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  1. JackDoff

    What Really Grinds My Gears 5

    Vans slide ons or similar....worn with socks not cool looking IT LOOKS FUUCKING STUPID
  2. JackDoff

    What Really Grinds My Gears 5

    Fuuckwits that park in front of your driveway this time it was a Blacktown Council truck twice I drove around the block thinking he was only going to be there a few minutes ( he ended up being there for at least an hour) Living on a main road with no parking until 10am , plus I didn’t want to park on the footpath/cycle path (like he had) since it was 830am n people where walking their kids to school. So I park down a side street , down from my place n walk up to this douchebag. “Hey mate, mind not parking in front of my driveway?” ”Oh , do you wanna get out?” ”No, I’m trying to get in n I’ve just had to drive around the block twice” ”Yeah, I’m just clearing up the leaves from the lane way, I’ll move” ”Why not park in the dead end street at the other end of the lane way, there’s no traffic, it’s a dead end” blank stare fuucking moron
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    Music Thread 3

  4. JackDoff

    Condolences (RIP)

    RIP Keith Flint
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    Music Thread 3

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    Music Thread 3

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    Music Thread 3

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    Music Thread 3