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  1. Definitely worth a read. It'll give you a new appreciation for how much sh*t, football had to push up hill since the early days. It's also worth reading just to understand how much history of "Football" (any sport played with a ball or on foot in the early days) the Aussie rules mob took to claim as there own.
  2. You say that and yet we keep on voting the same idiots into Parliament. Who are the real idiots?
  3. No, you've got it wrong. Tony Shepherd isn't a Jones lackey as both of them have the same vested interests being on the SCG trust. The lackey in the equation is Gladys and the NSW government
  4. Not only that, did you see who wrote the article? Only this time he called himself Anthony instead of Tony. What a d**khead!!
  5. Jukes75

    AFL Thread 2

    If you read Ian Syson's book, "The Game that never happened", you'll hate on AFL even more
  6. Jukes75

    AFL Thread 2

    Double post, hence the delete
  7. Jukes75

    AFL Thread 2

    Another fight at this family friendly sport but hey, they're not like the soccer: https://wwos.nine.com.au/2018/08/25/09/37/afl-fans-fight-brawl-essendon-bombers-vs-port-adelaide-power-adelaide-oval
  8. Jukes75

    AFL Thread 2

    I'm surprised that there is even a report on them
  9. I still disagree wholeheartedly about Matt Burke. I'll make an assumption and say he was an average footballer at best but excelled at Rugby because it suited his skill set. As we all know, AFL is forcing itself into every nook and cranny throughout NSW and Queensland and doing this with the aid of Foxtel funds. All those private schools have opened themselves up to Football more recently too but the AFL thing is very new. We'll see what happens in the next 10 years but as it stands, Rugby will be one sport that will suffer more than any. The Aspro comment you make, again, owes more to fact that he attended a private school where Rugby was the game you are expected to play. There have been loads of missed opportunities for Football but Matt Burke isn't one of them. I'd be more more worried about the actual kids that are really good at football but are not getting opportunities to play and get shunted out of the system. There has been many of those and those are our missed opportunities.
  10. Your comment assumes he was good at football and that the football hierarchy are to blame for his move to Rugby. A quick search of google reveals this comment from an article: "Rugby union only took over his life when, at the age of 11, he was sent to St Joseph's College, one of Australia's leading private schools and a famous rugby nursery." http://www.thejournal.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/face-to-face-matt-burke-4635102
  11. Jukes75

    NRL Thread 2

    I'm with you on this one. It's been a long, long, long time since I've even bothered to watch a rugby league game
  12. I hope the Southern Expansion bid fails to be honest. It'll be a nomadic team with no real home, kind of like the GWS of the A-League
  13. Jukes75

    AFL Thread 2

    With all the family friendly shenanigans going on at the AFL, this video is quite apt and funny. https://mobile.twitter.com/PhilSpeak/status/998164990870700034/video/1
  14. Jukes75

    AFL Thread 2

    There have been several fights at the afl this season but hey, it's a family friendly atmosphere
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