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  1. I see plenty of Aussie sportspeople wrap themselves in the Aussie flag and get proud as ****, I saw it last night!!! Yet we still have massive inequity with our dealings with Aboriginal people, you know, the people who owned this place, who we killed and raped, gave alcohol to and stole their land and continue to ensure are poorly represented to this day in every single health and economic stat. So do we blame every person who displays an Australian flag as promoting this ongoing disparity and violence? You cannot pick which flags we are happy to accept and which flags we are not happy to a
  2. exactly, says more about them than him to be honest
  3. what a **** take! It happened in the 90s, old issue? go read a book. Cant have it both ways mate, you cant like some flags and dislike some flags depending on which side of politics you support.
  4. As long as he plays for the Club with his heart on his sleeve I dont give a **** where he is from. Any 'fan' who wants to **** off cos we signed him - bye!
  5. There is a big difference between showing love of your country and showing distain of other lands or beliefs. People that want to draw that line are basing it more on what they believe than what you infer he does. Check out the anti racism video he was involved in at Bright Hove Albion. I don't give a **** if he is blue, black, yellow or pink he hasnt been signed for his political beliefs, as long as he plays football with his heart on his sleeve Ill be happy.
  6. If anyone wants to join a tipping comp for Euro2020, this is a great one, its only $20 in and all money goes to the prize pool and there are also additional prizes like Euro2020 replica balls and a heap of other stuff so go to this Fb page and ask to join, they will let you in straight away and then you can join the Tipping Comp from there. Awesome tipping comp and banter page throughout the tournament. Get around it. https://www.facebook.com/groups/347140866752708
  7. The game that was a metaphor for our season. We didn’t touch the ball in the first 15mins and duly conceded a cheap early goal. We then decided to care and got back into it but as soon as we took control we let them back into the game with a dumb decision (send off) then concede a stupid goal that sees 3 defenders on one attacker look complicated. We then decide to hammer the last 10mins when it’s too late only to see an open goal missed. Just another Wanderers game really. If only we could of thrown in a dodgy VAR call and conceding from a set piece and that is every game this season.
  8. Tactically we were no better or worse than previous performances, today the difference was from the outset we wanted to win the game, we chased down everything, we harassed, we looked like we cared and we got the result. For all the constant talk about a back 3 or 4 or 5 or the firepower or lack of penetration up front the reality is in a salary capped league everyone is fairly even and the positions on the table are determined by how badly teams want to win, the positioning of important players and that little bit of X factor class. Frustratingly this season it will come to nothing, bu
  9. I am going the opposite way, Nix will be on a let down after an emotional weekend at home and will just want to go back home so we will flat track bully them to a big wanderers win and just like the same way we decide to hit the throttle in the 80th minute when 2-0 down of most games for a close loss, in true recent wanderers style we will get an easy three points just in time for it to mean nothing to our non existent semi final hopes.
  10. Unfortunately the only solution is to keep going and weed out the ones that don't perform. Ultimately it is the manager that has to get these guys to play and I am not convinced that CR is a good manager, I feel as if he knows what he is doing but lets games go too far before changing things up and plays not to lose rather than to win (look at the weekend, we were on the ropes but changes were made only after we conceded, something that has been his hallmark) we needed a goal at 0-0 as much as we did at 0-1. We have become the perfect flat track bulies, when things are going well we are grea
  11. I keep hearing that, best side to miss the finals, we have the players and all that but where? Margush, Aquilina, Russell, Natta, Bacchus - all kids that will make mistakes and all basically in defence. They have all been pretty good but they are going to make errors that's just reality. Troisi, Ibini, McGowan, Dorrans, Mutch, Cox, Mueller, Yeboah and in the last few weeks even add Duke to this group - seriously they have each played 2 solid games each all season, some maybe a few more but not many. The only two who have given 100% while on the pitch every time they are on ther
  12. Yea we were very good but as others have said WU were extremely poor and showing heavy legs after playing a few days ago on a real heavy pitch up in Qld. Kamau has been our best for a few weeks now and good to see someone who is direct in attack, Ziggy just does Ziggy things, he is the epitome of working with what you have got, he is not technically gifted but he just gives 100% and more every game, Troisi well it took 21 games for him to show something and if it wasnt for their keeper that game is over in 20mins. Don't really think this was a guide to where we are at but it does close up th
  13. and just like a lover you know is no good for you, you decide to sleep together one last time and then unfortunately you know you'll be back again
  14. Something has to change but you cant keep changing managers when things turn to ****, me I don't care if he goes or stays, probably doesn't deserve to stay but not assed to face another rebuild. The players he has should be performing better and at some stage we need to bite the bullet with players instead of managers. McGowan and Ziegler give us nothing. When you have kids playing in the other defensive positions you rely on those tough, hardnosed defenders to pull them into line, Zielger and McGowan couldnt organise a f in a b with a fistful. Look at the defending from corners and set pi
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