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  1. Faarken wogs in this thread! SPEAKY ENGLISH FFS!!! ....or Italian!
  2. Somersets shaving oil use with Proraso shaving cream smooth as n smells delish!
  3. Their mother n my wife are in the house too , but they’re working so guess who gets to babysit on his day off.....
  4. JackDoff


    I asked 100 women which shampoo they preferred. Almost all of them replied, “How the hell did you get in here?”
  5. Go get fu.... (said in a sesame st tone)
  6. Looking at a travel website n the destinations aren’t in alphabetical order.... do these people realise how many countries there are? do these people realise I have NO patience? do these people realise I’m babysitting again? .....and I have no beer
  7. To make it worse , having a show that has people sitting there watching that show
  8. WHAT! Podolski in Blacktown ! You being cereal dude?! WHY DIDNT YOU LET US KNOW!!!!????? imagine the look on his face if a bunch of crazies in WSW shirts came up to him in a cafe in Blacktown!
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