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  1. I tell you that 'there for you crap' was a stroke of genius.
  2. People going hard out on NTS. I honestly don't think he was that bad aside from the penalty he gave away (which had my blood boiling) and the stupid header close to beginning of game that nearly allowed them a goal. Reddy throwing the ball to him within the box when opposition was sitting on the edge of the box was quite scary but that second time he did ok to nullify the situation. He made some good defensive plays and his work rate was pretty good. Overall not his best performance but in my humble opinion, probably copping a bit more negative comments because of that penalty. That
  3. Yeah it was a really bad penalty to give away but NTS played well aside from that. Both goals were class. Loved seeing Castelen scoring, bridges ball to Santa was superb and Santa's ninja kick was legendary. First half was a bit too much backward movement and Perth had clogged up the midfield. They forced us to retreat and play from back for a while but we held up. Happy to take all three and bring glory's trot to a screeching halt. Let's hope Adelaide can bury the meow.
  4. Whenever Jerry comes something exciting happens.
  5. Oh thats just mean Agree with all of this. Completely. Only thing I'd add is that the reason I think we looked slow on the pitch is because we weren't finding space to receive the ball. You pass, and run straight into space to be a receiver and keep that dynamic going strong. Kind of like what Isco does or Modric. Of course not at that level but it's what we should be aiming to do. I'd like to reinforce two points you made: Castelen frustrating as ****; Santa left way way too late.
  6. Hi Newman Hi Babs What are you doin' Just Minding my own business. You'll never get into trouble that way. What makes you think I'm lookin' for trouble? From what I hear you postmen don't have to look too far.
  7. He massacred you. You look like you're five years old.
  8. Where I come from we don't say 'what'. It's proper to say 'pardon'.
  9. Bump. The right post for this thread....Dude he's the most successful Socceroo ever. Besides he can smash 6 WeetBix, How many do you do? He eats rice bubbles. Numbers in the thousands.
  10. Of course I remember Perfect Strangers. Meant 'fresh' like that was a good pick . Was it Cousin Ed? Can't remember the name of the other guy.
  11. You guys forgot Growing Pains and Who's The Boss Perfect Strangers is fresh.
  12. I like humming opening themes to 80's sitcoms.
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