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  1. they couldn't give a 💩 , they we're prob happy
  2. We're s.hi.t simple as that , not good enough, next season won't be any better , owner/ceo don't give a sh.... #CHANGEORBECHANGE #JTOUT #FREETHEREDANDBLACK
  3. Couldn't careless about the nrl finals spot bs , never have tbh , what you wanna go in the nrl finals play 1 game only to lose , c'mon ppl wake up we're rubbish But be quick!!!! get you're face mask(disloyal rbb) 🖕JTOUT🖕
  4. I've been saying JTOUT for a long time and ppl on here think i was saying it for fun , jt only cares about $$$ and ordering more XXL n Xs jerseys cos thats all ppl worry about #JTOUT #CHANGEORBECHANGED #FREETHEREDANDBLACK #FREETHEWEST
  5. Yeh alots happening , big effort from them
  6. nah its all good , just need a new defender and its all fixed
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