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  1. Got 4 GF tickets for sunday, cost price @ $62. Bay 145 in wsw supporter area. message me if interested. Would hate to see them wasted
  2. Guys I have 4 spare GF tickets I'm trying to sell at cost price ($61.75). If anyone is looking for tickets, would be doing me a solid favour buying these. They are WSW support area - "Section 145, Row L" - message me here or on twitter if you're interested. I would be really sad to see them go to waste
  3. No one likes to see fans walking out when the teams is doing badly. That being said, I was sitting in the eastern terrace and the sunlight in your face is absolutely punishing. Full credit to the RBB for lifting when the team needed it most. Leading by example is always going to be more effective than abuse when it comes to the stands. Anyway time to put this game behind us and reunite for the derby.
  4. I was wondering about that. When the epic WDWSF's begun, the RBB used to point at both stands for a whole stadium response. And now in the stands we're not sure, because watching the RBB's hands they are pointing at the south stand (and for a while that was part of the WDWSF) so only about 25% of the people join in
  5. Is this a specific document or email you're talking about? I haven't seen anything from the club where they've come out in support of the fans so I would love to have a read. If it was said at the forum I guess I'll have to slog through the recording
  6. I'm keen to go but the time and location is a killer. Public transport to club marconi from the city after work would take over two hours. Then its an equally painful commute back to Ryde late at night. I'm looking at the driving routes - would the M5 or the M4 the best way to get there in peak hour traffic? From near QVB.
  7. I wonder how many games Popa has to win to get knighted. Sir Tony Popovic has a nice ring to it.
  8. Looks like I'll be spending the trial games learning player names again
  9. Pulling things out of our ass and tasting it - never a good choice
  10. Given its their home game, they will probably not be fielding a weak squad. WSW have done some unbelievable things in the past so theres always a chance though
  11. 1,300 people die every year driving in Australia. Thats like a port arthur massacre every two weeks
  12. We're keeping him fresh so as not to break his ACL appearance streak
  13. Why what did I miss? edit: I'm not actually bothered, just joking around btw.
  14. Lol the hills not in the west? Sounds like we need to loan someone the "geography for dummies" book again
  15. I imagine the game scheduling would be negotiated by foxtel/SBS/FFA with television ratings in mind and very little else
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