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  1. Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named me RBBKopite, which of course in German means ‘a whale’s vagina'.
  2. Are you the guy who showed me his license when I was taking the collection tin around the Woolpack by any chance?
  3. In which reality does an Australian citizen have to prove innocence? As it stands innocence isn't even being brought into question here. The video was clearly explained to include what happened. i.e. the man involved was smoking on the hill behind the bays. Rather than project yourself as a self-righteous ass, why don't you make your way to the derby with our merry band of "misguided lemmings" and observe the way our fans are treated by police (particularly PORS) for yourself. When we arrive at the ground you can meet back up with your family & friends and do your thing. You "respect authority" and "have nothing to worry about"....right?
  4. So you're playing GTA the way god intended us to play it. Are tanks back in this one?
  5. Here's a thought: How about you call away trips "away trips"? Also, for the fortyseven-millionth time. Do NOT post any details of accommodation etc. here on public forum.
  6. Fixed for reality. Edit: A lot of people in the Blacktown/Penrith/Hills area seem to think that Liverpool is difficult to get to. http://www.cityrail.info/timetables/timetables_by_line.htm?line=cu&dir=2#landingPoint
  7. Remember that Coutinho is older (18 months) and was established as a 1st team player before he came in where Suso only broke out from our academy this season. 2 completely different players with different preferred positions IMO. In transfer news Danny Wilson has been sold to Hearts, which I think everyone saw coming and is best for all involved. As for Begovic, I think we'd get better bang for our buck with Ruddy. That guy is the sole reason Norwich avoided the drop this season and has reflexes that remind me of me.
  8. Watch those words youngling. My slide tackles are so magical they can jump entire districts & divisions just to show you what real hurt is.
  9. Didn't Heart use the Celtic black & charcoal design for the 3rd strip they'll never need?
  10. Neither of the two you mentioned as future A League teams are where the main push for another team is coming from.
  11. One thing BR did this season that impressed me was throwing the youngsters into the deep end to see if they could swim. We've had consistent results at youth/reserve team level over the past 5 seasons without really blooding the youngsters into the first team. Note: A few minutes during a summer friendly on another continent don't count. Of the young guns first team contracts await or have been deservedly awarded to: Raheem Sterling (Wing) - A revelation until injury cut his season short. Already promoted to a first team contract and will hopefully be back all guns blazing next season. Andre Wisdom (RB/CB) - Tall, pacy and confident on the ball. Will make a good squad player next season with starts coming when we go out in the 3-5-2 BR sometimes employs. Suso (CM) - Bit of balanced weights work in the off-season and he'll see even more time on the park. Passes like Xabi and silky on the ball. Conor Coady (DM/CB) - Impressed me greatly whenever I got to watch him in the youth setup and again in his appearances during our Europa campaign this season. Jack Robinson (LB) - Became pivotal to Wolves avoiding relegation during his loan spell in the Championship. Note: All except Coady were signed by Rafa! Ones to watch: Samed Yesil (ST) - Scores goals for fun in the German youth setup, 31 goals from 32 appearances through U16 to U19 level. One of those "Johnny on the spot" strikers but so much more also. Adam Morgan (ST) - Not as prolific as Yesil but has speed and an excellent work rate. Jordon Ibe (Wing) - Charlton must be kicking themselves for letting this kid go. Players to buy: Papadopoulos is the only player I'd bring in unless someone of extreme value through the centre of the park emerges. Players to sell: Andy Carroll, Jay Spearing, Oassama Assaidi. Rumours: If we do lose Reina to Barca as widely rumoured I'd ignore the talk about Begovic and go in for John Ruddy from Norwich.
  12. Pole dancing and competitive binge drinking.
  13. Mate tell me your thoughts and I'll see what I can do to change things. You can't change where a person's passion lies, simple as that.
  14. So what you're saying is...that you're a glory hunting bandwagoner that only watches the Socceroos when they're winning? no what i am saying is currently the socceroo's are full of old douche bags that i find hard to support But we have the right to sit in the stands and bitch and moan and complain about those $hit selections and coach for 90 minutes. Then bitch about it on Twitter for 5 days. Its the joys of being a football supporter You can use Twitter for that too???? I thought it was just for telling journalists what shitbags they are. This twitter thing might take off ya'know.
  15. RBBKopite

    Tomi Juric

    there is no J in Croation its spelt C - R - O - A....... T - I - A - N not "Croation":Pthough what I was really asking (thanks smartass ) is do we pronounce the J in English when we say his name or not?We pronounce J's as Y's .. for example. In English it was Yugoslavia in Yugoslavian, it was Jugoslavia So the J is pronounced as a Y. So its Tomislav Yuric if you wanted to pronounce it in englishThanks, that's what I thought but just making sure.Just so we make sure that Balkanite also understands our language..Tomislav Yuric will score G O A L S .. (GOALS means more than 2 a season - hopefully)Couldn't help myself man Just call him Dino. Every striker from now on should be called Dino. We just replace the striking position with a new name, it will be called 'Dino'. Looking forward to seeing Juric play Dino for us this season does that mean he will play like dino? only score two goals all season and miss a lot of chances lol It means you will show the man respect or my Eastern European Herritage comes out and ill ***** teach you a lesson *****! Shouldn't that last bit be "Jebemte *****"?
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