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  1. I played the last 3 seasons of my career without an ACL in either knee, and 5 years on one. Just wore knee braces. Funnily enough it was groin tears that did it for me! Go figure.
  2. I'm on the Leeds forum and they were quite impressed at our efforts. If only they knew.
  3. not tonight ( well last night lol ) however definitely back this season. Work hours have improved and look like I have my weekends back.
  4. I've been sticky beaking around here every now and then, just don't comment much. Man of few words.
  5. I don't post much these days. Simply because I just haven't been inspired/ annoyed enough to. Maybe i'm getting old. Maybe I just don't give a rats anymore after so much negativity around our club, supporters and performances. Let's face it, we haven't had much to get excited about recently. Well, I hope that's all about to change. My reason for this post. A call to arms. I'm asking us all to leave all our negativity at the door, and bring our A game to the stands. We have an opportunity to 'start again' so to speak. Whether you're in the RBB, the periphery or in the stands, and for whatever reason you haven't been as vocal in your support recently, lets start again (I'm as guilty as any in this regard). The slate is clean. Remember WDWSF in the first few seasons. The poznan. How involved the entire stadium was. Let's show Australia that we're back. Let's show Babbel what Parra stadium used to be like. Let's show the travelling Leeds supporters what the cream of the A League supporters are like. More than anything, I just want to see positive energy around our club again. Positive energy among our supporters. I truly believe we can build on a good night tonight, if the energy in the stands is there. The players will feed off that and be ever more excited for the season ahead back at home. LET'S DO THIS!
  6. Mack reported it 7 hours ago though. I started work this morning at 3.30, and up until about 6am, still no reports anywhere.
  7. Geezuz Mack, how'd you get the scoop on that? https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/a-league/central-coast-mariners-brutally-axe-mike-mulvey-at-1am-after-82-humiliation/news-story/4f0f5419ddfa7421e77d2cd5e402dfb7
  8. Source? Meilekamp been on the blower to you? Nothing reported in the media.
  9. The only time I'm unhappy about a 4-1 win. I had money on 3-1
  10. Ahhh mate, I'm awesome. remarried an awesome lady.
  11. WRGMG My ex wife. No more needs to be said.
  12. Riera was complete shite. Flat footed, and seemed to be unfit, or not bothering to run. Get rid of him and sign a decent marquee. Also, am I the only person who's trawled through the future fixtures and reckons we can grab 18 points. Just need Wellington, City and the Jets to collapse. C'mon *****.....
  13. Geez mate, ease up, still have a few years to go.
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