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  1. Yea we were very good but as others have said WU were extremely poor and showing heavy legs after playing a few days ago on a real heavy pitch up in Qld. Kamau has been our best for a few weeks now and good to see someone who is direct in attack, Ziggy just does Ziggy things, he is the epitome of working with what you have got, he is not technically gifted but he just gives 100% and more every game, Troisi well it took 21 games for him to show something and if it wasnt for their keeper that game is over in 20mins. Don't really think this was a guide to where we are at but it does close up th
  2. and just like a lover you know is no good for you, you decide to sleep together one last time and then unfortunately you know you'll be back again
  3. Something has to change but you cant keep changing managers when things turn to ****, me I don't care if he goes or stays, probably doesn't deserve to stay but not assed to face another rebuild. The players he has should be performing better and at some stage we need to bite the bullet with players instead of managers. McGowan and Ziegler give us nothing. When you have kids playing in the other defensive positions you rely on those tough, hardnosed defenders to pull them into line, Zielger and McGowan couldnt organise a f in a b with a fistful. Look at the defending from corners and set pi
  4. We were not as poor last night as we have been in the past. Our first 20mins was probably the best football we have played all season and then right on cue we conceded through poor pressure on the ball carrier just outside the 18yd box (again). We have 8 players in the box and not one wants to be dominant, all hang off him and then the rebound goes to their 1 player while our 5 watch. Our equaliser we probably deserved to get earlier but we did get it and then we concede another dumb goal before the break with some of the least urgent defending you will ever see, 4 in the box on one attacke
  5. yea we were unlucky in the end, with them getting a dodgy pen and Kamau not getting his pen (since when do you need to fall to get a pen?) and Aquilina hitting the crossbar but in reality we were trash for 60mins, totally out muscled and we looked slow and if CCM finished their chances or we didn't have Margush on fire we find ourselves 4 down. The fact that we continue to look for our kid wingers as our only attacking outlet and never play forward or through teams but try to always goes around them is frustrating as hell. Kamau went direct for the first time (of any player) in the 70th minu
  6. was two average sides playing an average game of football. We looked sexual for the first 20mins and had chances to put the game to bed. Really having that much dominance and only coming away with one goal was the game right there. After that Brisbane got a bit more possession and really dominated and Margush kept us in it. Both teams introduced their subs for maximum impact and got absolutely nothing Troisi, Ibini, Mueller gave us nothing. Why Troisi decides to chip a keeper from 6 yards out rather than put his laces through it is beyond me, he is awful.
  7. The good thing about football is people can watch the same thing and have different opinions on it. Against Perth we were tactically so different than we have ever been, played long and early at every opportunity to take advantage of their high line and slow middle, worked perfectly, scored 3 could of had 6. Against Victory we played through them rather than around them and bossed their midfield, a change instead of our normal wide but no surprise as they are rubbish, against Nix (away) we played wide and put in enough crosses to win three games and we got a point due to some bad defensive l
  8. so when the players win it is them and when they lose it is the coach, yea that makes sense
  9. what was embarrassing for mine was watching the City forwards chasing down, harassing us while we had the ball in our defensive area and then watching Troisi and Ibini not even putting in the effort to put pressure on the opposition, the one time we did pressure them we scored, we did it once we scored once, why we didn't think to keep doing that is beyond me. They were hungrier in every department, we did not win a 50/50 ball all night and even the 70/30s went their way as they played like a desperate team and we didn't. Didn't help we couldn't get a call but that often happens where the do
  10. Yeboah, Kamau and Muller are the least of our problems they only come on when it was game over. Troisi however what a waste of space
  11. Whinge and whine all we want, they were too good in every department ref or no ref. You cannot play football against them the only teams that trouble them play route one and we learnt nothing from our last loss to them.
  12. You cannot outfootball City why the hell we continue to try is beyond me, it aint pretty but Route1 is the way to go, pump forward get a hold up man and play football up there, exact same as last time this should by 6
  13. and again mate, jogging back instead of tracking back, we are playing with 10 whilever he is on the park, has given us nothing all season
  14. He is ******* hopeless mate, given the ball my ass, he does sweet FA, offers nothing in defence and nothing in attack
  15. Would love to share your enthusiasm but just over 3 weeks ago they came to our place and tore us a new one, Was only 2-0 but that easily should of been a 6-0 loss for us. I hope you are right and I am wrong though.
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