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  1. BohemianDublin

    VAR Steals 3 Points For Adelaide

    Pre match we went to a different Korean BBQ place in Lidcombe. Geez it was bloody good, cheap and had nice beer. I knew it was going to be the best part of the night. Were Adelaide wearing our best every away kit design? Were we assuming that Marcelo Bielsa had a spy at the game and we were attempting to double cross him? Can somebody please talk to Kamau about END PRODUCT. I like the guy. He's good. But release quicker. Positives are Fitzy. Cordier. Tass. Russell. There's something about Yeboah - cult hero 2021. Roly's free kick - it'll be a few seasons before we see one that good. Fair play to the RBB, the percussion section especially. In 12 months time, when we're basking in the glory of derby wins, regular 25k+ crowds and the pleasant ambiance of Parramatta, the drabness of lacklustre rubbish in front of 7,000, will seem like a distant memory. Our team will rise again, if only to spite the begrugers.
  2. BohemianDublin

    West Coast Collapse

    Yep, I'm happy with Babbel. I think our problems have been - Too many player changes, we get pretty much a new team every year. - Poor selections for Marquees.
  3. BohemianDublin

    West Coast Collapse

    Dissappointing but a lot better. Have we reached a turning point? Are the team finally dancing to the new beat of the Babbel drum? Yeboah, off to good start. Interesting how he squared lovely passes for goals 2 & 3 I think Riera (all about me) would have gone solo and fluffed both of them. Fitzgerald's corners. Best since Ono. Every corner is now a goal chance. It'll be interesting to see how we go from here on in. Two games against Brisbane, Mariners, Jets and City. And then we stuff up Easts Finals run in the penultimate game at SOP. End of season celebration, away to Mariners. But we have to STOP conceding the same goal every game, Perth's 3rd in behind our left full back. [Hamill slow to react, again?]
  4. BohemianDublin

    Wellington Steal 3 Points Late On

    I went last night. Don't know why. I reckon it's a game those present will remember. A turning point of the nadir. In future we can delete that period of history between the Adelaide GF and the Wellington 2-3 lose from our history. The forgotten times in exile. Riera just can't be bothered. Roly is past it. Llorente is over. Not convinced about Ziegler and Baumjohann, but if anyone can get the best out of them, surely Babbel can. So our big money signings are sh1te/ at best average and lets be honest have been for a while. Victory and Easts, show what can be achieved with a value, yet big spend, team spine. It's the little things that are frustrating Nux winner, didn't we concede the same goal in both the last games? [little dink in behind full back] We're slow. Elrich. Hamill... turning circle of a road train. Kamau... can you look at some video of your games... END PRODUCT? But look, underneath it all, is there something about to break through? Baccus, getting better each game O'Doherty & Russell not bad prospects Some of the other youngsters have showed some goodness Fitz looked good last night - his corners/crosses better than most (big names included) He whipped them in, not big loopy nonsense behind Riera's head. (and he's at least a bit committed) I like Kamau - can he watch the grand final video and can someone show him when the net is. And there was a bit of spirit and commitment there. We all felt good, for a minute when Baccus scored. And, I lost the run of myself and thought we were actually more likely to score a winner. And finally, I do wonder what the hell the architect(s) were thinking. That stadium is simply a crime against architecture & design. I really searched for a redeeming feature of that place, and couldn't find one. Is it too late to tell the government that they're demolishing the wrong stadium?
  5. Surel, nobody is surprised we can't even score with a penalty?
  6. 8,300 according to ABC radio
  7. I really hate typing this. But. I just couldn't be arsed going tonight.
  8. BohemianDublin

    Vedran Hands Sydney FC Derby Win

    Ah Italy 1994. The only game they lost in 90 minutes?.... the first one.... against Ireland.
  9. Very difficult start. The really disappointing thing about the Cup Semi was we didn't even look like a team. It was as if the half time instruction, was 'lads take it easy it's only a trial game'. With everyone trying to get a place in the squad. There's an apparent lack of unity. No team-ness. No little groups or links. We desperantly need some links - Poljak-LaRocca, Polenz-Hersi. And Ono-Mooy seem like years ago. It's the little groups that knit together to form the fine-embroidery of a good team. We just don't seem to have it. With others, [Mariners/Jets] getting better around us, I fear for the season. But at least it's the last one, parking at Lidcombe.
  10. BohemianDublin

    Second Half Collapse Costs Cup Semi-Final

    Very very poor. We're a long way from even being a team. Llorente epitomised the utter lack of anything. It'll be a long hard season.
  11. BohemianDublin

    Wanderers Ban Active Support

    In short, Cricket & Council. It's an ongoing massive pain in the rear. The names thing doesn't cost that much (we did a feal with Kappa and a bloke who does the names) but the kids seem to really bloody love it.
  12. BohemianDublin

    Wanderers Ban Active Support

    HaHa. Very funny. Let me assure you, there is abosolutely nothing in the biscuit tin at Northbridge. IN fact I'm pretty sure we have by far the lowest budget in NPL2. And we don't even have a ground to play - hence a home game at Croatia. It's my mixed loyalties game.
  13. BohemianDublin

    Wanderers Hold On In Gosford

    Very average game between two very average teams. I actually can't remember a decent attempt at goal at our end of the ground. Mind you with that sun in your eyes, pretty tricky to see much anyway. Still, a good trip, with handy train up and some nice pre-match beers Couple of things bugging me - What was the barny between Riera and Josep? - What did the banner say (was it that offensive?) - What the background story on the, ahem, wannabee porn star, we have aquired as Supporter Marshall?
  14. Cast iron DRAW. 2-2. With 4 own goals. It's the way the season is going for both of us. Will still be a nice day out, all the same. My favourite ground to watch football.
  15. This game will be the football equivilant of Waiting For Godot. Nothing will happen. Absolutely nothing. There will be no highlights whatsoever. 0-0. If we're lucky.