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  1. JackDoff


    Mike Tyson is a religious guy. He punches people in the faith.
  2. What a shiity Wendy’s....can’t even get a thick shake
  3. This is too good to be MTB! looks like they just dragged a random woman out of Westpoint, told her to “sing” , then paid her in West Coast coolers!
  4. “you take a piece of meat with you”
  5. JackDoff


    I ordered a chicken and an egg online. I’ll let you know... Happy Fathers Day!
  6. JackDoff


    The woman from the furniture store keeps calling me! All I wanted was the one night stand!
  7. “Short , slow, old “ I NEVER USED TO BE!!! ....well, maybe short
  8. My witty comments as my Mrs watches The Batchelor she loves them!
  9. Good to see the Tszyu name back in action! Timmy! Aargh!
  10. Yeah I know what you mean . Guess I was expecting our football (the A League) to be better by now. After Adelaide making the ACL final and us winning it , I thought “ this is it “ Aussie football is finally going to get better .... Return to a winter league ffs , it’s time we stopped being scared of the ARL AFL . The summer comp hasn’t worked , the conditions are crap .
  11. Um, think we’re going to have to get over other teams being in “our” ground . We already share with the Eels and other RL teams , Inter/Milan , Lazio/Roma , Hellas Verona/Chievo etc etc all share a ground . Football in general in Aus has gone backwards the last 3-4 seasons , it’s pretty crap to watch most of the time . I’m starting to whinge , might have to go to the “Grinds” thread....
  12. JackDoff


    I tried donating blood today , never again! Too many stupid questions “Who’s blood is it ?” “ Where did you get it from?” “ Why is it in a bucket? “
  13. JackDoff


    6 men were beating up my mother in law, Wife asks "are you going to help?!?" I reply "no 6 should be enough."
  14. RIP Poppy from Seinfeld only just found out he died beginning of this month
  15. Hang in there dude! I’ll shout you a virtual beer!
  16. Seasons in the sun is one of those “I want to punch walls” songs.
  17. MTB Anyone else remember this horror?
  18. MTB Been hating this for the past 40+ years
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