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  1. #Babbel must stay The ingredients are there. [and we're thrown out the lemons] We just need to work a bit more on the recipe.
  2. I drove down to the game and can't believe the climate change that occured without me getting into a plane. It was bloody baltic down there. Haven't froze me hole off like that at a game since a Dublin Derby in the 80s. Nice pub beforehand for pre-match drinks. Funny to see Billy Brownless (AFL Geelong player) propping up the bar beforehand. Seemed like a nice bloke. Mood in the bar was good. Fans having chat and beer, locals amused that at a few hundred travelled down for a 'socca' game. The march, as I use the term very loosely, was like a chill-out karma walk. It wasn't a march. Which made the whole police presence thing so utterly ridiculous. It truly was insane. I'd hope that no money from the A-League is spent on this policing. Then someone let off a flare and some kid got lifted. Hope he's ok. There were one of two cops completely over-reacting. And there didn't seem to be any Senior Cop in charge. Just a load of Robos, looking for a chance to play with their toys. [some of them had more kit than soldiers in a a war zone] Getting into the ground was a just stupid. Everyone was searched? What were they looking for? Did they find anything? A women beside me had some make-up taken from her as it was in a glass container. Utter maddening insanity. It really is a terrible ground to watch football. It's worse than Spotless. But then. A goal. Euphoria for about 5 minutes. And then sh1te for the rest of the game. It got so cold, I walked around to the side fo the ground in the second half. Credit to the Western United supporters on that side. They'll have to endure a lot if they're to succeed. Memo to self. Melbourne is good for games, but only if they're at AAMI Park.
  3. Was hoping for more than a quote from the Telegraph. Albeit that it's positive. Anyhow, fingers crossed for the boys in gold.
  4. Any updates on Schwegler? Less worried about Jurman, although he would have been the man to handle Berisha. If we start with Schwegler and Muller at #10 = we win.
  5. I'm going down to this and looking forward to a Melb game, in a way that I haven't since the Santablab equaliser v Victory. A few scoops beforehand and a march. Fun like the old days. I think anything could happen. Lopar is great, but he has to stop knocking those saves back into play. Schwegler is fantastic, and brings out the best in Baccus. Muller, on the basis of 20 minutes, looks really sharp. His touch and accelleration is too good for this league. Love Duke. Heart and soul of the team on the field. Jurman, the kind of beast, I'm glad is in our team, and gives us an attacking header from corners, Topor-S never really seemed to give. I'm not convinced yet about FootballGod. Not a Pio, but not a Juric. Yet anyway. Predicting a draw. Possible 2-2.
  6. Ok stuff it, I'm going. Will have to be a road trip. Just noticed the Little Creature Brewery is close to the ground.
  7. Excited. From one underperforming red and black team to another. The Mesiah has landed. Will Cordier do the right thing? [and offer up #14]? Why ALEX Meier on his shirt, and not just Meier? Which haircut can we expect... from #2 to man bun? #Fussballgott
  8. If we didn't want to get carried away, get ahead of ourselves or believe too strongly in a new dawn, would it be fair to at least say, we're better than we've been since our enforced exodus years? I for one, can't wait for the new season. And bring on the first Parra Derby.
  9. Anyone got any early indications of what Tour of Duty games might be? I suppose like many, I'm more excited about this season than the last 3. The young BD is pestering me about a proper away trip. Whats the general feeling? Not fussed about Victory unless it's in AAMI stadium. Adelaide and Brisbane always good. Is Geelong an option this year? Haven't done Perth or Wellington (expense).
  10. Whilst looking forward to 'the second coming at Parramatta', the only thing I will miss from our Lidcombe pre-match days are the food options. Especially that Korean place. And The Royal Oak. For those more in the know of Parra, refresh my memory of pre-match food suggestions (noting we go with kids/teenagers).
  11. Hearing some talk that NSW A-League clubs will not participate in NPL next season? Any truth in this? [Wanderers, Sydney, Newcasle, Mariners + McArthur and Canberra uth forming their own league?]
  12. Were you there Mack? [would have been nice to say hello!] Interesting enough game. Monge and Adam definitely the best. Not compltely sure about the absolute obsession with paying the ball out from the back at all costs. Northbridge/Northshore are a well drilled team with the Smiths, up front, very good players for this level.
  13. Heading down to this. Which players should I be watching out for?
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