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  1. Brexit , USA n Iran , China Hong Kong ......who cares , got a new tv ! GTSport here I come! ......LOVE Sweet n sour pork!
  2. I think they read my post about selling the house....
  3. The “cock ring” needs to be 5 times smaller than roosters neck to stop crowing..... lunch at ur place this Sunday dude?
  4. maybe they should’ve got Murali down there to chuck some....
  5. Had an Open house yesterday for my mums place. Sitting in the kitchen saying hello to strangers wandering around the place you grew up in was weird . Still , it’s time to move on , the soul of the house , my mum, died when she passed away. Now it’s just a house ,albeit full of memories, good and bad.
  6. A week! ? A WEEK!!?? I can’t go a week without racing !
  7. Tried different cable, no go, tv has shiit itself
  8. Easy rider....great movie
  9. Going to use a different hdmi cable , see if that works.....otherwise it’s new tv time
  10. I’ll see in the morning now , given up , having a sulk ill busy myself on the Interwebs tonight
  11. Tried everything , was working today i watched a YouTube clip on “ why my tv screen is black” ...might need a new tv
  12. No remote , lost it ages ago , use on/off button on TV . Powers on but no pic
  13. Bought some beer , turn tv n PS4 on to play some GTSport and.........nothing ....tv is black Playstation is making all the right sounds but no picture Checked all the leads etc....nothing c—t
  14. I just read the email n am considering the 1880 club....not sure though what do you guys think, value for $ ?
  15. I remember watching that race live on TV n thinking “ WTF?! “ Gardner had no way of avoiding him , same as Rossi with Simoncelli
  16. His father Wayne, hit a guy who had come off his bike (Uncini) , in his debut 500 GP back in the 80’s
  17. JackDoff


    A woman is looking at herself in front of the mirror, she says to her husband Ive got wrinkles, bags under my eyes and Im overweight.. tell me something good about myself.. Husband replies Well... there’s nothing wrong with your eyesight!
  18. Then they wheeled you back inside......
  19. Cut it out guys! This is just offal...
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