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  1. Totally agree and when you consider that all those Olyroo players (except Glover) have come back full of confidence and rock hard fit after a training camp and regular game time in trying conditions why we have not played him is beyond me.
  2. more a case of fed up members not going and giving their tickets to supporter mates from other Clubs for the day or in regard to last night when the storm hit people were trying to get cover scattering them everywhere but yea I get your frustration it pisses me off as well.
  3. Well that was a steaming pile but on the positive at least it will mean that JP won't fill the job. The first 20minutes was sexual, Kamau making some great runs and causing all sorts, we created chance after chance and then we deservedly get the goal. Then nothing. We decide to not push forward, we waste time, when are these players going to realise we are not ******* good enough to sit on one goal, just keep playing. So Jets make a structural change and push their fullback forward so Kamau can push as hard and what do we do in response? ******* nothing. we accept that Kamau is now going to play as a standard right fullback, absolute joke. Georgevski i ******* love the bloke but FMD that was his best ever performance for the Jets even though he spent 2 seasons over there, he was ******* woeful. I could go on and on but won't, the subs well we took off the only 3 players that could of done something to replace them with players that really were never going to give us anything going forward, which was funny cos we were getting raped in the midfield and not one change there. Anyway move on let's get this torture over with.
  4. This came about intitally because Bankwest and the Club decided that with Western Sydney having the highest Indigenous population in Australia they wanted to ensure that there was recognition that Parramatta was a special place for Indigenous people, they got a couple of Local Indigenous people involved and wanted an Acknowledgement of Country for the Stadium. The idea behind an Acknowledgement of Country (different to a Welcome to Country which can usually be given by a local Elder only) is to continue to recognise and acknowledge the local Indigneous people of that area. Acknowledge that they still exist, acknowldge that even though the land is a different shape now, there is still that connection to Land and it hasnt died. In traditional times you could only take resources off another Indigenous people's land if you were welcome on it by the people themselves, so this is to respect that tradition. In the same way we mark and march ANZAC Day even though we all know what happened we don't want it to be forgotten or not acknowledged but we want to show respect to those that made it through and live to tell the tale to remind us of things that happened that we don't want to repeat. I understand that at the football you may see this as counterproductive and 'tokenistic' but it reality is is 20 seconds of your life when they are not belting out the latest crap dance track, showing oblivious folk on their phones during oblivious cam or promoting another dodgy sponsor. It is 20 seconds that to you may be a divisive confronting pain in the ass but that is becasue you are taking it that way, it is not meant to be a reminder of the division, or as you put it the babies who were taken away (what about the white babies???) but rather it should be inclusive to everyone, it is a WELCOME, an acknowledgement, it is a mark of respect, to the away supporters, teams and sponsors (whom hear it only once not every home game like you do) it demonstrates that Wanderers are an inclusinve Club and to those of us who have heard it all before it is a time for refelction and a recognition that we are privaledged to live in this great country and a mark of respect for those who came before us and accept they are still here. So next time it comes up, recognise it for what it is a welcome, just like a double kiss on both cheeks from your nonna at the front door, it is about how lucky we are, accept that Indigenous people are the original owners of this land and never gave it away but are also happy to have you here to share in this great country and then it will be an inclusive experience rather than a divisive one for you, or just go get another beer or take a piss instead when it comes up and ignore it if that makes you feel better, up to you.
  5. gutted. playing in **** weather on a bogged field would of evened that game right up
  6. Glad we won of course but it was a weak CCM. I mean our best defender was Clisby who had his best ever game for the Club, Duke looked like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders, Yeboah wow he has had a bad few weeks biut he was worse than usual he has never had a good game when he has started. There were a couple of positives Keanau looked a lot more confident, Mueller looked like he wanted to play, Lopar did Lopar things and Cox played like he cared and has a bit. Without putting a massive downer on it though I can't see how we will get near ESFC..
  7. JP is as responsible fot this debacle as Babbel, did the same job at Jets with Miller trying to get a head gig. Does anyone who thinks players weren't doing what they were told by Babbel seriously think they will perform under the half of the partnership they actually dislike?
  8. Loving all the negativity here, for those who want to roast Babbell for his lack of tactical knowledge fair enough but at the same time give him credit for making the changes that won the game for us last week. Bringing on Elrich was risky with their pace but he killed it, effectively won the game for us, Sullivan same, same as those that say well lucky we have Lopar, well who the **** do you think brought him down here?? but anyway to things at hand, Brisbane are woeful, they will hold posession for the majority of the game but create nothing and we will win 2-0.
  9. which is why it has to go, let them do their job, there will be mistakes but there is more mistakes now and they are magnified and we have to wait 5mins for them to be made by a bloke sometimes not even in the same state. Get rid of it and use goalline technology only and mistaken identidy, thats it.
  10. With the quality of refereeing every week and the inconsistency of VAR (we have people been in the game for 50 years who dont know what constitutes a penalty anymore) it has led to p[ayers falling to ground and hoping for fouls/pens, AR's who dont flag anymore until prompted and the game being reffed by someone often 1000km away. Yesterday Beath did not have a bad game (hear me out here), the Duke decision, he claims he was watching the path of the bal land didnt see it (fair enough, so the VAR needs to iintervene and IMO he should of seen red, but he cannot adjudicate if he thinks it is yellow so didnt intervene, with the first pen he saw the contact and said it was football contact so play on, he clearly motions this, he is actually in good position and makes a call, now VAR intervenes, makes him doubt himself, slows it done to 50 frames a sec and of course there is contact and it looks like a foul on slomo, for mine hs original call is correct the player goes down too easy after losing possession and in the EPL as Babbel said he would of been laughed, the third, he clerarly sees the ball hit the elbow tucked into the chest, once again is in perfect position to adjudicate, clearly waves play on and clearly got it right according to the laws of the game, until it is pulled up scrutinised at 50 frames per sec or whatever it is, he doubt himself and gives it. Lets remember the ONLY time he has gone to the screen and not given a decision was Yeboah (I think) for Us and he was roundly smashed and dropped the following week, he will not make that mistake again. So all told aside from the fact he could of told the VAR to piss off and didnt, he really didnt have a bad game and he was let down by Ams in the box 1000km away. Having said all that, the histrionics of our players HAS to stop, the attitude has to change, the continual yelling at AR's, Ref's etc is just wasting energy AND giving them cards that we don't need. Why waste a card yesterday on Beath or the assistant when you can smash Mileusenich and get one that is worthwhile? They need to be told to shut up and get on with it, you are playing in the A League, it is a lucky dip, get on with it.
  11. Who is the alternative? replace him with whom? Babbell has brought in Lopar, Muller, Schwiegler as well as a few duds, do you think they will play any better under a different manager? If Babbel is shafted we will have another rebuild and waste another season and a half.
  12. So the secret is we play like shite and we will get the points. Earlier in the season we were awful and picked up some important wins, I thought we improved and played good football against City and Western Melb and didnt get the luck we deserved and today well it was back to playing awful football (that first half was as bad as we have played all season) and somehow going up 3-1 then hanging on - just. Bagged for no subs last week but the subs changed the game this week, Tarek and Sullivan both had a massive impact and effectively won the game for us. Duke should of been sent and really has been poor for about 5 weeks now so he is carrying something or just not going well enough, our whole midfield was poor defensively yesterday and for all his antics (which I love btw) Georgevski was incredibly poor all game. Funnily enough it was the ones who should of struggled in the heat, Zielgler, Lopar, Muller and Schweigler who were good for us yesterday and some of the Aussies were not so good.
  13. at least we are not talking about the referee, can't remember one poor performance from that guy he is streets ahead of anything else with a whistle in this country. I thought we were ok last night, against a aide that plnety will struggle against, would of liked to see a few subs late on when Yeboah was dead and Meieir well less said the better but once again we created plenty and couldnt put one away. If this game is taken in isolation it would of been a good performanec and result but placed with the last 4 games debacle may seem like not good enough to some. On another note, for those who got to see that WL game earlier how good is it watching a team that just keeps going forward.
  14. each to their own mate but Ive coached junior womens football for the last 28 years (as well as mens) and I know of a lot of girls who play in Western Sydney who see it as their dream (no more or no less than boys growing up in Western Sydney) . Sure some might say the quality is not there in the W League but most also say that about the A League. What I will say about the W League is that they have players made up from the best 10 countries in women's football playing in that comp (USA, Germany, Netherlands, France, Sweden, England, Australia etc), so in comparison that would be like having a Mens A League made up of players predominantly from France, Brazil, Germany, Spain, England, Portugal etc - get it now? For WSW to be doing so well for a change and to come from a team who always finished rock bottom to a team that is challenging in the space of 12 months is an almighty achievement so far, not to mention they play an attacking style as well but as I said each to their own
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