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  1. About to leave, Gold Coast bound
  2. Call ticketek mate, If Brisbane fans can change seats due to the Ticketek stuff up, I am sure they will be fine with it too! Brisbane fans can change seats? what's this?
  3. I hate Ticketek. Got seats in bay 515 on Monday because that's all that was available and now I can get 3 seats in 311 which is where we want to be
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nwt2RP45sLE purple is a fruit
  5. i don't think they ever sold bay 10 as away, it was ******* stupid though because it kept saying away sold out and then they kept adding more
  6. it is. hey man if you're so worried about it just get an away ticket, that's what i did. i'm going to give my bay 10 ticket to some lucky victory fan outside the stadium.
  7. you've always got the train/rental car option. train is $120 adult, $60 student
  8. is anyone thinking of going to MH v Phoenix the night before? I fly in on Friday so I'm thinking I may go to that
  9. 11:30 is ok. The 11:30ish train Includes a 2hr stop in wyong and takes over 5 hours to get back to Central. Looks like the 9:40ish train is the only real option Even with the timetable changes was pretty much the same situation as back in March when 10,000 WSW went, we all managed to get home ok that day I think, unless there a few wanderers still wandering from that away match. Its only Newcastle, get yourselves up there. I remember away trips like this in the UK when 15 lads would all pile in the back of a transit van with a few crates of beer Was fine so long as no one farted. that's because that game was at 5pm (or 5:30) not 7:45pm but anyway definitely still going just trying to decide the best way to get there
  10. not a chance get them while they're still relatively cheap
  11. eh I'd rather come back to Sydney thinking of paying for those buses and then just taking them on the return trip lol. or just driving.
  12. anyone have any idea how we'd get back to sydney if we're not driving? :/ I want to take the train up but if the last train back is at 9:47pm then **** that.
  13. Melbourne is easy, the state govt down there doesn't try to confuse you on purpose like they do here.
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