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  1. What is damning? I havent defamed anyone nor spread any lies, it is all truth and also readily accessible information if you want to seek it out.
  2. Would you take Juric back?? https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/juric-banned-from-training-by-swiss-club
  3. While I agree with most of what you say a mate of mine is a Matilda's physio and attends all Matilda camps home and away. The term 'fat shaming' was brought up once in a light hearted manner by a player when getting skin folds done (the player who was being tested), the reason it was definitely brought up in a light hearted manner is because the player in question had good skin fold results at the time. There are cliques in the group no doubt, like there is in any team but they were not based on sexuality, that is absurd, there was a younger group, there was an older group, there was a Sydney group, a Melbourne group, an many filtered in between all of those groups and still do. This is no different to most National sporting teams on the planet. The ill famed Our Watch survey was organised by Heather Reid (and Nikou who coincidentally got on the Board only due to Reid in the first place so they vote together). Reid detests Stajic and always has done due to some non selection of Canberra players as well as wanting a different (female) Coach, like she has done at Football Canberra when she was there as well. Now Natasha Stott Despoja is the Chair of Our Watch and recently was appointed on the FFA Womens World Cup 2023 Bid committee as well, you think still it is a coincidence that Our watch were chosen? Now go look at what Our Watch do? Look at what Staj did to get the best from his players? He trained them into the ground, he got them for 11 weeks every year and turned them from part timers into full timers, you think he didn't crack some eggs along the way? you think he didnt upset some parents? players? FFA went gung ho and fired him and expected no repercussions, especially during an Asian Cup campaign, Nikou and Reid instigated it, Rosmarin, Murray and Carozzi all come from Business backgrounds where HR play major roles so they don't understand pushing girls to their absolute limits and Nogarotto well he is Nogarotto - while Gallop is copping the fallout here, he is not even to blame which is ironic as he is normally to blame for so much.
  4. and yet Emma Highwood who is employed by the FFA attended every camp and was responsible for the girls' welfare and team culture not only keeps her job but hasn't had even a remark made about her by the FFA.
  5. A guilty man does not ask for an Independent enquiry to be held. You want to go on about toxic culture then wait until Ross Aloisi is appointed, the most toxic **** in the A League is on the shortlist.
  6. yea so he jumps over a ball there is simply no need to get near after doing a similar thing 2 games back that cost us 2 points just to be a smartass, imagine if he touched that again and we conceded a corner, just do your ******* job you are paid to do, worrying about the crowd also means he does not have his mind on the job - he is a dumb **** simple as that.
  7. Yea it was a win but it was not really inspiring and against a very poor CCM. Will definitely take it with the season we have had and hopefully it can lift the boys in a few of the harder fixtures coming up. Positives, some good performances by the kids, thought Tass and Tate were good enough and the negatives well Vedran the sooner he ****s of the better, noone likes a smart ass especially when people have every right to bag his recent efforts.
  8. scarcev

    Babbel Out?

    I would of never taken Rudan cos I dont like the tosser, that aside he has proven himself to be a very good manager, however Merrick was also available at that time and he wasn't even considered. His style of play would of suited us to a tee.
  9. While I would love to get De Rossi it will leave the club with a difficult dilemma. De Rossi has played 450+ games for Roma and made over 120+ appearances for Italy all in the number 16 jersey, The Club will need to make a hard call and choose between De Rossi or that gun Sotirio for the prized jersey. hehe
  10. scarcev

    Babbel Out?

    Not sure how we can look at sacking a bloke when a) there is a distinct lack of suitable replacements around. b) he is bringing in some promising local kids who all seem to have the confidence to play at this level and want to play for him c) he has only been able to bring 4 players to the Club, 2 of which (Ziegler, Baujohann) have looked very good but have been injured long term and 2 who it is too soon to judge having been here only a few weeks, although they look like they care and have a bit of talent (Yeboah, Duke).
  11. scarcev

    Babbel Out?

    We have a keeper who does not give a ****, has cost us 3 matches by himself and if he is out its an 18yo kid, we have Zielgler out injured and has been for a while, we have Elrich who full credit to him he tries hard and I honestly think he bleeds red and black but is simply too old and being asked to do something he simply cannot do, we have Hammill who is going like a busted, Risdon who for a Socceroo has given us absolutely zero and llorente who doesn't mind going forward but forgets his first job is to defend. Aside from that we have kids in Russell, Cordier, Mourdourkoutis and Bacchus doing the rest, wouldn't matter if Pep coached us we would be conceding plenty.
  12. I remember when Okon coached the U17s Joeys a while back and we got hammered in a tournament and he actually said in a press conference, well its a bit hard when our boys have been playing competitive football for 4-5 seasons only and although they would like to win, we were playing a couple of African nations where if they don't win their family doesn't eat. Said it all to me and that was years ago, we have learnt nothing.
  13. Dont want to go then dont go, a protest because your team is **** is hardly going to do anything, they have your money anyway. My bet is everyone who says enough is enough will be back when the team starts performing wether that be next year or in a few years time. Me, I go cos my kids like to go and catch up with a few friends, we bitch about getting beat and playing terrible but we will be back next week. You if you dont want to go then dont, thats fine as well, but a protest because they arent going well, what next? You think the coach, players and bean counters don't want the team performing better as well?
  14. We conceded 5 but with Vedran, Hamill, Elrich, Llorente, Risdon in the back 4 there's a guaranteed 3 goals and Tokich giving away two pens there's your 5 but what really pisses me off is we have Suman on the bench all game and bring Russell on when the game is over why werent both these kids either playing from the start of the game or if not playing they should of been playing in the NYL Grand Final.