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Everything posted by JackDoff

  1. The Mrs n I , well , more her, have been cooking up a storm during Coronaggedon! Today was homemade sausages! was thinking of calling them “ JackDoff Bangers” sounds like a movie
  2. Ignore and move on..... from a greasy dago wog
  3. JackDoff


    My Mrs is fed up of my constant Dad jokes , so I asked her “ How can I stop my addiction?” Mrs : Whatever means necessary Me : No it doesn't
  4. JackDoff


    My favourite childhood memory was building sandcastles with my Grandma until my mum took the urn from me....
  5. If it looks like an idiot , talks like an idiot.....
  6. JackDoff


    I got Lupini! Eyeties will understand
  7. Bottles finished wife telling me to shut up...
  8. Couple of glasses of Rose , starting to spin fuuck Corona v fuuck dumb people stay safe and apart WSW forumites!,
  9. Fuuck it , just shoot them as Bio Terrorists
  10. JackDoff


    Started making our own pasta , gnocchi , sauce and bread! ....well , the Mrs does , I just eat it ! EAD Coronavirus!
  11. Lol As much as I hate his sappy soppy songs, he seems like a cool guy . Seen him on a few chat shows , he knows what the deal is with his songs
  12. Songs for Coronavirus
  13. Phew! Thanks for the heads up dude!
  14. Alright , time for a new game.... Eye spy with my little eye, something beginning with T
  15. You win again! you’re too good at this dude best of 5?
  16. Dammit! Cmon best out of 3......scissors!
  17. Ok then, time for some forum Rock Paper Scissors! 1..2..3 Rock!
  18. This is what growing up Italian is like.... All jokes aside, these are mayors telling people to stay home if they want to stop this thing. The mayor with the blue gloves is basically saying “ Why the fuuck are you writing to me? Stay home and nothing will happen “ “ Why the fuuck are you getting your hair done? “ etc etc
  19. Are severed heads still counted as people?
  20. First day of home schooling here....fuuck that gave him an early mark
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