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  1. From my understanding there's interest in nicklas bendtner as he is now a free agent
  2. Anyone know if there will Be more active tickets released for Newcastle away
  3. I know it's a long shot especially on game day But I was just looking for 2 tickets anywhere as I'm looking to take my grandparents to their first game They both watch every game on tv
  4. 2 rbb tickets $20 each pm me if interested and I'll give you more details I will transfer them across one paid
  5. That's if they don't walk out at half time !
  6. That's the real question they could just really be causing a stir and getting everyone more pumped up ?
  7. Let's imagine our tifo got stolen, how pathetically insecure would it make SFC look. See what I'm saying here. That's if this this true I'm actually disappointed I would of liked to see it I just find it funny how all week they have been promoting a first in Australia tifo fans didn't go to the game last weekend to make it and the night before the game it's supposedly stolen ?
  8. For everyone who wanted to see the first in Australia tifo it has been 'stolen' HAHAHAA
  9. So considering that your stream jumps ahead that means you will know the final result before anyone else ...
  10. Yes please Replace the Subway in the Western Stand with a Tapas & Sangria bar & I'll pay 10% of the marquee fee I like the way you think 10% of the fee which was actually a free transfer so you won't pay anything
  11. Javier Hervás... Old Man not start the rumour, he just give it wings. Exactly but I'm no old man I feel offended
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