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  1. On a lighter note, I saw Piovaccari driving in the stadium car park. He almost ran my old man over, he still couldn't hit the target.
  2. Honestly, I'd rather they didn't turn up at all if they can't handle a loss and are going to walk out. The true definition of a "plastic supporter". I know every club has them, it's just dissapointing to see how many we have.
  3. ^ 1000x this, couldn't have said it better. No ones happy and no progress made.
  4. Basically just blowing smoke up everyone's arse. Why do they have to make something that should be fairly straight forward into something overly complicated? Why February? Fix the system now, this should be your main priority. Surely they can't be so busy that it's going to take that long. I really hope this isn't the beginning of the end. I don't know what I'd do without football, I'm already upset that I can't go this weekend and potentially well into the future depending on how long it takes for them to sort this mess.
  5. Nothing needs to be done though. A flare goes off, they try and find the culprit (maybe they do most of the time they don't) Security in the mean time douse the flare out. Life goes on. Why do we need to go further than this? What is the great black and white divide I'm not seeing here. I think you're forgetting that we're dealing with just a few flares here. Not weapons of mass destruction or gun shots being fired. It really shouldn't be a big issue. That would be the sensible thing...that's probably why things are different.
  6. This whole argument of "well don't give them an excuse by bringing flares" is ridiculous. As a member of the rbb it is my job to turn up and chant for 90 mins and give everything for the boys. It's not my job or any other members for that matter to police what others are doing. We all know the consequences for it and it's up to the police and security to deal with it in a responsible manner. Many tonight suffered because of the actions of a few which cannot be defended in any way. You would think the police have some form of training in crowd control and how to diffuse situations like this. In
  7. I'm serious where is everyone drinking? **** this game let's celebrate that we are in the Acl final. Beers on me, who's keen?
  8. Agreed, year on year the league gets better but the ref's remain ****. Where's everyone washing away their miser.... actually where is everyone getting ready for Acl final, I'm keen for beers.
  9. Mate we were playing away from home there is bound to be more smurfs. The amount of noise we produce at away games is nothing short of amazing.
  10. Best thing about us, we sing! No matter if we are losing or draw we still get behind our team and give everything as the twelfth man. Sydney went dead as we were in the lead. Just like last week against Melbourne when we were down we were singing "lets go ******* mental*. I'll always be proud no matter what as we are more than a result.
  11. Yeah the reviews are quite mixed but mostly positive. Everything I've seen looks like it's my kind of game. Only real complaints seem to come from some technical issues. In this day and age I'll pretty much take any survival horror games I can get my hands on.
  12. Anyone picking up the evil within tomorrow?
  13. Always amazes me how salty Aussies are to us poms, really is pathetic. Realistically I know we are out, however knowing that there is a chance even if smaller than a nats chuff is enough to give me hope.
  14. Ah I see, I think I'm going to decide on ps4 or xbone over the next month or so. E3 has definitely renewed my next gen hype. I still really badly want to play the new killer instinct on xbone.
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