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  1. Id like to see Cox score in this one - the chances now of us having a free kick and it rebounding off the post onto young and over the line are now much more remote than this time last week.
  2. need Cox mom more, i think - put them under score board pressure.
  3. We really missed the chance to do some good when the wrong expansion teams were chosen, just to keep FOX happy.
  4. Didn't realise the Sydney derby has been bumped to the 2nd (or is it the 3rd) most important game this weekend with the 5 pm KO. I'm assuming one of the 8 million Melbourne derbies this season is the late/prime time game. Not in for this one, have to work. You'd take a draw now if offered i reckon. Would love to see Cox jag one, give us hope for the rest of the season.regardless of the end result.
  5. I know its only one game but how good is it to have a proper worker up front who will make things happen, more so given yesterdays conditions etc.. i don't think he's a Berisha type find yet, but good solid player. It will be interesting to see how he plays against Wilkinson and co, heres hoping his lower leagues nous will help. should have waited for echidnas post Lol
  6. I'm in. Going to be hot, not much else on so may as well go. Why on earth they have 4 pm kick offs in late January/early Feb, at any ground but especially this one, is beyond me.
  7. If Rudan jumps to us for next season he would surely get a bad name as a club hopper. I mean 3 clubs in 3 seasons off his own bat wouldn't look good, and there's always the risk he will leave us after one season and get a gig overseas somewhere.
  8. so we've tried the EPL big name who is a really nice guy as it turns out and a snappy dresser. I say the board will say that didn't work lets go completely the other way this time ....so Musky it is then
  9. Im not sure we should be Lederer out. The guys writing big cheques for us, we shouldn't complain, we could end up with a Mike whats his face from CCM instead. Just sayin'
  10. Poppas on the edge of his box barking orders babbels sitting back enjoying the view. Sigh.
  11. In, first game for a few due to various reasons - none being we are **** though. You'd take a draw now, but what are the chances.(3.50 according to bet easy) popa to reign again in Western Sydney.Them 3 or 4 us 1
  12. Apparently Cox arrives on Sunday, plenty of time to get gear sorted and make a cameo off the bench in the evening. Tell him he can have a sleep in on Monday. Welcome to Western Sydney son. What happens if Dukes plays up front and scores a hat trick? Lol
  13. I'm ok with this (not that i'm anyone !) on the basis he cant be any worse that what we have, He'll probably work hard with his background in the UK lower leagues and maybe we end up with a Roy O'D without the red cards. In return we will actually pay him. Everyone's a winner.
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