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  1. loose to the bottom place team at home one week, play the same team against one of the top teams away.. We must be really struggling with sguad depth... Unless of course we get this 5-4..... it's been done before...
  2. you must be kidding.... explains the 3 jackets.....
  3. this.. remember a certain ffa cup game.?.........
  4. nice time wasting to get to half time.... if we were winning.. wtf.
  5. We got this... "We are the worst team in the League" - Markus Babbel. Or not..... May have to change my popa quote below.....
  6. Based on previous maps - at Pirtek, there was about 17 red bays and 26 black bays. Now there is 13 red bays and 11 black bays...
  7. Its obvious that the club (not the stadium owners) have increased the red membership area and are trying to push members into that area,$$, It appears some ppl think that's a great idea, should be applauded and we all should just pay up..... Seats that 2 season ago where white and black are now red... and double the price.. Red always has the emptiest bays at games... I guess if your in the RBB (or red) you haven't been affected and your happy, so everyone who isn't happy is therefore a whinger.? Having said that, its the clubs prerogative to do what they want, but its also ours to let them know if we don't like it.. :-) People will eventually vote with their feet..
  8. I see they have removed the media wording from the seating map now.... Honestly, this is a joke.. A bigger stadium and worse seating options...WTF I've been in white and black since the start, the area we had at the old stadium was great, obviously that great that its now red and double the price. Whats the point of a bigger stadium that punters can only access 1/2 of it. Doesn't this make it a smaller stadium...?
  9. MadKaw

    HAL Round 1

    forget the VAR and the clowns that run it and just get the fox commentators to call it..
  10. MadKaw

    HAL Round 1

    also showed it was clearly not a foul...
  11. MadKaw

    Kerem Bulut

    Better than jail I guess... "Turkey has strict laws against the use, possession or trafficking of illegal drugs. If you are convicted of any of these offences, you can expect to receive a heavy fine or a prison sentence of 4 to 24 years."