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  1. plus theres not option on the ticket page for away support, am i missing something / is it sold out orrr?
  2. never been newcastle away, whats the go for the travel there?
  3. if we miss another opportunity for a derby cup final / finals game then that's just fked straight out I want one so bad
  4. reckon There'll be remaining Wanderers active tickets tomorrow morning? Can't deposit cash into my account till tomorrow morning and if i miss out on these tickets I'll be spewing
  5. Well i'm pretty sure the RBB are one of the many terrorist groups he's funding sooo
  6. how many of our boys do youse reckon will be making the trip? I'm definetly going but i wanna bring my more rugby watching cousin with me, and wanna make sure it's a solid atmosphere and away trip all round, and if so hopefully he'll be hooked
  7. Well i've spoken to him many times before at prayers and such, this time around he decided to invite me and my mate over for dinner with him another religious figure. Made me feel very comfortable, and although i speak fluent arabic and have until recently only spoken to him in Arabic, he actually speaks quite alot of english which caught me off guard, and we conversed predominantly in english. I asked him why he doesn't communicate with the media in English since they have all taken the assumption that he cannot speak the language (the telegraphy once had him on the front page; "The Unwise Mufti: Hears no concern, sees no problem, speaks no english". He said that since it's such a tense political climate right now, he is hesitant to make any major statements in english, fearing that his lack of fluency would let him down and he would be taken out of context etc etc On a lighter note, we did have a quick chat about egypts qualification to the world cup as an Egyptian himself, he was quite pleased with the team and is excited to see how Egypt and australia perform in russia
  8. Shared dinner with the Grand Mufti today at his home, nice experience overall
  9. have hsc exams on rn lols, travelling to and from the game takes much longer then watching it at the pub next to my library gutted first derby i've missed in a while
  10. best pubs to watch at? anywhere good in parra? if not i'll probs travel to the city to go uni and then the agincourt hotel, i reckon it would cracka there
  11. was planning to go to marconi with a couple of my mates but apparently you must be 18 and over to sign in. does anyone know any good venues to watch the game where three 16 year olds can enter without an adult ?? thanks really really disappointed ://
  12. do they check what age category the tickets are ? like for eg i bought 3 junior tickets (4-16) for the south terrace and due to a change of circumstances a 24 yr old is now using one of those tickets. if my memory serves correctly they dont do anything with your ticket as its just scanning it in the machine and walking through.
  13. hopefully the ffa stuff is sorted out by this weekend because I am fking pumped lads
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