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  1. Honestly i dont believe hatty at all , really!! a bunch of blokes intimidated a young kid with his father , seriously can not see that happening...... Anyway , anyone got any toilet paper , i heard we're gonna run out of tablet salt too , quick everyone off to coles
  2. Badly , blokes clutching at straws, goin back 4 years lol still holding on to that 😂
  3. Ur a good bloke..... still waiting to hear from the club , surely they'll stand up for the supporters that were treated like 💩 by the 🐷 They were very quick to defend esfc Worried they might lose another sponsor over abit of derby banter F... the fans , sponsor's mean more JTOUT
  4. Sanction aye, hope they close the rbb for the next home game , if they have a set of balls , i mean, our next home game is only against esfc JTOUT
  5. Didnt see the goal , was outside , but the scenes outside when we scored oooooooft reminded me of the old days JP FREEING THE RED AND BLACK JTOUT
  6. Yeh Gary van egmond is a much better manger then JP
  7. Where were you , me n old mate were looking for u at half time
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