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  1. Yeah I’d LOVE not to do gifts , on account I hate everyone n can’t be bothered!
  2. What fantasy world do you live in Teach? It’s Xmas shopping time , we all have to suffer! ..er , celebrate!
  3. First it’s standing around Pandora , now it’s that other hell....Dusk yeah sure let’s buy some $50 candles that smell like wombat piss ..or let’s buy that waaayy overpriced candle holder thing for only $99! fuuck yeah!
  4. JackDoff


    A man won the lottery one day. He came home and asked his wife, "What would you do if I were to win the lottery?" She answered, "I'd take half and leave!" The man replied, "Great. I just won 12 dollars. Here's 6. Now get the **** out!"
  5. Back home again thank fuuck my mrs bangs on about an eternity ring.., an eternity of hell ring
  6. Standing outside a Pandora shop while your wife is in there buying more crap ffs i have icy cold beers in the fridge!!!! FFS!!!
  7. Yeah , he cheated 6-7 defenders!
  8. Looks like we’re signing Ricky Martin!
  9. JackDoff


    Why did the Mexican take Xanax? Hispanic attacks!
  10. JackDoff


    A man goes into the doctors and says "doctor doctor I think I'm going deaf" , the doctor says "can you describe the symptoms" and he says "yes, Homer is fat and Marge has blue hair"
  11. Little bags of chips WTF! Make everything large size!! If kids can’t handle them, tough shiit! They’re at school for learning not eating! yes the 2nd beer has just kicked in
  12. Started as a Grind but ends up in here... Couple of ice cold beers after mowing the lawn!
  13. JackDoff


    Gee, hasn’t Pete Evans got himself into a shiit storm! Bet you he did Nazi this happening...
  14. Ate late lunch at some cafe outside a shopping centre on Saturday arv, dinner n breakfast was at Rydges where we were staying . Food was very ordinary at hotel , next time going out for dinner!
  15. Just found out the speed average cameras on the way to Bathurst are only for heavy vehicles!
  16. Went to Bathurst this w/end , ended up doing about 20 laps of the Mountain....fuucking awesome! Stayed at Rydges right on Conrad straight , balcony cold beers....mmmmm bummer it’s a public road , have to stick to speed limit. Plod was there halfway down Conrod. In our 20 laps he would’ve booked about 12-13 cars! Lol
  17. Drove into Blackheath , old people everywhere no parking , drove out
  18. WFMB Sitting on a balcony sipping ice cold beers overlooking Mt Panorama
  19. Soy in pasta sauce..... Worcester sauce
  20. Yeah , I remember it from the 70’s
  21. Catch any 3 eyed fish?
  22. Can any of you Blue Mountains folk recommend places for breakfast on a Saturday morning? I thought we might stop half way for a feed on the way to Bathurst . Join us if you want!
  23. After months of trying to organise a w/end in Bathurst to visit a mate, can finally go this w/end, only for him to tell me last minute that he’ll be in Sydney... fuuck it , I might go anyway. Been promising J Jnr a trip to Bathurst for months
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