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  1. From my understanding there's interest in nicklas bendtner as he is now a free agent
  2. Anyone know if there will Be more active tickets released for Newcastle away
  3. I know it's a long shot especially on game day But I was just looking for 2 tickets anywhere as I'm looking to take my grandparents to their first game They both watch every game on tv
  4. 2 rbb tickets $20 each pm me if interested and I'll give you more details I will transfer them across one paid
  5. That's if they don't walk out at half time !
  6. That's the real question they could just really be causing a stir and getting everyone more pumped up ?
  7. Let's imagine our tifo got stolen, how pathetically insecure would it make SFC look. See what I'm saying here. That's if this this true I'm actually disappointed I would of liked to see it I just find it funny how all week they have been promoting a first in Australia tifo fans didn't go to the game last weekend to make it and the night before the game it's supposedly stolen ?
  8. For everyone who wanted to see the first in Australia tifo it has been 'stolen' HAHAHAA
  9. nope just saying I am not into Disney and since when was the only alternative "ahhh you're *** keepaaa" you clearly hang on to every word the RBB says cause you got no imagination Did someone say Disney ?
  10. >copying the link not the image this ******* pleb. https://media2.giphy.com/media/kKPWz3TC2LBGo/giphy.gifHow does this even work lol I've never posted a gif
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