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  1. Yea I reckon wasted season cos if we had played like we did last night against every opposition then we wouldnt be in a position where we would be scratching for points to make the 6 we would be comfortably in the top 4. See what you mean though. Game vs WU for me is win we are in, lose we are out, draw and it just gets strung out for a little longer..
  2. Thought you were a bit tough there Mack, I thought we shaded the first half and totally dominated the second half but agree it's frustrating when you do that and really don't create any clear cut chances. Our crossing was below par from our wide guys and in their defence they had nothing to aim at in the middle anyway. We swap Cox and Le fondre that game and we go on to win by 4 but unfortnately there was very little penetration without Muller and it left Duke with noone to play off. Defensively we were pretty solid outside the goal being conceded and once again when the going gets tough ABJ goes missing, thought we controlled Ninkovic well and it will not eventuate but if Sydney could pick a team they would not want to play in a final of some kind it would be WSW. Some solace for another wasted season, knowing we took points of them 7-1 over the course of the season.
  3. Today we see what sort of manager JPD really is. Since he has been in charge the players seem to have had no problem to get up for all the 'big' games like Derbies or when Babbel was moved on etc but really struggled to even look interested with the lower atmosphere games, so today we see him take on ESFC with no atmosphere - let's see if he can get them up for it.
  4. You are kidding yourself if that was the worst match you have seen this season, we have played much worse, opposition have played much worse, there has been much worse footballing standard than that. Tthere was some pretty good stuff played by both teams. Go watch it again without the atmosphere of a funeral, the drab commentary from Theo and whoever the other one was (**** knows how they a gig in the commentary box, they makes the Kiwi duo sound like Martin Tyler and Jon Champion), the referee was also appalling and she struggles doing W League games so **** knows how she gets a gig in the A League beside the fact she suits the FFA agenda. The players and teams themselves werent too bad. You do realise City are in 2nd coming off a dominant win over in Perth, we had 2 kids making their HAL debut, Tass who hasnt started for months, Russel with his 2nd statrt, O'Dougherty just back after a year off, no Bacchus, DG, Kamau, Yeboah or Zielgler (whom regardless of quality they were actually in our starting XI). Go bring in a quarter of the team from the youth team of any A League Club, tell them to play firsts away against a team in form on second place and see what happens. The actual fact that second half we had real chances to win the game ()and should of) speaks volumes for these young guys.
  5. The overzealous policing actually assisted numbers, sure there was a few extra punted but there were a few thousand extra going because of that siege ACAB/Media hatred mentality as a sign of solidarity. Exclusivity and FOMO was also a key, having people think they will miss out on something (like toilet paper) will see more wanting to get it, the more exclusive you make it the more want it. So there was plenty of good stuff but the key was results is what tied it all together it was the West saying FU we can compete and beat you lot already.
  6. and that is what is annoying to me. If the Derby was played in that heat they would have no problem getting up for it would they? The attitude was terrible last night, the amounf of times Brisbane had 3 and 4 players in space at the edge of the box was only inviting trouble and that is a direct result of not getting back and poor attitude. Also the amount of stupid non necessary fouls we gave away taking the easy trip option rather than chasing back was a worry as well. Easy to say humidity was a factor but that does not excuse a lack of interest. When guys like McDonald are winning challenges in the air we have a problem. Surely Tass has to get a start next week after that performance in central defence.
  7. We were awful made Roar look like Barcelona. It must be said we were missing some cattle so a lot of our normal attack down the wings was gone as Russell and Cordier had enough trouble defending let along pushing up. Hard to blame them though we were terrible across the park with Lopar and Muller the only two who deserve to be paid. JPM also needs to take that loss on, its easy to get them up for a Derby or the week after your coach is sacked but it’s up to the Coaching staff to get them up for these games. It’s the same 3pts we were playing for last week. Not sure if the 6 is gone but regardless we were only going for the extra week anyway.
  8. FFS more comebacks than John Farnham. Yes we know you have a kid and there are thousands of kids at games, if you don't feel safe taking them to games (god knows why) then leave them at home. If you struggle to explain things to your son go get some help, explaining a flare is as easy as, its a flare, its illegal but some reckon it adds to the atmosphere, if they get busted they will get a 5yr ban, watch the game move on. There are elements of every active group that are dickheads, you have the Harbourside something or rathers that called out in between police lines and ended up chasing around a group of Wanderers supporters in Jubilee Pk with weapons after the game but we don't go on about it and the media doesnt want to know about it unless it is RBB or WSW so pull your head in and get a clue mate. And yes you are a troll, you get bored and decide to see what reaction you get, and when you get found out you go all over and out on us, just **** off and save us all the drama.
  9. What do you want separate posts or separate emails?? Complain when the Club does nothing and complain when the Club decides to do something? Conspiracy theory aside I find it funny that people rip a flare and then think someone might see or dob them in FFS you do know what a flare is used for right?
  10. FFS man go get laid, male or female I don't care but if my life had become that boring that I had to resort to trolling an opposition fan/forum page for a reaction I'd seriously start thinking about where my life went wrong.
  11. Roar just bore teams to death and then play in the last 10min, they are awful to watch.
  12. There was a slight deliberate action that moved towards his neck/face that meant he was always going to get sent, sure not a lot of (if any) contact but even no contact he would of went. Seems like a top bloke DG and bleeds for the cause but he is prone to a brain explosion and a few weeks off wont hurt us as his last few weeks have not been good and he can refresh. Be interesting to see who we play there though, Tate will fill one side and if Kamau is fit would love to see him on the left cutting inside with those runs could cause problems for teams but if Almight Bruce is not fit will be interesting Ziegler, Tass, Jurman, McGowan cannot play wide, Wilmering, Elrich gone so JP might need to make a decision around a youth product or someone like Muller, Duke, Sullivan or even Adam,
  13. They dominated possession for sure but they really created nothing with it, Lopar didn't really have to make a decent save when we had 3 great chances and a crossbar. We were much better than last Derby where they dominated us all over the park and we got the result somehow but tonight we deserved every bit of that. Consider no Bacchus, Kamau wasnt fit and went off, Sullivan playing his first game in however long, Shweigler got an early yellow so had to be careful. Jurman, Ziegler and McGowan have copped a bit on here but they were massive tonight. ABJ showed when the going gets tough he goes missing and we did a great job on Grant and Ninkovic so the service to Le Fondre was rubbish, they did miss Retre massively and how Caceras even gets a game is beyond me.
  14. Our biggest issue is going to be Grant vs Georgevski, with one in form and one sadly out of form. On the other side of the pitch Kamau of the last few weeks can cause the kid some issues as well and whoever wins these two battles will go a long way to winning the points. Sydney will be up for this one and first goal is key. My worst fear is an early Sydney goal could lead to a landslide. Will predict a 2-2 draw though which I will be happy with.
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