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  1. Fuuck masks and gloves , a big stick , like the Indian cops , to whack the fuuck out of morons not doing the right thing, is what we need! Social distancing? HA! Some of these people get that close , I feel like I’m on a date ffs!
  2. His holidays start this afternoon.....
  3. He’s got to drag me to the couch!
  4. He’s not allowed ....I’ve given him detention!
  5. Home schooling blows 1st beer going down now
  6. The Mrs n I , well , more her, have been cooking up a storm during Coronaggedon! Today was homemade sausages! was thinking of calling them “ JackDoff Bangers” sounds like a movie
  7. Ignore and move on..... from a greasy dago wog
  8. JackDoff


    My Mrs is fed up of my constant Dad jokes , so I asked her “ How can I stop my addiction?” Mrs : Whatever means necessary Me : No it doesn't
  9. Songs for Corona v
  10. JackDoff


    My favourite childhood memory was building sandcastles with my Grandma until my mum took the urn from me....
  11. If it looks like an idiot , talks like an idiot.....
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