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  1. Ian

    Music Thread

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DmSbqmJaig essential listening for crust/punk/hardcore fans, best ****in album and its 32 years old.
  2. Third Sydney team is so dumb and would be shittier than Heart.
  3. Ian

    Music Thread

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsC2jKSRl4M Best ****
  4. Ian

    Music Thread

    (**** quality) (one hq track)
  5. Coriander is delicious.
  6. Ian

    Music Thread

    Two of my favourite rappers together on one track
  7. How is it possible to not understand 100 centimetres equals a metre? Riddle me that. Don't even try throwing millimetres at these people. Worst part is its not all old people.
  8. In my work I deal with a lot of people in the general public who don't understand the metric system. These people should be excluded from society.
  9. That leather strap dude just sounds like a boss, cane or not.
  10. Ian

    FC St Pauli

    If you're into St Pauli cos of their political stance, check out AS Livorno and some of their tifos.
  11. They got rid of the only smart cop in Parramatta the LAC recently, he also ran the shop. The new guy in charge has been brought in from st marys and obviously is more authoritarian.
  12. Side issue: People are confusing ultras with hooligans, completely different. Ultras shouldn't be a dirty word and most of the practices of active support worldwide are inherited from the old school Italian ultras including terminology (tifosi, capo etc...).
  13. My theory: The FFA just sold the club, RBB made them rich but they don't like independent active support so they are cracking down hard to turn our fanbase into Sydney FC v 2.0.
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