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  1. Good old Phil... ” When a man opens a car door for his wife, it’s either a new car or a new wife”
  2. Died a week ago , only just found out RIP Marvin Hagler Hagler vs Hearns 1st round now THATS boxing
  3. Yeah I understand. I use them more as an acknowledgment
  4. Unfortunately yes. Cancer . She’d been fighting it for the last 3 years
  5. RIP Sabine Schmitz “Queen of the Nurburgring “ check out Top Gear with her driving a van around the ‘ring . Wish I could drive like her!
  6. My wife just left me. She says life revolves around football and she's sick of it. I'm quite upset. We were together for 7 seasons.
  7. RIP Murray Walker To me he was like the Martin Tyler of F1 .
  8. It’s the only one with the comfortable couch!
  9. I’m in the same room...that’s bad enough
  10. I think they’re all massive wankers. They’re all a bunch of classless morons , guys n girls
  11. Having to endure another brain draining season of MAFS FFS!
  12. Went to the local RSL for a 60’s 70’s 80’s night . They played “The Twist” so I twisted , they played “Jump” so I jumped around. They played “Come on Eileen “ and I got kicked out....
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