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  1. Not sure if anyone else is interested in these earlier rounds of the FFA Cup. Draw was released yesterday for Round 4, some decent match ups. Would be good to get down to a few games. My Bankstown City Lions are in a tough but classic matchup against Sydney United, should be a good game. https://www.theffacup.com.au/news/cracking-round-4-ffa-cup-preliminary-rounds-encounters-set-grip-nsw Full draw: Parramatta FC Dulwich Hill FC Arncliffe Aurora Manly United FC Glebe Gorillas FC Marayong FC
  2. Must win! Lets hope we can get a bigger crowd than Monday too. COYW!
  3. Attendances seem to be very low across the league, possibly the lingering effect of covid and people not wanting to go out. Either that or people have just lost interest in the league. I would say a mix of the two. I know quite a few people that used to regularly go to games with me and had memberships who haven't been to our games in years, let alone renewed. Mind you they lost interest before covid, in most cases due to our performance over the last few years. Hoping a good season and less restrictions will bring the crowds and atmosphere back!
  4. I seriously hope that this will turn out to be the right decision, if we were to hire someone and the same thing happen again as the last two coaches I worry about how much further we can fall as a club.
  5. Are you guys estimating about the amount of WSW membership in the Macarthur region or actually have inside knowledge about it? I've been interested in knowing about our membership base and the number of memberships from the different parts of West Sydney for a while but haven't been able to find anything. Super interested about membership numbers in Bankstown area which I call home.
  6. Agreed, think that was by far the worst atmosphere I’ve ever experienced being a Wanderers supporter, 7k people in an 80k capacity stadium and no RBB. Whether this new stadium solves all our issues or not I think it’s definitely a great first step to be back at a normal sized stadium purposely built for watching football. Along with that just being back in Parramatta for pre and post match will be refreshing after a long few years away!
  7. I think that it was inevitable that eventually there was going to be a new team in the Macarthur region of Sydney. I like many others though also think its a bit early to establish a team out that way. I think there were better current options for an A- League license such as Canberra, Wollongong and Tasmania. I've lived in Condell Park (Bankstown area) my whole life and along with being apart of the Western Sydney region it has also been classed in the the South West Sydney region. For me personally I much prefer sticking with the Western Sydney identity and I really like the Wanderers a
  8. Defo wouldn`t mind mind seeing Newcastle take it out this year, I`ve always quite liked them!
  9. I'm at halftime of watching the replay now and really disappointed about the sound mix, both the fact they have obviously made the Cove louder - I mean, you can hardly hear the **** off east sydney chant so it's clear they haven't mic'd the RBB up - but also that the crowd noise is just really low in general. It reminds me of some American sports coverages where you feel like they have just mic'd up the commentators box and you can hardly hear the crowd. If they want to get people to really understand the passion in the stands they need to do a better job of capturing the crowd noise.
  10. I`m going + 7 others. Lets go!
  11. Looking for a single ticket in the RBB for the game next week if any are available.
  12. First interstate trip since the famous one against Victory on the 28th December 2013. So keen I cant even sleep and its only Monday.
  13. In + another 5 lads. This ones gotta be big!!
  14. I feel as though if we can get the result in this game we can really get some momentum going forward.
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