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  1. George: You see, you see? I see things as they are and I say, 'no!' Uh, wait, you see things as they are not and you ..- Wait, uh, you see things, do you see things as they are? What do you say when you see things?
  2. TheCroar

    Music Thread 3

    Cheers Wendy. For a while I was only familiar with Bish Bosch but recently started listening to Tilt and Drift. Cossacks Are was a definite highlight for me. A few years back Scott Walker collaborated with experimental band Sunn O))). One of the less obscure SunnO))) songs.
  3. TheCroar

    Music Thread 3

  4. TheCroar

    Music Thread 3

    Rust in Peace is my favourite too.
  5. I think the main problem regarding conspiracy theories is that there are so many of them, some so ridiculous, that it discredits them all in the eyes of many. Some will assume the 911 conspiratists believe in lizard people. I'm inclined to believe the illuminati theory, but many Americans who share this view also think the illuminati are performing satanic rituals, which i find ridiculous. I generally think that there is so much misinformation put out there, both purposely and unintentionally, that it drowns out the truth.
  6. There's something I've noticed in regards to conspiracy theorists, particularly those who believe 911 to be an inside job as well as believe the existence of the Illuminati/secret ruling elite. What I've noticed is that those conspiracists in the U.S are mostly right wing, while for the rest of the world they seem to be left. Is this an accurate observation? Has anyone else noticed this?
  7. TheCroar

    Music Thread 3

    That Johnny Cash song is crushing.
  8. Cheers Carns. Not sure what to think of recruitment yet. Maccarone looks good but we lost more than we gained. We need Kristensen back from injury.
  9. I don't take much notice of what's going on, i really don't believe or trust the media, but going by what i have seen/heard, it seems that there is a serious over-reaction to NKs missile testing. To me it looks like the order of events are: 1. NK test missiles. 2. The US/west threaten NK with war if they continue to test their weapons. 3. NK continue testing. Alot of threatening and chest beating going on. One thing to consider, those with the ability to start a world war have the most to lose. Are they gamblers?
  10. If you want to piss away thousands of hours in anger and frustration try Stronghold Kingdoms. It's another free to play, pay to win game on steam.
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