, we’ve all got ringside seats. — Aaron Langmaid is not a journalist. This is a satirical response to Aaron Langmaid’s troll article.
  20. Check out Kate Cohen's Twitter account to explain the loss. Results from these matches mean nothing anyway, it's all about preparing for the Olympics (just check out Ange's results pre Asian Cup).
  21. I've posted the review / match summaries in the NPL thread. Basically we dominated in the 1st half but conceded 2 goals, one from a corner which wasn't cleared sufficiently before being volleyed home & the second an unfortunate own goal from a dangerous low cross. At half time Scott & Shabwow came on we started to open up their defensive (5 - 4 - 1 ) structure & scored 3 good goals. Liam Youlley was involved in the lead up to or provided the assist for each of these goals. We looked to be coasting & creating plenty of reasonable chances before trying to be too cute from an attacking corner in extra time, where we lost possession around their penalty box. The ball was hoofed upfield by Rams, a WSW defender completed missed the ball & their LW pounced. He got the ball, checked back to wrong foot the defensive cover & from 5+ metres outside the penalty box, hit a curling lob into the far corner of the net. 2 points squandered. Had a look at the video, the defender who missed the ball was the same defender who tripped over as defensive cover. Also, I apologise for my language at the full time whistle.
  22. Keep in mind that the juniors (13-16) and seniors (18, 20, NPL) are separate so there is no day when all grades play Sydney FC. So when the senior grades play Sydney FC on Saturday 28 May at Lambert Park, the juniors are playing Parramatta FC in Blacktown that day. When the seniors play Sydney FC again in the final round (Sunday 28 August at Popondetta), the juniors actually play Olympic the day before. The only time the juniors play Sydney FC this season is on Saturday 13 August at Lambert Park. That weekend the seniors play Marconi on the Sunday. Keep in mind that FNSW fixtures can change so these are not necessarily locked in stone. All fixtures are on the FNSW website but are linked directly in the 'Fixtures & Results" tab on our website so you don't have to go searching.
  23. To confirm... WSW Members: free entry to home game - just bring your Membership Card Adults: $10 Concession: $5 U16: free entry The prices to not apply to junior matches, entry fees will only be charged from half time of the U20s.
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