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  1. Yea sorry 23 absoolute star, fast, incredible first touch, that goal she scored she layed off the pass to the winger and forced her into that spot before getting her head to the cross, she was awesome.
  2. Went along with the misso on a schoolnight adventure and not disappointed, had a good pizza, had a decent win on the maori laptops and then watched a cracker of a game, both teams going at it, with a last minute winner our way, doesnt get much better than that. That number 32 for us had an absolute cracker of a game.
  3. He is coaching proffessional footballers not teaching Kindy and that is the difference. I'm glad he is pissed off sitting there and as a coach there is a time to give instructions (as I saw him do numerous times) and a time to throw a rocket and sit down and watch it. As for leaving a player behind, the bloke is 33 years of age with one job to do at the end of the game - get on the team bus.
  4. The next game against City will tell us how we are really travelling. Sure we have been poor, CCM troubled us (and have troubled plenty of others as well), We got over Victory but they have shown how disappointing they are going to be this season, lucky Derby win (but who cares), a snore draw vs Roar but they are going to have everyone behind the ball all year and a 2-1 defeat away to Western who were much better than us BUT it was only 2-1 so its been a funny start. Before a ball was kicked I would of taken 10 points into the Bye round with Ziegler, Muller, Meir pretty must just turning up at ours but with the way they are playing wow we are lucky to have 3pts so is that a good thing or a bad thing?? Anyway like I said next game vs City will be telling, a week off to get all the new ones together, get over niggles and get some combinations and City have been far and away the best team so far all season and we will really know where we are at and what sort of season we will have after this one.
  5. It is the A League they have to get over CCM and Nix yet. I challenge anyone who before the season started would not have been happy with 10 points looking at our first 4 rounds.
  6. yea we very well could be but sadly I would of probably taken that before a ball was kicked
  7. The game was poor, the refereeing was poor (you only have to look at the WU/Vic game to see the difference it makes when a game is stop start or when it is allowed to flow) which led to a dire stalemate. Roar played like Roar have played all year so far, dire, strangling stop start football their games so far have had foul counts of 30 every game, they have only scored one goal.. Once again an early forced subsitution did not help us but we were poor today and it means poor performing players, like Yeboah need to be left on when you have to waste a sub early. Think young Wilmering needs to have a sit for a while, done a great job but looks tired a bit scared to hold/want the ball now and just needs a few weeks to think about it again. Our crossing into the area was diabolical especially when we have a 7ft tall Meir in there. The kids we had to put in the middle won;t win games for us we need to realise that, it is just more of a hope they don;t lose us games in reality, we struglled to hold the ball or get any control in the middle when Shweigler went off. Good to see Zielger back, good to see Muller looking dangerous. People saying we are playing poorly are correct but you dont win a championship by being brilliant all the time you win it by collecting the scratchy points when you arent travelling well and playing poorly and being up top playing this way so far this season is still so much better than the alternative..
  8. I think we will play a back 3, if you watched the Victory game, Roar got caught out a number of times with switches of play and there seemed to be acres of space in behind their wide players, playing at home and not being a Derby I reckon he will go for it and hope that we don't get caught on the counter as Roar do not really have a heap of speed up front until that hyphen guy comes on. If our frame of mind is right we win, simple as that, roar have looked awful and I knoiw they are desperate for a result but I just cannot see how they can improve enough to win.
  9. I have seen this a fair bit today but what do you do? Zielgler comes on and breaks down again and it is either sub bench cleared for the day or we play with 10, you can't upset the CD by bringing on Tass, bringing on a kid like Russell may have been disastrous and Grozos is a creative player who I reckon is sometimes lazy in defence, so easy to say make a sub but I am not sure who would of made us stronger.
  10. Yep and I am absolutely convinced that cleansing smoking ceremony before Round 1 has been the best thing we have ever done.
  11. 50/50 - you are kidding, sure his use of subs is limited but we don't know the fitness of what he has on the bench, what change would you of made last night? You could not of upset the defence by making a change, the midfield needed something but a creative player like Grozos is noit going to graft in defence and up top we are limited and needed experience but had none on the bench. You bring on Ziegler and he falls apart again and all of a sudden we are playing with 10 and no subs for the remainder. I also think you underate heart, desire and determination, as this will win you more games than talent over a season. For a coach to instill that in a new team with 8 new faces in less than a one season is a miracle. Last year, we lose all three of those games without those traits and are sitting rock bottom, instead we top the ladder.
  12. THREE AND O, throw in a Derby win and a Victard win away and it is the best start to any of our seasons by a long long way. Last year with tjhose games we start the season 0-3 instead as all three games we could of and would of lost. Vedran well he is having an Op but even if they sew another arm on him he wont get a game in front Lopar, Schwegler man what a player and he's got that Western Sydney attitude which is even better. Consider Duke is only 80%, Meir 2 games in 9 months, we still had plenty of kids out there and sure we were outplayed but so what we have outplayed them pleny in the past and been beaten by a dodgy call or lack of luck. Seeing Corica carrying on and the players going up to the ref at the end of the game was absolute gold.The double standards between our Clubs was never more apparent than Marcus being sent off at the SCG for throwing his jacket and Corica the dog going one of our players who was on the ground outside his technical area for no action. But who cares, the saltier they are the better for me.
  13. If we go into the break level and can keep 11 on the park then we are a massive chance. If it had not been for send offs in both their last two games the back half of their games would of been a lot closer. There will be plenty of chances in the last 10minutes as both teans I reckon are probably the unfittest in the league atm. We will score 2 as their defence looks shaky and Babbel will exploit ABJ's and others lack of defensive effort, the question will be is 2 enough?
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