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  1. I was at the 9.30 as we had a big day and after a big night before at the game. It almost felt like the old days of Parra when the crowd got excited and the RBB. I was in a semi clap along and sing a long area but the majority had no idea so along for the game. It was a good second half. Back to the stadium, we were very outnumbered about 5 to 1 in shirts at that time. Most were sensible and sleeping in. But being in the first 50 to 100 through the turnstiles was amazing. We checked our seats beside the RBB and are very happy, comfortable and good leg room. Checked our seats for sell outs above the RBB and wow great view and still close to the action. GOOD BYE to the worst grounds for football and welcome home Version 2. Tested the toilets out and they are very good Wife had chips and a coffee, chips actually really good and not too bad for a venue.My rating for the ground 9.5 out of 10. Much better than I expected even with the images we have had all this time. So we were out in an hour had a friend who is an Eels come along with us and she also was super impressed. A new era a new coach almost new and team that is finally starting to gel. I am now very excited about next season and actually playing finals football again.
  2. Wow it is looking great. Can't wait to move home.
  3. This is the type of game that fans must show their true. Last week we sat through a game of frustrations however like a true fan we will be there. We all hate the locations we are playing at currently, so far from the action. The team also need to show they care and play that way, we are not currently getting this. We need Santa out there at some stage of the game to have some mongrel. JUST TURN up in numbers to say we care about this club and get behind the team.
  4. A very good choice I feel he does fit our club culture, passion and the way the team plays. Looking forward to the next home game. Bienvenido a Wanderers
  5. In all the family x 3 and feel we are going to win. A strong start with players needing now to prove more. I feel a crowd of around 15,000.
  6. He was the Voice of Football in this country with a knowledge that will be very hard to find. His passion over the last 37 years in SBS was a huge inspiration not just to me but many thousands of supporters, players around Australia and I believe the world. He will be greatly missed.
  7. New Year I say a win, well dreaming but things have to turn. I say about 13,000 as well
  8. Just bought an extra ticket PAX 19,836 hope a good loud crowd like the last home game.
  9. I feel it could be bigger than the 15,000 figure. Hoping for closer to 18,000.
  10. Hi all, Had quick look around and was not able to find any details on the March for the new stadiums. First is there one ? Second where do we start from and the route we are taking. It is one of the things both my daughter and I love. Thank you in advance Ray
  11. wasp

    Scott Jamieson

    We wish him all the best, a hard working no frills player we all admire. My wife and daughter will need to find a new player to follow now he is gone. He will be very hard to replace as his workload was unbelievable and so committed. Now I need to support IFK
  12. Hi all, Been to both, ANZ many times over the years. One word hate it. With our 15 to 17 thousand like the NRL you get no atmosphere. While the Showground is tighter and you do feel part of the action. I have been to AFL with the Giant's and atmosphere was like a funeral. 20 people every ten or so minutes saying lets go giants lets go. I think the sound stays in better there. Plus with our 17,000 it will look almost full. Ray
  13. wasp

    We are Wanderers

    Trojan, Thanks for the positives about the chant. I really feel we can and will be able to be as great as the best out there. Look towards the end of the season, not only the RBB but us just outside join in a lot and it is growing. The tune is so well known by most of us oldies and it would be one that would bring the hairs on our backs up. Keep pushing it everyone, one day I know it will get there. Let us have an epic season and the RBB and all us fans alike SING FOR WANDERERS
  14. wasp

    We are Wanderers

    After watching last night the Liverpool fans singing with such passion, I feel this song has a similar feel about it. It is easy on the ears as well would infect all the fans of our club. Please help push it I really feel it is a big winner.
  15. wasp

    We are Wanderers

    Thanks for the support on the song and tune. I know that it is not original, but hey almost every song and tune is used all over the world. I feel this just fits us so well and my idea was like the general consensus that it is sung as the teams come out once only but try to have the whole stadium sing it. Most people know the tune, it is simple and we all can hum/sing along. It is one that gets you in. It grows on you and if done like the Reds fans do it, it will bring the hairs on your back up. If my words are not what we all want, that's OK, I am happy for a better song writer to add their little bit.
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