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  1. Not sure why there is not a lot of love for Majewski, I thought he has been pretty solid for us so far considering he has only been with the boys a month or so. He has obvious class on the ball and is still working out where players run but his defensive work is very good and something we really missed with ABJ (ESFC saw this first hand last night as well when his lazy defensive work led to the first goal). Super impressed with Lopar though, nice to have someone who commands the area, isn't afraid to play it forward and has the ability to pull out a good one. Understand the goal we conceded didnt exactly make him look great but he clearly lost vision with the mass of bodies in front of him. McGowan and Georgevski look very good as well, every opposition player and spectator is going to hate Georgevski and he will become a Club favourite for us he has that bit of mongrel in him. Young Bacchus and Tass didnt have their best games but on the flip side after looking dicey early Elrich kept some quick players quiet despite being targetted down that edge throughout the game and playing a full game which for him is not easy so plenty of positives out of this one. If we have Duke (or another decent forward there last night) we win that in normal time, hate Fornaroli but if he was playing with us last night he gets a hattrick, he looked sharp..
  2. His record is not exactly flash, he has only had one decent season since he left here 9 years ago - 11/12 mostly injured (0 full games), 13/14 mostly injured (0 full games), 14/15 mostly injured (0 full games 3 games as sub only), 15/16 mostly injured (1 full game some sub appearances), 16/17 (0 games on bench a few times but never played), 18/19 injured most of the season played a few. He really only had that 17/18 season and outside of that has never been a regular anywhere due to injury or lack of fitness. Can't see how a body that is now 10 years older in a league which is a lot more agricultural lets say, is going to turn him into a star.
  3. not sure what 'quality' you re saying Victory, SFC and City have picked up, if your talking Kruse I would rather Piovicchari
  4. Agree, also consider that only 6 of the starting team who had pulled on a WSW jumper before and of that only two players Elrich and Kamau have played more than 10 games for us and you have to happy with that and also expect that our passing will be wasteful in patches.
  5. How do we feel about having Ray Gatt as our new media advisor??
  6. Not usually a fan of these fixtures and only went because it was the first football game at Bankwest but came away pretty impressed. Off the pitch - RBB was good for a first up effort in a few seasons especially as with ticket sales a lot of non active were there, sounded good on half way. Impressed with the stadium, if we ever got back to our early glory days packing that place out with stadium wide poznan, chants and call and response, man that place will absolutely thunder. Bar was easy enough even though the selection is pretty stadium standard, food was a pain in the ass, I understand they want these burgers made fresh (and they tasted pretty good) but **** if you don't recognise there is going to be a rush at half time and make a few in advance then don't wonder why people are bitching about waiting in line for 20minutes. Love being so close to the field but those seccies better not keep standing up with 5 mins to go every game blocking the view of the first 10 rows or someone is going to jump the fence and put one on their chin, it's like watching the TV at home when in extra time and the score at 2-2 the misso decides she has to vacuum the spot right between your eyes and the TV - every time. On the field, well if we get that much luck at Bankwest moving forward then I am a happy camper, last year in that game we go into the break 4 nil down but we seemed to get a few breaks with posts and misses and all that which we have never had in recent seasons. Having a keeper was nice for a change, made a few good saves as well but talked it up which I liked even more and went long which was also refreshing. Thought Tass was good, Majerwieski, Bacchus had some very good moments and then a few clangers which you expect pre season, Yeboah went well and will be important for us if he can stay fit but the work rate of Duke is something else, to play at that pace and level for that period of time in pre season just wow, put a decent striker near him and they will get a bagful. Even the kids did well at the end, physically they were monstered as expected but on the ball they looked the goods. Love Tarick but he looks a bit off the pace at the moment, might be a part time farewell for him this year. Like we have taken every available bit of space and the field is on the massive end of the scale so there is plenty of space out there, the more talented side should win most fixtures there. Plenty of slipping and sliding going on with that surface especially as it was not a wet (as other codes have mentioned) but moving forward with us there every week you would think that will be an advantage to us. Overall pretty optimistic about our seasons prospects and I know we have all been there before but this one just smells a little different.
  7. mate Peter Crouch came up with one of the best lines of all time when asked what he would be if he wasn't a footballer?
  8. On the positive you would think that if anyone knew the weaknesses of ABJ then it would be Babbel, he dropped him for lack of effort a couple of times as well so over a season he might be an astute signing for ESFC but in a Derby I am hoping he could be a real liability.
  9. While I would like to get a proven striker as well I am much happier we have sured up our defence, with Lopar, a fit Zielger, McGowan I know we won't concede as many and I am pretty confident Majewski could provide a fit Yeboah and Duke with plenty. I am actually feeling pretty confident with what we have for the first time in a few seasons, or maybe I'm still drunk from last night.
  10. Was a good win under pressure no doubt but remember this is the same side ranked 6 places below us and we have beaten easily in the past. With the way the group works we will get out of it no problem but we are still nowhere near challenging any of the top teams. We will lose our first knockout game no matter which opposition we face unless we somehow top the group. The siege mentality expressed by Milicic, Kerr and others pre and post game is also concerning, you cannot take that attitude into every game and win simply 'to prove a point' this mentality doesn't last forever as demonstrated by Babbell's 'we are going to finish last cos the pundits said so' mentality at the start of this season, it's good for a few games but not for a tournament. As for the winning goal, technically it is the correct decision but geez if Kerr is not there that defender lets that ball run through to her keeper, still wondering how Sotirio was involved in play in the Derby disallowed offside goal if Kerr is not involved in play there.
  11. Some truths in there; 1) It is his job 2) agree 3) The Board is the governance not the CEO, he simply follows the instructions of the Board 4) he does, in lieu of having his career placed in ruin by the Board he gets paid handsomely to try to smooth it all over as well as sacrifice any future earnings due to being perceived as a poor administrator. I don't like Gallop, never have, he is not a football person, but at the moment we have Gallop (Lawyer) being led by a Political strategist, 2 investment bankers, a gender equality specialist, an equity banker and another Lawyer to determine the future of Football in this country, they then call on football people to provide advice on how to run the game. Now surely we should have a Board made up of Football people who call on advice from bankers, lawyers, diversity specialists etc to run the game rather than this ****ed up upside down world we currently have. If Gallop was sacked tomorrow and the same Board remained there would be no change, if the Board was sacked tomorrow Gallop or no Gallop we would be in a much better position.
  12. You know why these owners are worth a collective billion dollars, because they don't throw their money away. It is not only about playing talent it is about performance, Riera, ABJ, Roly, Dimas, Kresinger, Pioviccari, Borda, Cejudo the list could go on all had to get paid even though they didn't perform. You think the investors would be happy with their return on investment from some of those names? Playing talent alone does not win you a Premiership of any kind, motivation and hunger are just as (if not more) important, look at our ACL win, if you had said before a ball was kicked these boys we assembled at the time would win you an ACL you would of been committed to a loony bin. When Ono come on board (easily our best, well most talented anyway player in our short history) I can guarantee you that only the absolute diehards even knew who he was, he was hardly a big name. Honda comes along wins nothing, Del Piero wins nothing. Football in this country is a lottery, the salary cap ensures that, sure you can buy a few more tickets in the lottery but there is no way it guarantees success. The season after we won the ACL was always going to be a bust, it simply had to be, you cant have players in training for 18 months and expect anything else. The following season we had players all over the place due to wanting bonuses, extended contracts and upgrades and wanting more and we got left out in the cold by Popovic at the worst possible time after that. If you really thought that the result was going to be any different with first Gumbi and now with Babbel one season each in then you are kidding yourself. We have a world class academy that is free for players and have already seen the success of this on the park only 2 seasons in, that costs money. As for "If he and the owners don't like being called cheap they can open up their musty wallets and show some ambition. Or sell the club to someone who does." well who would buy us (or any A League Club) in the current climate anyway. Be careful what you wish for because at the moment our owners actually are here not to make money (cos there is none in football in Australia) but because they love WSW, imagine how great it is going to be if we get sold to a Bakrie or someone similar.
  13. I don't usually like recommending restaurants cos when others go there they think they are **** but went to a place I never new existed on the weekend, a restaurant called Zac's (Afghan food mainly) at a poky little corner of Bella Vista. The food was great but exactly as you mention, the multicultural vibe in that place made me just sit back and think how lucky I am and how others really miss out. The missus and I were actually discussing this exact thing over dinner. If anyone has any recommendations for some good food in the Blacktown/Hills area feel free to let me know, always looking for some new ones.
  14. or....the alternate options at our Club arent ready as yet which I agree with and there is no real talented keepers in Australia available at the moment. Birrighitti was probably the only decent one that we could of had a decent go at and he was taken by the new franchise, there is noone else available. I like the fact the CDM and keeper have worked together and will be close as well. I cannot see Vedran staying to sit on the bench as that is the reason he came to us in the first place (having said that noone else will take him) and the others are all kids Nizic, Suman and Greenwood so no problem with keeping them as they can all play somewhere in our system anyway.
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