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  1. The things I'd really like to do better then we've done in the past few years: 1. Do NOT try to rebuild an entire team in the off season We have to stick with some of what we have My key players to retain - Lopar, Muller, Duke Probably adding Baccus, Schwegler. I haven't seen enough of Cox, but at least he's already better than Pio and Meier. (low bar, I know) Of the younger players, I'd keep Sullivan, Tass, Wilmering, Mo, Russell. 2. Give game time to the younger players NOW. We're not doing too much with this season, but at least play the young guys. As well as the five above, I've liked the glimpses I've seen of Cordier and Trew. 3. The three at the back thing? Really? Is there really anybody who thinks this is worth persisting with. Poor Jurman, looks like a lumbering left-footed elephant with the turning circle of a road-train. DG, clearly a nice bloke, but already focusing on his modeling and media career (and good luck to him, as he may be better at it). I've assumed, we made a mistake and signed the wrong McGowan? 4. At training, show the players a photo of a football pitch. And explain that the goals run North-South and not East-West.
  2. This. Plus, the one game where a membership should be worthwhile - a 'sell-out' Derby, as a White & Black member, get lumped in with loads of Sydney GA supporters. Got vertigo trying to find a seat. I'd predict a lot of people won't renew and will pick and choose certain games from next season.
  3. Announcement tomorrow so? By the way, not sure if you went Stringer/Damned, but The Stranglers were great on Saturday night.
  4. I reckon the 'football authorities' are a hell of a lot better than their cricket counterparts today. That cricket thing still going ahead? I think everyone knows it isn't.
  5. All things considered, the correct decision. And for once, it suits me... had sort of double booked myself tonight... now a clear run to the Enmore to see The Stranglers. No more heroes. [only folk of a certain genre will get this] [punk and football, it was a heady mix in the early 80s]
  6. Anyone got a tip on getting to this ground, if driving? Is there any chance of parking nearby, or is it better to park near a train station (Rockdale?) and train in the last bit.
  7. I think the problem is what's below Babbel. Merrick's best days are behind him, but as part of Babbel's team... interesting.
  8. We just don't look like a team. Our body language is all wrong. Arteta spoke about this, as the first thing he changed when he arrived at Arsenal. Personified last night with Meier/Muller colliding and Ziegler waiting for Lopar to arrive early on. There are some good bits. Adam needs to train constantly doing 1on1s against Jurman, so he doesn't get out muscled every time. Muller is good. We were better in the first half last night. But there's no self belief. There's no, "right lads, lets get stuck in here and put this game away before half time". We have some pace up front, so we have to use it. Break forward quickly. We have to stop doing very silly things. Let's defend corners at the back post. We conceded that goal against Geelong Utd and again last night (and another one I've forgotten). Meier scares me. He looks like he's having a bad dream about moving to Australia. Did we do an adequate fitness check on him or just panic buy, based on previous reputation. Its as it nobody actually saw him play before we forked out the wedge. I'm not sure about Jetski. I ilke him and he cares. But he's 'quite good' at too many positions and not great at any. You know you have a problem when, you're searching for a goal and the closest comes from Jurman's finessed flick. If we'd kept Riera, Neville and Jamieson/the little ranga, we'd be winning the league. It's still an enjoyable night out. Especially last night as the teens didn't bother coming.
  9. Too much talk and distraction on VAR. Too much focus on siege mentality. Too much silliness and dissent - very suprised at Swegler. We were very poor in the first half BUT scored a nice goal from a poor defensive pass and a deflection. We were much better in the second half, we really were. We got stuck in and had a go. Muller has come good. We're caught between playing 3 and 4 at the back. We don't have the quality of players at the back to play 3. We've conceded too many goals from diagonal balls played in behind our non-existant (or slow) (or out of position) full backs. If we could have Neville & Jamieson back, along with Riera (for Meier), we'd win this league at a canter. Babbel, just needs to relax and behave like a German. We'll be ok.
  10. I'm backing Babbel. It's simply not the time, mid season. We've got to be the club who gives coaches a go. Decide at the end of the season. And please never Muscat or Rudan
  11. Stick with Babbel, for this season at least. Give him a decent go. I like his passion, honesty and that he says how he feels I think we are improving. I'd play Meier & Sullivan.
  12. #Babbel must stay The ingredients are there. [and we're thrown out the lemons] We just need to work a bit more on the recipe.
  13. I drove down to the game and can't believe the climate change that occured without me getting into a plane. It was bloody baltic down there. Haven't froze me hole off like that at a game since a Dublin Derby in the 80s. Nice pub beforehand for pre-match drinks. Funny to see Billy Brownless (AFL Geelong player) propping up the bar beforehand. Seemed like a nice bloke. Mood in the bar was good. Fans having chat and beer, locals amused that at a few hundred travelled down for a 'socca' game. The march, as I use the term very loosely, was like a chill-out karma walk. It wasn't a march. Which made the whole police presence thing so utterly ridiculous. It truly was insane. I'd hope that no money from the A-League is spent on this policing. Then someone let off a flare and some kid got lifted. Hope he's ok. There were one of two cops completely over-reacting. And there didn't seem to be any Senior Cop in charge. Just a load of Robos, looking for a chance to play with their toys. [some of them had more kit than soldiers in a a war zone] Getting into the ground was a just stupid. Everyone was searched? What were they looking for? Did they find anything? A women beside me had some make-up taken from her as it was in a glass container. Utter maddening insanity. It really is a terrible ground to watch football. It's worse than Spotless. But then. A goal. Euphoria for about 5 minutes. And then sh1te for the rest of the game. It got so cold, I walked around to the side fo the ground in the second half. Credit to the Western United supporters on that side. They'll have to endure a lot if they're to succeed. Memo to self. Melbourne is good for games, but only if they're at AAMI Park.
  14. Was hoping for more than a quote from the Telegraph. Albeit that it's positive. Anyhow, fingers crossed for the boys in gold.
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