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  1. No, you've got it wrong. Tony Shepherd isn't a Jones lackey as both of them have the same vested interests being on the SCG trust. The lackey in the equation is Gladys and the NSW government
  2. Not only that, did you see who wrote the article? Only this time he called himself Anthony instead of Tony. What a d**khead!!
  3. I still disagree wholeheartedly about Matt Burke. I'll make an assumption and say he was an average footballer at best but excelled at Rugby because it suited his skill set. As we all know, AFL is forcing itself into every nook and cranny throughout NSW and Queensland and doing this with the aid of Foxtel funds. All those private schools have opened themselves up to Football more recently too but the AFL thing is very new. We'll see what happens in the next 10 years but as it stands, Rugby will be one sport that will suffer more than any. The Aspro comment you make, again, owes more to fact that he attended a private school where Rugby was the game you are expected to play. There have been loads of missed opportunities for Football but Matt Burke isn't one of them. I'd be more more worried about the actual kids that are really good at football but are not getting opportunities to play and get shunted out of the system. There has been many of those and those are our missed opportunities.
  4. Your comment assumes he was good at football and that the football hierarchy are to blame for his move to Rugby. A quick search of google reveals this comment from an article: "Rugby union only took over his life when, at the age of 11, he was sent to St Joseph's College, one of Australia's leading private schools and a famous rugby nursery." http://www.thejournal.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/face-to-face-matt-burke-4635102
  5. Jukes75

    A-League & 2nd Tier Expansion Thread V2

    I hope the Southern Expansion bid fails to be honest. It'll be a nomadic team with no real home, kind of like the GWS of the A-League
  6. Jukes75

    Football Media Discussion 2

    So does this mean the FFA won't see a cent from the deal: "Telstra sub-licensed the digital rights from Foxsports and will broadcast every A-League match, in addition to "key" FFA Cup matches, select W-League games, as well as Matildas and Socceroos clashes as part of the deal."
  7. Jukes75

    Australian National Discussion V3

    I highly doubt it. Arnie was a wanker when he was coaching CCM too
  8. Doesn't make a difference that we don't have to go to Allianz for a few years. Regardless of where the derby is held (Kogarah or SCG), there will be an over-the-top police presence
  9. I think the consultants are still working on it
  10. You linked the same article twice. Reading a Peter Fitzsimons article once is more than enough but twice and that's knocking on death's door. Anyway, I think you wanted to link to this article, http://www.smh.com.au/comment/how-scg-chiefs-gained-a-trip-to-the-super-bowl-but-lost-a-stadium-20160215-gmu8z0.html
  11. Jukes75

    Interesting Football Stuff.

    Tell you what, if a monkey can have ball handling skills like that, then there is definitely hope for Sotirio.
  12. Jukes75

    Dario Vidosic

    Maybe it all comes down to how good their development was at junior level. Aaron Mooy might just be a late bloomer and probably didn't have the maturity or the strength of mind to make it at a younger age. If the players are good enough, regardless of age, they should probably go to Europe but should take into consideration factors like whether or not they would be expected to play, if they are going over to develop before getting their chance, how the club will help them settle etc etc. Maybe a lot of the problems rest with agents trying to make a quick dollar and getting into the ear of players when they are young and also telling their parents how they'll make a killing overseas. Aussie players, back in the day, were either overseas at a young age, playing in academies or honed their craft in the NSL and went overseas as 19-21 year olds, generally speaking. Things have changed since the 2000's, that's for sure.
  13. Jukes75

    AFL/NRL/Union/Cricket Bashing Thread 3

    This isn't even new news. It was first outed last year that the state government was going to shell out money to the NRL clubs for centre's of excellence, http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-league/league-news/grand-total-of-40-million-up-for-grabs-for-nrl-centres-of-excellence-20160831-gr5qmv.html This is only back in the spotlight because of the stadiums funding and the fact that the swans are having a hissy fit of Alan Jones proportions.
  14. That's all good and well that fans are fed up with the way the EPL are selling packages to drive up media prices but if memory serves correctly, it was the European Union that put them onto this path because they said they couldn't have exclusive agreements to sell the rights to only one broadcaster. At least the broadcasters in the UK have come to a sensible agreement to show the games on each others platforms