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  1. scarcev

    Coach and Staff Thread 2018/19

    @mack Thanks for that, a few things stick out there and the big one is the continual mention on Vedran and that is no surprise. He had an absolute 'mare of a season, started it injured and it somehow got even worse from there, you expect your keeper to do a solid job and maybe pick you up a few points throughout the season with an odd howler thrown in but not to single handedly cost you (my estimate) 12pts in a season where he never looked comfortable. He has to go, contract or no contract.
  2. Not surprised nor upset, how he played for Australia I will never know, Bill Cosby has a better first touch.
  3. I hate camping, sleeping with the miso in the sealy posturepedic is an effort some days so dropping this bod down on an air mattress in a tent, picking ants out of me tucker and walking to a dirty communal shitter while the flies buzz around me in the day and the mozzies buzz around me at night, yep camping aint my thing.....AND YET.....I wish I had been there with you instead of venturing up to Gosford last night to watch that shite.
  4. well 4 of those have been pens or pen rebounds so hardly impressive - he has been lapped by guys like LeFondre and Toivonen, I know he does his defensive work but really that is not what I judge strikers on.
  5. I agree with you, his case is definitely not helped by our midfield (GG, Mahazi) being awful as opposition teams only have to hack one guy down and we have no creativity anywhere. GG particularly he gave the ball away needlessly with all 4 of his first 4 touches last night.
  6. we were never up for the game and we had some terrible performers as well. Our debutant keeper couldn't do a great deal with the goals, the wall split (why the hell they were jumping at all when the ball is on the 18yd line is terrible coaching, noone can get it up and over and down again from that close, anything that went over their heads frrm that close was going into Brisbane waters, just stand there solid and brace yourself for the contact), the pen he conceded was an A League Ref special, you won't see that again anywhere. Our poor backline wasn't helped by continually being under pressure from the worst midfield performance of the season. It's easy to blame the defence of Hammill and Elrich and the performance of ABJ but when GG and Mahazi are both NPL2 standard at best and cannot hold on to the ball and give away possession and the opposition can just continue to foul ABJ as our only threat what did we expect was going to happen. Riera was also back to his I don't care best on the few occasions we did create something and he was nowhere to be seen or not fighting hard enough. I really did not see one player that was playing anywhere near their potential last night and with the lack of quality we have that is never going to get a result even against CCM.
  7. scarcev

    Vedran Janjetovic

    gooooooone. Told he can go looking for another Club but geez surely noone will take him on the coin he is on so we will paying for this mistake for a couple of years at least I reckon, he proved at Syd he is not the type to sit on the bench behind someone else. Cannot say I am upset though.
  8. scarcev

    Last ANZ Derby Drawn

    best comment from the crowd last night was some 70yo bloke behind me who said to his mate, '**** Brosque is coming off, who is going to referee the game now?' - actually snorted beer up my nose.
  9. scarcev

    Last ANZ Derby Drawn

    Why? can't stand that prick
  10. scarcev

    Amateur Association Football

    I remember playing against Baulkham Hills growing up, Ted Horwood two fields up top where was barely enough room for one and the 18yd box was one yard from the sideline, our team used to joke that your best chance of playing with a bit of width up there was picking up at Baulko sports on a Saturday night.
  11. scarcev

    Last ANZ Derby Drawn

    We were unlucky, should of probably got 3 points but cannot fault the lack of effort from the boys. Thought our defence did well considering they had a yellow each after 15mins, was surprised how well GG played and Duke can become one of our all time greats, only 28yo and can build a team around him. I cannot understand the obsession with ABJ, sure with the ball at his feet he is magical but off the ball he tracks back like that 100kg Sunday league striker, nearly cost us dearly twice before he went off. Vedran well yea he pulled off a good save but he should of done better with the goal, he wasn't near where he should of been, the ball went in a metre from the post and he couldn't get a paw on it. Llorente worked his hole out tonight and Riera did as well but when the chance came he should of buried that. Majok should of stayed on the bench and Bridge yea love ya mate but he was a liability, our subs didn't really add anything last night and if they had of we could of won that easily. Anyway better than I thought and positive signs,frothing for next year already, going to be a long off season. ******* great to see the RBB BRB
  12. We can stop them getting the Plate and will after we win and Perth win Sunday. So this it how it will pan out, we win 3-1 or maybe 3-2 if they get a late one, social media lights up saying WSW own this city, ESFC fire back we played ACL mid week, WSW fire back you mean that little tournament we won back in 2014 when we won more games in Asia that one attempt than you have in 5 attempts? and they all lived happily ever after and forget the **** season we had.
  13. scarcev

    Finals Hopes Extinguished

    He tried to call me but it dropped out.
  14. Massive push from idiots like Brenton Speed and others for Sydney FC to play their finals at Bankwest after the SCG debacle. Thoughts? I don't get involved in protests or anything like that usually but I will be handing my 6 WSW Memberships in at the FFA Head Office.
  15. We could of copped a hiding, Williams stopped plenty and a goalline clearance we could of been 4 down at half time. We looked good going forward but we looked so terrible in defence, so slow, so so slow and no real structure.