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  1. Got 2 kids in the same boat. No idea how this will pan out, but its looking more and more like it will be canned or a very short season at least. My boys are still keeping fit and kicking a ball when possible, just in case.. Who does your lad play for.?
  2. Yep. much easier to recognise now..... What a dick.!! Didn't see sh!t during the game, VAR can't make the decision as it's too close to call, then goes back to the guy that didn't see it happen in front of him, cause his little screen is better than the big screens and the 3 ppl in the VAR room.. F#@ing joke.! As one of the EPL best keepers said this morning.. "I think it was a bit tough. We were in the game until the referee had to make himself a hero," Schmeichel said :-)
  3. Frustrating.!! Duke too wide, no one central, no counter attack, no pace, no striker... When will we change from these flat strikers, fake 9's or whatever they are, and get some pace going forward. Meier, Riera, Pio, etc - all the same and don't work.. Get Duke as striker... Meier passed backwards nearly everytime he touched the ball (and that wasn't much)... Anyway, we did play better and deserved something more than a draw. Thank christ for the ladies - Great game that one..... :-)
  4. ???? - I believe Mcgree gets 4 months less..... McGree has been banned from international duty until April 1 next year while Wales, Atkinson and Wilson were hit with longer bans through to August 10, meaning that trio cannot be selected for the Tokyo Olympics. ---- Leicester sacked 3 players and eventually the coach (one of the players was his son) for similar behaviour in Thailand a few years back.. They were dumber though, they filmed it....
  5. You guys are taking me back, had a well spent youth in those places.. You can add Petersham inn, Trade union club, Kardomah Cafe, Bayview hotel, Caringbah inn, Coogee bay hotel, Dee Why hotel, Tivoli, Royal sutho, Sweethearts (cabra) etc, etc.. We use to get around a lot on weekends - even saw the Trilobites at Valentines (?) in Blacktown westfields - Mike Dalton is now better known for his channel 9 news stuff... Good times, bands on everywhere...
  6. Yep, and after a few failed attempts when directed at the West stand, they now no longer bother with that.. :-)
  7. That had to be the most boring game of football I have ever been too.... looked like 2 teams hoping for a nil all draw... Sure, the result could have been worse, but at least Southampton fans got to see 9 goals scored last week..... :-)
  8. You imagined it.. :-) Closest to the west was Camperdown, I had the t-shirt with all the venues on it, until the divorce, couldn't find it after that... :-) I really miss that shirt.. But that was the tour, all small places, all packed... Good times... Saw SUM41 at the crowbar a few months back. only a few hundred there as it was practice gig for the download.. brilliant. ! love the small venues..
  9. Agree, Saw Faith No More live at a little pub called the Marquee on Parramatta rd (became Rios or something) when The Real Thing came out in about 89. Stood right in front of stage and was blown away.. literally... Corey Taylor's vocal would be up there too..
  10. They obviously are. :-) Honestly, Saints were just terrible, hardly challenged for a ball, no intensity in defence, nothing. My sons team would have given them a run...
  11. Gutted..... Wasn't a pen......
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