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  1. Benched

    Babbel Out?

    Geez mate, ease up, still have a few years to go.
  2. Benched

    Babbel Out?

    Yep, my Mum used to feed me that with white sauce. Cows stomach lining. There's nothing tasty about it except the sauce!
  3. Nope, I live in Goulburn and lot's of Wanderers supporters down here and in the Highlands. Any HAL fans here already support either WSW or ESFC.
  4. Good old Juicy Lucy lol Also remember Shady Haze. I thought I was **** hot with Billabong cords I used to buy from there. And outside Westfield used to be like an army disposal store, and you could buy herbal smokes lol. Little skinny suckers that looked like joints a bit but rolled up in a leaf. Anyone remember what they were called?
  5. Guys as a rural Wanderers supporter, shift worker, single dad and just all round busy as crap dude, any photo's of the construction would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Benched

    Coach and Staff Thread

    Wasn't Nico mate, it was our captain Dimas Mastiffâ€@Bud78604849 More What is our club @wswanderersfc going to do about our supposed "Captain"? Laughing after the game is a disgrace 10:48 PM - 28 Jan 2017 That's even bloody worse!!!!!
  7. Benched

    Coach and Staff Thread

    Not being a c***, I said i'd be hard pressed to shake hands, not that I wouldn't shake hands. As for Nico, yep, top player. Still, I wouldn't be happy after that match. As I say, it's indicative of the teams attitude. He should've been fuming. Particularly being one of our senior players.
  8. Benched

    Coach and Staff Thread

    I'm a tad late to the party and to be frank, reading this thread has done my head in. Also, I live in a bit of a social media vacuum so i'm not exposed to the so called 'Popa out' brigade. However, I'd like to ask, is it as large as many on this thread have suggested? A twitter poll with 2/300 responses barely rates above 1% of our membership, and much less of our fan base. Is that truly representative? Is that indicative that the majority want Popa out? I don't think so. For the record, my belief, and I think the majority of our supporters want Popa to stay. However, we are ensuring that the club, and I mean the club as a whole, not just Popa, understand that we expect better performances. We want the players to know we are not accepting of mediocrity (particularly in effort). We want the club to understand we are frustrated with our recruitment. We want Popa to understand that we are perplexed with some tactical decisions. We want the whole operation to understand that we are completely emotionally invested in this club, and will not accept anything less than us striving to be our best and at all times be reaching our potential. We said from day one that we want the club to be representative of US. To display the same character and traits of US. All we are doing at the moment is reinforcing those points. Popa repeatedly talks about us being a ' massive club ' and one that he expects to continually be striving for honours and silverware. He has many times said he enjoys working in this environment with the pressure it brings, because it keeps you honest and keeps you on your toes, continually looking for improvment. Well, this is part and parcel of it. We are merely having a robust discussion about our club. If the club, Popa, players, coaching staff, owners etc don't like it, well, they're at the wrong club. For the record, and I've said it on this thread earlier, I believe a number of our players aren't giving it 100%, and haven't bought into our ethos. They simply don't understand our mentality. I want to see the players fight. Have some mongrel. Run their guts out. And get dirty over a loss. The number of draws we've had lends some credence to this. That we are accepting of it. That near enough is good enough. Bullsh1t mate.I didn't get to see the match, however I heard Nico, after the Brisbane loss, was seen joking and smiling with one of the Brisbane players. Sorry, but if I played in that match, and lost in that way, i'd want to rip a Brisbane players head off. I'd be hard pressed to shake hands.
  9. Benched

    Coach and Staff Thread

    I'd like to see a bit more passion from the players, and them taking some responsibility for where the team is at, at the moment. Have we seen any players blow up after another **** result? The passion that we all ask for, and have demanded, from day one, just doesn't seem to be there. We can cop poor results, not poor efforts.
  10. Benched

    Record Loss For Record Crowd

    We'll, where do I start. 1stly, nearly 2 years away, so was great to get to a match again, and catch up with lots of friends. 1st and foremost, match days for me is about having a good time, and that revolves around mates. I had a blast. Many beers were drunk, stories swapped and laughs had. 2ndly, wtf is with people still going into active bays and standing there mute!!!! I can't believe we still face this problem. ( i know, I know, flogs, derby etc....but sheesh) Now, as for the match, piss poor. I travel 600 klm round trip to witness that tripe. Look, I still have faith, I trust Popa, but seriously, again'st those mongrels, of all people, and on that stage, to put in that performance. Our defence looks very average. Static, zero spatial awareness and almost, dare I say, they look unfit. As for ANZ, I don't know if it was the lack of football for me or what, however I thought the atmosphere was pretty bloody good. I've been to State of Origin with a similar size crowd and it had zero atmosphere. The real issue with ANZ is the lack of facilities around the precinct. And finally, was really weird not being in Parra on game day. Just not the same.
  11. So he can add up same as us. 36+18 = 54 Be touch and go to crack 60. Need around 1500 per day here on in. You would think people who want to go will have tickets by now. I think we'll do 60k easily. Be closer to mid to high 60's. Tonight, on the news, was the first sports story I've seen regarding the HAL and the derby. Remember, the AFL and NRL have suffocated the media coverage for us, so all the 'event goers' haven't been alerted to the fact that the first ever derby at ANZ is on this week. As we all know, Sydney siders love a big event. If the media get on board, and pump a few stories, the FFA promote the thing and the weather is nice, well, we could be pleasantly surprised. My prediction, 66871 for the crowd. The social media chatter will only increase now, talk back start discussing it and each news sports bulletin rabbit on about 'the biggest football crowd ever yadda yadda yadda'. I have faith.
  12. Benched

    Spare/Selling/Request Ticket Thread 2016/17

    Ahhhh gtfo!Just looked at 3 together and just get the red warning not enough available in that area for cat A Put it this way, we shouldn't have to queue too long for a beer in our bays eh.
  13. Because our dumb arse club has made it like that. I have an RBB membership. I'm taking my brother and 2 daughters, to their first match. I had secured active tickets off friends (members) for them, however the club wouldn't allow ticket transfers ( as of last Friday ). I rang the club wanting to know will they be releasing any RBB tix for sale to members, the answer was no. Then 24hrs later, they did exactly that, with the 1 game membership. The price, $90! F#@k paying that for a one off, X 3 people. The only other way I could get 4 seats together, was up in the bleachers. So, yes, I've purchased another ticket for myself, even though I have a membership. That sucks, but why do you need ticket transfers? Can't you just take your friends passes? Because I live 300klms away. We transfer all the time. just do the email option through the club. We wrongly assumed it would be the same this time around.