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  1. how goods the pre game feed how goods the march how goods the stadium how goods the win feel how farked are my knees after getting to my nose bleed seat how goods the RBB how goods the atmosphere in the last 10 mins how good is it to be back
  2. say it aint so - will they limit the away section to the 10% or whatever is the minimum mandatory for the away team..or worse, have mega mixed seating which would be asking for trouble big time just to "play that game in front of a much bigger audience"
  3. So, no ones tipping 0-0 for old times sake then? in x 2. It will be interesting to see the crowd. Personally I think we might struggle to get 20,000. Any sort of win will do ahead of a couple of tough games to follow.
  4. Mel gave it a good rap on 7 news last night.
  5. Just bought 2. pax 18417 COYW
  6. Football eh. Me and the misses were saying at 90 mins, 1 nil down against a good Perth team and we were happy just to out of there - for good. Thinking about this season verses last, you can see the team improving unlike last year. Ok its all a bit late but a few more wins and I think we can look forward to next season with a bit more optimism.
  7. In Hoping for a 2 nil our way, Expecting a 2-1 their way. The new CCM English boys are a bit of an unknown. it will be interesting to see if they play and how they play compared to our youngsters.
  8. It was me, clearly I'm a lonely numptee, football wise lol
  9. if we loose on Saturday Im babble out and now. Bagging the players all the time, what's he actually shown us to suggest that he's the man, is what I'm asking myself #Rudan In.
  10. The jets and a bit so so this year so we are bound to play them into form. O'Donovan hat trick in first half and he gets sent off in the second and we loose 3-0 after Vedran comes up for a corner in the 93rd minute and scores to redeem himself, jumps into the RBB a la Bullet and is called for offside by the VAR when clearly on side. or we loose 2 nil, ho hum
  11. I don't know, I feel a bit, well underwhelmed to be honest. The cynic in me says the new Melbourne stadium wont get built due to lower than expected memberships etc - any excuse will do. Not sure about the SWS bid, my selective hearing has me thinking they got up cuz they are getting an airport or something.like that.. What is disappointing is the request by our club to have them delay for 12 months and the FFA agreeing. Come on, we are getting a proper stadium next year, what are they worried about.. So the first game of the 20/21 season we will be away at Campbelltown, we can lock that in now.
  12. lack of real firepower and scoring options - the new stadium will fix that experienced and gifted mid fielders to help the young guns - the new stadium will fix that defensive unit thats cohesive and can stand the heat - the new stadium will fix that etc etc well thats what it feels like to me, right now still if we loose 6 nil in our first home game next year i wont care - assuming all the members turn up and we get Parra mark 2 atmosphere - i mean the new stadium will fix that, right Still in all the doom and gloom you have to give credit to Victory, they looked like a proper football team last night ,.. if only their coach wasn't such a dush bag. Oh and no love for Shinji in the fox commentators marquee players discussion last night - i mean the hint was right in front of them they just spoke about some Italian dude.
  13. I really miss going to eat street with the misses before each game, listening to the march go past. Sure it added $80 bucks to the costs but that didn't worry us, we just did it. Hopefully we get to do it from next season. ACL in parra square was the best of all the ones mentioned before. I remember looking at some complete stranger after their dead set penalty shout was turned down, we just shook our heads and smiled. it was meant to be.
  14. I thought we weren't that bad to be honest. Stick away one or two of the clear cuts and we would all be talking top 2 or top 4 today. Agree with others that Risdon had a pretty good game will we be able to keep him in January? Based on what we saw last season you wouldn't think Riera will be this bad all season, surely. RBB was good, attendance much better than i thought. Pitch a shocker and the pies were ok.
  15. In. Looking forward to it as I couldn't make Mudgee If we don't win this we should start the build for next season now. Jets cant score for **** given their main man is still on enforced leave. 2 nil us in front of less than 10 thou
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