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  1. About to leave, Gold Coast bound
  2. Call ticketek mate, If Brisbane fans can change seats due to the Ticketek stuff up, I am sure they will be fine with it too! Brisbane fans can change seats? what's this?
  3. I hate Ticketek. Got seats in bay 515 on Monday because that's all that was available and now I can get 3 seats in 311 which is where we want to be
  4. I still have 1 RBB ticket (concession) in bay 55 - for $15 for whoever wants it pm me
  5. I have one RBB ticket for Saturday, it's concession $15, PM me
  6. I hate it because there's nowhere I can go for drinks/food and pay with my card now. I always forget to take out cash.
  7. Got a mad mex loyalty card today. I'm gonna get so many ****ing burritos yo. how much and what do you get for it? Its free... But if you download an app you get points up... 1500 points is $10.... I really don't know how it works yet.. But I've got 289 points so..... I dunno. OMG how did i not know this. they've even got their own one's made by nike they're dressed as sharp as their knives ewwww psg
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nwt2RP45sLE purple is a fruit
  9. i don't think they ever sold bay 10 as away, it was ******* stupid though because it kept saying away sold out and then they kept adding more
  10. it is. hey man if you're so worried about it just get an away ticket, that's what i did. i'm going to give my bay 10 ticket to some lucky victory fan outside the stadium.
  11. I can't see Royals not winning it
  12. bump.. 4 days 'til Festivus
  13. you've always got the train/rental car option. train is $120 adult, $60 student
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