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  1. Wellington is the team you dont want to go down early to, they stifled us and went 11 behind the ball and we struggled to break them up with no penetration from Ibini (he is lazy and offers little I would prefer his sister playing) and Yeboah who was ok tonight but he's not going to score you 15 a season. Think we may have went to the well one too many times with the kids, cant help it with our central defence injured but they targeted Natta and with Tate and Wilmering also there I would of preferred Georgevski for 30mins or so on one of those flanks some of the crossing from the young ones l
  2. not sure what is going on, might be a TV thing, but got to be happy with that, be a much better view of the game from halfway than from the byline.
  3. Tonight said more about Victory than us. They were awful and with CCM learning how to play football in the offseason I cannot see where they will get a win from. Having said that they are the shitty games you have to win and we did it without being super impressive. Bacchus, Gordon, Zielgler, Russell, Natta all went well as were the subs, Ibini still not convinced. Yeboah well that goal might give him something to go on with. Still think if we bring Duke into that side he scores a hattrick. Geez its nice to finally have some depth in the squad, don't forget that is without Tass, Mueller
  4. Yes this. Totally agree, he has always been that gonna player and he is 26 now so should be peaking but since the groin injury almost a year ago now he just doesnt look free in his action, with glimpses but when strikers like him aren't scoring regularly they look bang average at best, seem to trip over their feet, spend too much time on the deck and then one day something flukes into the top corner and they go on a roll. WSW need to decide whether with Duke we release him and see him do it for someone else and probably against us or we keep him in hope. Not sure which way I would go.
  5. Ordinary first half from us and cracker second half. We were good we were poor, they were good, they were poor. Conceded from another two set pieces (have we conceded in general play yet?). If I turn up and they give that much effort to the final whistle I will go away happy regardless of the result. Duke into this side will score plenty.
  6. Disappointed with that on so many levels. Our second half was very poor but even with that in mind, it took another set piece to score, with the possession they had in the places they had it, they actually did not create much and we still looked relatively comfortable. Penalty not given to us well I would of played on, penalty given to the Jets I would of carded the player for going down, thats not a pen. Tass was limping after a challenge earlier so no drama there with him being taken off for mine. Troisi is just not interested, I havent seen him put together a decent half of football yet,
  7. Minutes yep as imjury replacements but where are the Russells, Bacchus, Tongyk, Strain, Metcalfe, Oneill, Najjarine, Genreau, Nisbet, McGree, Thurgate, Piscopo and others who play regular first team football that other Clubs are producing. For a team that prides themselves on being the best at everything, they have also held the oldest average team in the League for the past 5 seasons bar that one year the Roar should of played O35's instead of AL.
  8. the result of not blooding or playing any youth for the past 3 seasons?
  9. Know it's early days but Sydney FC have looked ordinary to date this season especially in the second half of matches. We also struggled big time after an Asian campaign so I really just put it down to that but a few mates last night got talking on the pi$$ and one of the things some were saying is with COVID, the quality hasn't really come in from overseas so it is the Clubs that have focussed on youth development that will be getting results this season, particularly early on until travel opens up and also until the imports that are here get fit and out of quarantine. When I look at the pla
  10. every manager, player, pundit and supporter will have their own views on tactics and formation but you cannot dispute that he has finally put heart back into the jersey, we can finally hang tough, to me that's the most important thing.
  11. Anyone still not rate Robinson? Yea its only 4 games or whatever, yea we played pretty ordinary but they are the games you have to find a way to win if you want to seriously compete. Least I can see what we are trying to do now I could not see that under many of our previous managers. Agree with you Mack I would hate to be a CCM member if they are going to play that antifootball all season.
  12. Ninkovic played for the pen and it was never going to be overturned once it was given. Troisi made himself bigger by trying to turn to chase and his one step was towards the attacker didn't help but the thing here is who initiated contact and that was Ninkovic. Was it a pen? seen them given and don't see them given but SFC always tend to get the rub of the green so no surprise . The good news for us is we are yet to concede from general play, a deflected free kick, a flick on from a free kick and now a pen, so if we stop giving away unnecessary fouls around the box (or in it) we should be s
  13. we better pick up some points in the next few weeks cos after that City v WU game the Melbourne conference looks a lot stronger than ours.
  14. add Troisi to that list I think he is the biggest culprit
  15. I don't think he will play Kamau in defence. How far away is Wilmering (he was a Wanderers ballboy once you know hahaha)
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