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  1. Dude..... *sigh* ”the bad friend” ...sounds like crap from high school! Lol who cares what they think!!! honestly, they don’t sound like the type of friends I’d want to have , ditch them. Spend those $ on you guys by staying at a hotel , have some dinner , some sexy time .... Your missus sounds pretty cool offering to drive you, treat yourselves to a night out!
  2. Dude , save yourself the headache , don’t go . You’re right, perfect op to meet the missus but not going to happen. Is this “mate” really worth all this hassle?
  3. That fuucking annoying stupid crap piece of shiit Dance Monkey. FFS
  4. Yeah, it doesn’t sound as good as Moroccan Lettuce....
  5. Nah dude , I wouldn’t go. They know you’re together, regardless if they’ve never met her . They should’ve included her then it’s up to her if she wants to go or not.
  6. What was the kangaroos fastest lap time at the 12hr?
  7. Coronavirus...what virus? I’ve been drinking them all week and feel great!
  8. Just do the typical female thing n use your partners towel...
  9. Pfft, Frogs are just Italian wannbes tell your missus to get into Aperol Spritz! 30ml Aperol 120ml Prosecco , top up with a little soda n ice! ...since booze is the topic, first beer already, babysitting....
  10. Parkour to me is just juvenile delinquents running from the cops...I reckon it would be more interesting if there were snipers trying to pick them off as they hopped around..
  11. J Jnr started Yr 5 today , 10 yrs old going on 35.....
  12. Making homemade hamburgers for din dins, having a pre meal aperitif Aperol Spritz , washed down with a “ La cerveza mas fina “ sans lemon!
  13. Getting the house painted this week....putting stuff in boxes to make some room...pillows....hundreds of pillows.... WTF is it with women and pillows FFS!
  14. JackDoff


    What’s brown and hides in the attic? The diarrhea of Anne Frank
  15. At times? I reckon a lot of the time . Look at AL teams in the ACL . Apart from us n Adelaide Aussie teams have barely got to the round of 16. Even the all conquering Smurfs from a few seasons back did fuuck all in Asia. Too many below average players in the league who keep bouncing from team to team every other year.
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