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  1. JackDoff

    Tarek Elrich

    The last of the 3 originals to go Mooy , Elrich and the other guy....
  2. Hasn’t passed out yet might not get to play have to get her more of that crappy blue drink they made
  3. Wife is stewing nicely...getting tipsy few more n she’ll be passed out so I can get back to my Nott. Forest career on Fifa20!
  4. It’s about to kick off....from beers to cocktails,this should be fun
  5. 20 mins in and I’m still waiting for the surprise... muthafuka!
  6. Just like Bleaktown! ...minus the constant fog and parts were nice
  7. “Vale of York” ...what a cool fuucking name ! ..meanwhile I live in Blacktown “ Bleaktown”
  8. Too late! Drinky time has started ,double demerits!
  9. Having to host a surprise birthday party today...was decided we’d have it at our house ...not my choice needless to say , drinky time started an hour ago
  10. Only just read about this RIP Christopher Tolkien
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