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  1. While I was also surprised at the decision to take him off, make no mistake Vedran gave this game away and noone else, we were 1-0 up and cruising.
  2. Our squad was competing more than effectively until Vedran handed them the game
  3. scarcev

    A-League & 2nd Tier Expansion Thread V2

    Western Melbourne are saying they will play out of Kardinia Pk Geelong, now called Simonds stadium or something, until their purpose built stadium is built in 3/4 years time. I think Canberra will work don't hold much hope for the rest tbh.
  4. Why not add The Hayne Plane Wing, Foran's Failure stand, Watmoughs waste of money Hill, Corey's Corporate Box and Sandow's Pokie corner as well. Keep hanging on to that history Eels fans its got to be a whole lot better than the present and the future.
  5. scarcev

    A-league 18/19 Rd 7

    was thinking the same, my wife said thought you would be happy and I said yea normally would be but now they will wake the **** up for next week, she walked away shaking her head saying you are just never happy but forumites understand what I mean surely
  6. Was a poor game really, two sides playing with no confidence and Corica won't be losing any sleep watching that performance, Zielgler added a bit of starch and will be better for the run, ABJ is wasted and should be playing in a better team, poor Riera desperately needs a goal and just can't get anything going, Sotiro may have scored but Bill Cosby has better touch than him. Take the 3 and on to next week.
  7. I'm in because, well really I don't know why, but I'm in x3. Unusually its one of those games for us, win and everyone expects you will win anyway but lose or draw and the wrist slitting brigade will be here harder than ever.
  8. Problem is not Riera but the fact that Riera can be isolated by opposition teams as we don't have an alternate threat when he is on the park. Sotirio, Kamau, Roly, Majok, hardly likely to score a bag are they? Victory destroyed him taking turns to foul him, probably should of copped 2 yellows and a borderline red for the treatment he received and people wonder why he was limited in what he could do and we were toothless?
  9. scarcev

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    yea we were flogged, yea we were poor but Victory were red hot, once you go behind against them you push forward and they counter attack better than any team in the comp. As for the wrist slitting and people not turning up, no problem with it, go your hardest, just don't bother turning up when things turn around either. We will be top 5 at seasons end.
  10. For me, there has been a few Newcastle away when we secured the Premiership and CCM away in the pissing rain, our first goal (and win) at Suncorp was also pretty special and of course the ACL win but there was an ACL game at Parra (Sanfrecce Im pretty sure) where we needed to win 2-0 the place was only half to three quarters full but I reckon when Santa put in the 2nd and that last 5 minutes was louder than anything I have ever heard there before.
  11. Is it only me? I think we have improved markedly with our more direct style of play and am pretty positive about the season, sure the results aren't there at the moment, I agree, but a quick look at the season so far is not that disappointing. We hold on to what we should of against Brisbane and/or we convert our chances against Newcastle and to a lesser extent Sydney and all of a sudden we are top 4. That first 20min against Brisbane was as good as I have seen from WSW. There is only one game - 3pts - from 3rd to 8th, 3rd place has only won 2 games, and when we start hitting the back of the net we will be up there fighting for a home semi, ACL involvement will also hamper a few of those others as well. Bacchus was a loss sure, but he HAD TO GO, sometimes you do what you have to for the greater good and I even see improvement in his brother now he is gone. I will bet anyone that we will finish higher than Sydney, Corica cannot control them, when they went behind to Victory this week they lost their **** and it is a sign of things to come and they are only one injury away from being average, they do not have the depth of previous seasons, this is the start of their demise. I think potentially Perth and Victory are standouts and we are equal with Adelaide and Jets still above CCM, Nix, City, Roar, and Sydney.
  12. and put through for a one on one as well, where Riera simply needed to do better. Sure the kid missed plenty as well but he has played a handful of games and on half his wages. One of those goes in and the complexion of the game changes, whereas when they scored on their first time in our box our heads went down and it was like here we ******* go again in the stands and on the pitch.
  13. If you can't see the difference between the way the team is playing now and the way they were under Gombau even though the results are the same then you simply have no clue. It does not matter whether Gombau was good or rubbish, if the players do not want to or will not play for you then you may as well pack up and go.
  14. I'm in +3 and was pretty confident before today but after reading the Hamill interview now I am wary cos when coaches or players say they have had their asses whipped in fitness training before a game, it usually leads to heavy legs and poor performance, hope its just talk. With an off season the length of ours there really is no need to be doing heavy stuff 5 rounds in is there?
  15. scarcev

    Two Points Ditched In Mudgee

    Yea a guy who was there with his missus and kids told him to pull his head in after the filthy tirade to Risdon when he was taking a throw in, so the idiot then went to go this guy in front of his missus and kids before someone stepped in and settled it down trying to get the idiot to piss off but he wouldn't listen so the cops stepped in and probably just in time cos there were a few younger ones close by without kids ready to step in. Unfortunately it's just a matter of time for people like that, so yea if you know the bloke or are his mate, look after him and get him to pull his head in before someone else does.