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  1. JackDoff

    Matthew Jurman

    Not the first Jurman to leave.....
  2. Or yelling out “ Yabba dabba doo!”
  3. The only auto I’ve ever owned was a ‘97 Ford Fairmont Ghia. Nice enough car , good to just put the foot down and go, but....would’ve been heaps more fun if it had’ve been manual . My Mrs ended up wrecking it ...just sayin’
  4. Agh cmon dude! We’re about the same age! I just turned 55! GET BACK TO A MANUAL! ....although I know what you mean about the knees. Mine are still pretty good but as soon as it becomes a PITA , auto it is
  5. Yeah I know what you mean in regards to the power . I’ve watched plenty of Tesla vids etc racing petrol cars....still don’t care . No sound , smell ...kinda like driving a fast washing machine. The whole recharging thing , battery range ,puts me off. We saw ONE recharging dock in Canberra last week... Spot on re “driving “ autos!
  6. I think this will stir things up a bit....I don’t care about E cars , hybrids etc. I’ll bother with them when oil runs out and by then I’ll be too old to drive/dead. oh yeah , add autos to the list . I’ll stick with my manuals thx
  7. JackDoff


    Mike Tyson is a religious guy. He punches people in the faith.
  8. What a shiity Wendy’s....can’t even get a thick shake
  9. This is too good to be MTB! looks like they just dragged a random woman out of Westpoint, told her to “sing” , then paid her in West Coast coolers!
  10. “you take a piece of meat with you”
  11. JackDoff


    I ordered a chicken and an egg online. I’ll let you know... Happy Fathers Day!
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