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  1. scarcev

    Women's World Cup - France 2019

    Was a good win under pressure no doubt but remember this is the same side ranked 6 places below us and we have beaten easily in the past. With the way the group works we will get out of it no problem but we are still nowhere near challenging any of the top teams. We will lose our first knockout game no matter which opposition we face unless we somehow top the group. The siege mentality expressed by Milicic, Kerr and others pre and post game is also concerning, you cannot take that attitude into every game and win simply 'to prove a point' this mentality doesn't last forever as demonstrated by Babbell's 'we are going to finish last cos the pundits said so' mentality at the start of this season, it's good for a few games but not for a tournament. As for the winning goal, technically it is the correct decision but geez if Kerr is not there that defender lets that ball run through to her keeper, still wondering how Sotirio was involved in play in the Derby disallowed offside goal if Kerr is not involved in play there.
  2. Some truths in there; 1) It is his job 2) agree 3) The Board is the governance not the CEO, he simply follows the instructions of the Board 4) he does, in lieu of having his career placed in ruin by the Board he gets paid handsomely to try to smooth it all over as well as sacrifice any future earnings due to being perceived as a poor administrator. I don't like Gallop, never have, he is not a football person, but at the moment we have Gallop (Lawyer) being led by a Political strategist, 2 investment bankers, a gender equality specialist, an equity banker and another Lawyer to determine the future of Football in this country, they then call on football people to provide advice on how to run the game. Now surely we should have a Board made up of Football people who call on advice from bankers, lawyers, diversity specialists etc to run the game rather than this ****ed up upside down world we currently have. If Gallop was sacked tomorrow and the same Board remained there would be no change, if the Board was sacked tomorrow Gallop or no Gallop we would be in a much better position.
  3. You know why these owners are worth a collective billion dollars, because they don't throw their money away. It is not only about playing talent it is about performance, Riera, ABJ, Roly, Dimas, Kresinger, Pioviccari, Borda, Cejudo the list could go on all had to get paid even though they didn't perform. You think the investors would be happy with their return on investment from some of those names? Playing talent alone does not win you a Premiership of any kind, motivation and hunger are just as (if not more) important, look at our ACL win, if you had said before a ball was kicked these boys we assembled at the time would win you an ACL you would of been committed to a loony bin. When Ono come on board (easily our best, well most talented anyway player in our short history) I can guarantee you that only the absolute diehards even knew who he was, he was hardly a big name. Honda comes along wins nothing, Del Piero wins nothing. Football in this country is a lottery, the salary cap ensures that, sure you can buy a few more tickets in the lottery but there is no way it guarantees success. The season after we won the ACL was always going to be a bust, it simply had to be, you cant have players in training for 18 months and expect anything else. The following season we had players all over the place due to wanting bonuses, extended contracts and upgrades and wanting more and we got left out in the cold by Popovic at the worst possible time after that. If you really thought that the result was going to be any different with first Gumbi and now with Babbel one season each in then you are kidding yourself. We have a world class academy that is free for players and have already seen the success of this on the park only 2 seasons in, that costs money. As for "If he and the owners don't like being called cheap they can open up their musty wallets and show some ambition. Or sell the club to someone who does." well who would buy us (or any A League Club) in the current climate anyway. Be careful what you wish for because at the moment our owners actually are here not to make money (cos there is none in football in Australia) but because they love WSW, imagine how great it is going to be if we get sold to a Bakrie or someone similar.
  4. scarcev

    What Floats Your Boat 4

    I don't usually like recommending restaurants cos when others go there they think they are **** but went to a place I never new existed on the weekend, a restaurant called Zac's (Afghan food mainly) at a poky little corner of Bella Vista. The food was great but exactly as you mention, the multicultural vibe in that place made me just sit back and think how lucky I am and how others really miss out. The missus and I were actually discussing this exact thing over dinner. If anyone has any recommendations for some good food in the Blacktown/Hills area feel free to let me know, always looking for some new ones.
  5. or....the alternate options at our Club arent ready as yet which I agree with and there is no real talented keepers in Australia available at the moment. Birrighitti was probably the only decent one that we could of had a decent go at and he was taken by the new franchise, there is noone else available. I like the fact the CDM and keeper have worked together and will be close as well. I cannot see Vedran staying to sit on the bench as that is the reason he came to us in the first place (having said that noone else will take him) and the others are all kids Nizic, Suman and Greenwood so no problem with keeping them as they can all play somewhere in our system anyway.
  6. who cares what his FIFA rating is, or if we have never heard of him, we have replaced the fraud and I am now happy.
  7. scarcev

    Perth Glory: Season 2019/20

    It was a one off miracle last time, no HAL team will do it again in my lifetime unless there is a total overhaul of the League including no salary cap and somehow a massive injection of funds. Although it has been a slippery slide for WSW ever since that tournament the fact we won it was simply a miracle. Player changeovers due to our season timing, massive gap in class of players as is noticeable even more now we have actually lost one qualifying spot as well this year, gone down to 1+2 qualifiers instead of 2+1, throw in the travel and playing around our finals time as well three days after a grand final loss, we got through the group ok enough but from there it was just miracle time, a pen that was a touch dodgy at Sanfrecce away (1-3) that ended up being super important when we get a last minute 2nd goal to go through on away goals, Guangzhou dominated us but lost their **** at our ground meaning they were missing important players in the return leg, and then against Al Hilal in the final over 2 legs we felt what it was like to by Sydney FC with every decision and bit of luck going our way. Will not happen again in my lifetime.
  8. While I don't disagree with your assessment, blokes like this can make Bacchus Jnr look like and turn him into an absolute star, I think because he has played so many games for us and also because his brother is 27, we sometimes forget that the best Bacchus is only 20 years of age still. He has already won a Wanderers medal albeit in a terrible season for most so Imagine what he could be like in 5-6 years if he stays fit and healthy. I would be happy to partner him with Bacchus and have a bit more quality further up field.
  9. Yea tend to agree, just got to keep him on the park is the key, great discipline for someone who plays his position with not many yellows considering but has had injury prone seasons prior so hopefully we keep him fit.
  10. If by less steady you mean worst then yea I agree. The amount of times we had wave after wave of attack this season only for the ball to get down the defensive end for the first time and we conceded and find ourselves 1-0 down were countless. You don't necessarily expect your keeper to win you games but you want them to occasionally keep you in the game or salvage a point, but definitely not directly cost you plenty of points like this season.
  11. I hope we sign him, he has a good scoring record and is a hard worker. Sure he has a bit of **** in him but all the good ones do. That challenge that got him suspended for plenty was the type of desperation I want from players who play here. It was a GF and he was busting his backside to get a result for the Jets, last few minutes 2-1 down you go for that, sure it was high, it was reckless but he never set out to hit Lawrence, how it got 10 weeks I will never know when you compare it to others. FFS Victory coaching staff ran on the pitch and hit a player and got 4 weeks, Muscat deliberately tried to break someones leg and got 8 !!
  12. A few of those injections turned into brain explosions so perhaps his shoulder is too close to his head. His errors against Sydney and Brisbane had nothing to do with a dodgy shoulder. He was awful this season injury or no injury hope he gets sorted in the off season cos if not we are stuck with a dud for 2-3 more seasons and he will get splinters in his ass from bench sitting.
  13. I don't disagree those players had incredible seasons but at the time they come to us - D'Appuzzo was playing NPL, Bridge got a release from Sydney after losing his starting spot and only played as a sub for half a season, Covic had no Club was not wanted at Victory behind Velaphi and Lawrence, NTS no contract at Newcastle and released, Halitit same not wanted and told to look. Agree with the imports though Ono is one of the best footballers the League has ever seen
  14. scarcev

    Brisbane Roar: Season 2018/19

    I would definitely take a look at Lokoli-Ngoy and even Bautheac with the right deal