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  1. Gutted..... Wasn't a pen......
  2. Just read hes' going... not sure if real.?
  3. Rumour is he's in talks with Huesca...
  4. oops..... didn't look that far up... :-) 261....
  5. Us based (soccer)... So not sure if its worth the read.. We are 477.... East Sydney highest A league at 329... https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/global-club-soccer-rankings/ Just something to waste some time with...
  6. Knee injury. damn... thats never a quick recovery..
  7. Yep, news is Okazaki is signing for Malaga, 2nd tier in spain, rather than us. (he's having medical today) :-( He'll be playing against Riera.....
  8. Slipknot.! Duality. Gotta be honest, didn't mind Kaiser Chiefs or Blur.. music wasn't too bad, it could have been worse... It has been, remember that "what the fox says" sh!t.... could have been better... but not what I was there for.....
  9. Great view, even from the cheapest seats... Not quite the sellout that was predicted, plenty of vacant seats on the East side and in corporate (way to much space for corporate). Looked a sellout in the North though. (typical westies, all the cheap seats sold out) Agree re the atmosphere, not at Pirtek levels but there was plenty of blow ins and first timers so will hopefully improve. The WDWSF should have started with the stand behind the RBB to get it rolling as the sides were flat.. Great game hopefully a good sign for the future..
  10. That's what they get for stating "there are no bad seats at Bankwest"... :-) I hope thats the case, I went cat D.. :-)
  11. perhaps... Red and Black Bloc * Update ** Late changes to the pre match venue for this Saturday's game against Leeds. We will now be drinking at the Crown Hotel on Church Street this Saturday before marching onwards to Bankwest Stadium. Pre drinks from 3pm before a 6pm March.
  12. I just went with Cat D Wanderers supporters and the bays in the 2 North corners on the 2nd tier were all that came up after a few attempts - either 221 or 228. 221 was right up next to the screen so went with 228 Saying that, last week there were no Cat D available - now there is... So it may change.. Its a pity you don't get to choose, or see the actual seating locations. I used the wanderers members portal to check the actual seat location.
  13. Wasn't going as my son had a game that afternoon, unfortunately he's out with a season ending injury... So just bought family tickets - $80 for the 4 of us seems ok..... BTW - Pax is 20180
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