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  1. Results will dictate his future but I am actually feeling pretty positive about this. Anyone who can get an average team (Jets) to do this in 10 games in charge must have a bit of talent surely, more importantly they were actually good to watch which would be a change. v CCM 4-3 W, v WSW 1-1 (we were lucky), v Victory 1-1, v Perth 2-1 W, v Adel U 3-0 W, v Roar 0-1 L (Jets dominated, Roar scored and this meant Jets season was gone), v Melb C 2-1 W, v SFC 2-1 W, v CCM 0-0, v WU 1-0 W, v Nix 3-0 W. Geez what we would give to go on a run like that!
  2. they would be happy just to get him off their books atm
  3. I don't buy this moral rubbish - he was with the Jets, they want him off their books cos financially they will be lucky to survive and can't pay him and WSW wanted a coach. Happens all over the world, in every league in the world no different than what happened to JP, he wanted his staff and his dollars, Club said No so he left - that's football. As for his credentials in the current environment it is a good move - OS coaches were never in the picture, local coaches of any quality are all contracted, his record with the Jets (who really had nothing to play for and not much quality) included wins over both grand finalists, and in total 6 of the top 7 teams in the league in his 10 games in charge. He really only faltered against teams they were probably expected to beat like Us, ccm (draw) and victory (draw) which is very WSW in itself, should be a good fit. Aside from results as others have said the Jets were attractive to watch which is one thing we cannot say under ANY of our previous coaches probably ever.
  4. sadly I am pretty sure only we could turn Messi into an average player
  5. guess we also need to consider while Tass, Bacchus, Tate and the rest are all from that 22-23 age group Grozos only turned 20 a few days ago, his next two years will say a lot about how he develops but if he wants more game time I reckon he either needs a bumper off season or a move to CCM or Bulls or something.
  6. Well glad that is all over was a tortuous season probably even more so than the Olympic Pk rubbish of the seasons before. As for the squad well nothings changed, we still have a fairly good lot of kids but are being let down by the so called experience. This time Maier, Ziegler, Jurman, McGowan all performed terribly and not worth half their money, people bag Maier but at least he had the decency to know when it was time. Losing Majewski at the start of the season really was the start of the fall, he looked good for 10mins. DG, Bruce, Muller, Yeboah and perhaps even Schweigler and Duke at times, had some good moments but also had plenty of games where it looked like they didn't care, as a group they never really fired all together in any games other than maybe one of the Derbies. Lopar was probably the only one who could say he earnt his entire pay check most weeks. Cox well I'm still not convinced, if we move away from 5 at the back and play a flat 4 using Cox as a Mark Viduka type hold up player we can get some value out of him but if we continue to try to throw crosses around his head against 6'6 opponents every week or play him deep in midfield we may as well let him go. Really even when he was playing poorly Duke was probably the only one that was a leader of any kind trying hard even when he was going average, losing him leaves no natural leader in this Club which is scary. As fr the younger ones Bacchus (I rate and would try to keep, although he has eyes overseas), Tass (I'd be throwing everything at him to stay, future Club Leader), Russel (another important keep for mine), Cordier (meh, goes ok but it has been three years now so if he wants game time may have to go to the CCM), Wilmering (did everyone know he was a ballboy once? yea looked good but was a serious injury as well), O'Doherty (yea I like him), Sullivan ( rate him to but you can't keep them all), Grozos (he is still only 19 with the rest of these kids 22-23 so his next two years will be vital for him), Adam well he reminds me of Lachlan Scott, kills it on the lower level but just not ready for it as yet. So looking at that we are a long way off and then add in a rookie coach who I dont rate on what I have seen so far and I dont think the torture is going to stop any time soon unfortunately unless there are massive changes with the problem being it is massive changes that have led to the problem we have now, I know thats sounds negative but where are the positives going to come from? there doesnt seem to be any hope on the horizon.
  7. On another note, For such a young Club how many ex WSW players have scored against us? FFS its like it is every week.
  8. Lopar is stuck here for two years, Mueller who knows, Duke I reckon will stay but cant blame him for looking for options even if just to raise his own share price. Tass, Tate, Bacchus, Bruce, Grozos, these guys need to be kept as they are young and you need that progression at any Club, Ziegler, Jurman, MacGowan situation needs to be sorted, breaks my heart to see a guy like NTS still domainting at Jets as they realise he is old and play players around him that address his deficencies, he would of still been better than any of those 3 for us this season. I wouldn't go looking for him now but with Hammill, Ziegler, Jurman, McG you cannot tell me he had less to offer than those have over the last 3 seasons. Tass has to start with one of those and get rid of the rest or find another. Up front well we need something, we have never had that striker and x factor and that has been one of our biggest problems of the last 6 seasons and look at all the succesful Clubs, juniors like Mo etc dont cut it, they may have a good game or two but over a season you need that consistent x factor that every sccesful Club has and we don't and never have. Overall a season exactly like the previous COVID or no COVID, every year we seem to have an excuse for failure.
  9. starting the same poor back 4 was a terrible decision and it went downhill from there, a fightback that eventually will do us more harm than good as pundits, players and club can justify that we 'came back' despite not being at the races for 70 of the 90 minutes. It should of been 5 at half time, cross bar, couple of easy misses, possible penalty we got a new one torn through our middle even though we play two extra players there.
  10. Totally agree mate but hanging **** on the only junior in the squad when let's face it he is trying to hit one of Duke at 5ft 10, Yeboah 5ft 8 and Cox about the same against 6ft 6 defenders every week and being our only real attacking threat is just poor tactics, it was up to JP to take him off last night thats what a decent coach does, instead he takes off the only threat we had (and I am not even a DG fan) and leaves the kid on and then plays Kamau on the left where is absolutely useless and always has been. Why we just try to cross into the box instead of playing through teams when we have 6 or more in the middle of the park anyway with those players is absolutely ridiculous. Sure some of our players are useless but the system we are playing would not work in local Association Div 1 comps, anyone with a football brain knows that. Imagine coaching against us, money for jam mate, let them go wide, close out the middle and foul them if they are on the break - case closed, I could coach my U18s to defend the one dimensional **** they put up every week.
  11. Yes we have some ordinary players but anyone who thinks JP is a head coach is kidding themselves. Formation is terrible with an U6 bunch in the middle of the park. Against CCM we are getting caned in the middle and everyone could see we were going to concede and needed legs and he waits until we conceded before making a change even though we are allowed 5 subs. Tonight we score down DG side and DG's wing is looking dangerous, Tate has just messed up 4 crosses in a row (no harm to hiim he is a kid who has played two games in 4 days) and is struggling and so he takes off DG to put Kamau on who is awful down that left side and then we have nothing left or right as well as concede two down the left.
  12. Yea I reckon wasted season cos if we had played like we did last night against every opposition then we wouldnt be in a position where we would be scratching for points to make the 6 we would be comfortably in the top 4. See what you mean though. Game vs WU for me is win we are in, lose we are out, draw and it just gets strung out for a little longer..
  13. Thought you were a bit tough there Mack, I thought we shaded the first half and totally dominated the second half but agree it's frustrating when you do that and really don't create any clear cut chances. Our crossing was below par from our wide guys and in their defence they had nothing to aim at in the middle anyway. We swap Cox and Le fondre that game and we go on to win by 4 but unfortnately there was very little penetration without Muller and it left Duke with noone to play off. Defensively we were pretty solid outside the goal being conceded and once again when the going gets tough ABJ goes missing, thought we controlled Ninkovic well and it will not eventuate but if Sydney could pick a team they would not want to play in a final of some kind it would be WSW. Some solace for another wasted season, knowing we took points of them 7-1 over the course of the season.
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