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  1. It's the first game I've missed for a very long time (if at all), so there could be something in that. Better check the gig guide for next Sunday....
  2. Was at the Sum 41 concert last night so completely missed the game..... WTF happened.????? Anyone know if there is a full replay online anywhere..?
  3. FFS... why do I bother....... Had these lyrics playing on the way home - seemed fitting. I push my fingers into my eyes It's the only thing that slowly stops the ache
  4. BS penalty.. said to the misses, when we were up, they would get a pen to ensure we don't get the win.. Then it happened... What was Hamill suppose to do,, disappear...
  5. loose to the bottom place team at home one week, play the same team against one of the top teams away.. We must be really struggling with sguad depth... Unless of course we get this 5-4..... it's been done before...
  6. MadKaw

    Condolences (RIP)

    Rip Vichai... He made Leicester what it is today... Was a very sad day yesterday..
  7. you must be kidding.... explains the 3 jackets.....
  8. this.. remember a certain ffa cup game.?.........