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  1. Going. Whats the tip on parking (seems like it's all $30?!, bit steep). [I've only ever parked at Lidcombe and got the train in before.] Feeling confident about the game. Muller must start.
  2. Positives. Ziggy, very solid. The no nonsense, ToporStan is his prime, defender, we've been missing. Baccus, give the kid more of the ball. Russell, ditto. Margush, good start, adequate replacement for Lopar. Tass, I've always liked him, his pace and ball playing make up for his statue (but alongside man-mountain, Ziggy, he'll be ok). Cockatoo Muller, he's lively, tries stuff and moves the ball quickly and forward. Simple and effective. Need to see a bit more. Troisi & Dorrans. I'm not sure they know what formation we're playing? If Troisi is playing at #10, he spend
  3. Well that's disappointing... ... did some work on the Northern Beaches in the last week. Guess, we're not going now. Was looking forward to this with some, unjustified, optimism.
  4. 1-1. Really reckon a draw. Defence is our issue. It'll be interesting to see how a new coach plays it.
  5. Oh come the hell on. With all the stuff going on, lets do this.
  6. The whole Kogarah Derby thing was interesting. Having special trains to/from Central was good, although it seemed not too many people actually used them. The police were hopelessly prepared and briefed. It was as if they had no idea how to manage crowds. There were a few at the station, when we arrived, but not many as we walked down the road. Rather than let large crowds gather at corners near the station… maybe stop traffic when the train comes it and let the crowd move as quickly as possible to the ground? Luckily supporters, for both teams, were in good spirits and seemed to just
  7. The things I'd really like to do better then we've done in the past few years: 1. Do NOT try to rebuild an entire team in the off season We have to stick with some of what we have My key players to retain - Lopar, Muller, Duke Probably adding Baccus, Schwegler. I haven't seen enough of Cox, but at least he's already better than Pio and Meier. (low bar, I know) Of the younger players, I'd keep Sullivan, Tass, Wilmering, Mo, Russell. 2. Give game time to the younger players NOW. We're not doing too much with this season, but at least play the young guys. As well as the fi
  8. This. Plus, the one game where a membership should be worthwhile - a 'sell-out' Derby, as a White & Black member, get lumped in with loads of Sydney GA supporters. Got vertigo trying to find a seat. I'd predict a lot of people won't renew and will pick and choose certain games from next season.
  9. Announcement tomorrow so? By the way, not sure if you went Stringer/Damned, but The Stranglers were great on Saturday night.
  10. I reckon the 'football authorities' are a hell of a lot better than their cricket counterparts today. That cricket thing still going ahead? I think everyone knows it isn't.
  11. All things considered, the correct decision. And for once, it suits me... had sort of double booked myself tonight... now a clear run to the Enmore to see The Stranglers. No more heroes. [only folk of a certain genre will get this] [punk and football, it was a heady mix in the early 80s]
  12. Anyone got a tip on getting to this ground, if driving? Is there any chance of parking nearby, or is it better to park near a train station (Rockdale?) and train in the last bit.
  13. I think the problem is what's below Babbel. Merrick's best days are behind him, but as part of Babbel's team... interesting.
  14. We just don't look like a team. Our body language is all wrong. Arteta spoke about this, as the first thing he changed when he arrived at Arsenal. Personified last night with Meier/Muller colliding and Ziegler waiting for Lopar to arrive early on. There are some good bits. Adam needs to train constantly doing 1on1s against Jurman, so he doesn't get out muscled every time. Muller is good. We were better in the first half last night. But there's no self belief. There's no, "right lads, lets get stuck in here and put this game away before half time". We have some pace up fron
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