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  1. In. X 4 . Purchased our tickets when they when on sale the other week . we are pax 5200
  2. Signing Piksi would be incredible. Not sure how realistic it is though. At one point he was touted to take over at the gunners due to success in Japan.
  3. I love that Babbel is ripping Bossi. #BABELLIN Lets be realistic. Bossi is nobody writer for the smurf. NO ONES CARE about those clowns when they are winning and breaking records so he has to write something about a club that actually gets publicity to earn his crust. ******* loser . Would actually love roundhouse kick the prick.
  4. Lol at DG on the today show . Tony Jones asked him what his message for the fans is as they don’t want to pick up the papers on Sunday and ready about the fans unrest.... DG: “they better go hard , I can tell you that much”
  5. we have 14 foundation members in our group still screaming yellow ticket. we are in the 2300's
  6. Was thinking. Not sure if the emblem tifo is being used in the north terrace again for this game but it would be pretty baller pulling it down at halfway on the eastern stand this week!
  7. Ah PAX! Has anyone definitively figured out what it means hahaha . i did notice a significant spike in our memberships this week . Also , I assume the tickets which were being held for further membership purchases were released for sale . Also had a quick look at previous Corp tickets and they did not include a PAX.. so I said their are circa 2300 tickets left .... if the pax is correct .. 30k-4K - pax
  8. Jumped online to buy a single for a friend who is coming - planned of using one of our groups free tickets but all will be present . managed to get the seat a row in front of me. PAX 23636
  9. We need one of Santa’s selfie celebration! imo it’s up there with Pig Riddell clapping himself in the first row
  10. Perfect. Popa and Mario can go reminisce SU's days of relevance at MacArthur (via Turkey). Mandzukic would be one of the biggest coups in the history of the league. Skeptical that we can get that caliber of player here for our AUD peanuts - TAX
  11. I bet it’s just season fixture announcement
  12. Can confirm it unfortunately won’t be the bav once complete. We are the architects that have designed the building in that render. on a side note . Was standing next to a Leeds supporter (both of us kitted up in gear ) at the lights in Pyrmont as I was walking to the train station . Got me so pumped about parra match days see you all at the crown . COYW
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