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  1. Not sure what the issue is with the western side. It’s becoming quite common in stadium design . Corporate facilities on the broadcast side. Fans filled into stand on opposite side ... reality is that hospitality is a large part of the clubs revenue stream.. also having been to a stadium last year with similar planning (spartak stadium) it’s actually not bad ! The hard surfaces bounce the sound back towards the rest of the ground .
  2. sasam

    David Squires Cartoons

    and the eminem / risdon reference.... HAHAHA
  3. sasam

    RD 2 - Smurfs - Sat 27 Oct 2018

    Unfortunely not. Corp hospo tickets .... Based on the location of the box during the footy season (swans) ...... will be above the cove which should be a laugh
  4. sasam

    Opening Day Draw In Perth

    Loved it ... a German being sarcastic ... gold for me gin & Tonyik was immense .. apart from the hospital pass which shouldn’t have gone to him . Best on ground for me !
  5. Will be interest ing to see how the RBB set up shop. Whether the capo will be on lower concourse and engaging the upper? S
  6. Is it just me, or has the single terrace (referred to as "kop" in promo video) at the north end has been VM'd out? Last image shows a break in the concourse. Could have sworn they were pitching a single tier.
  7. Any want to wager that our first home game at the ground will be vs Perth ? HA
  8. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Bav is gone. Not sure if they are opening another one in Parra.... Sake will be taking over the church once the development on the site is completed. Construction on the site is due to start imminently.
  9. In 2018 i doubt an engineer / architect will be choose a material that they intended to fade via solar exposure - we arent talking about levi's here lol The colour is specified for a reason - e.g to reduce glare etc.
  10. sasam

    Gombau Sacked By Wanderers

    I personally think it would be a backwards step.
  11. sasam

    Gombau Sacked By Wanderers

    Incredible. Bring on the Messiah. I hope that in his first presser - he apologises for putting us in the **** 6 days out of the season.
  12. sasam

    Soccer Stoppage Time Tonight!!!

    “Those surrounding the show” are on the show week in week out . I find it hard to take anything at face value after work they publish (tweet) misconstrued / wrong /false claims . yeah Rallis may give great insights - and be entertaining at times but I also question his agenda most of the time. His interests lie with his clients . and he has a platform to make those interests known.
  13. sasam

    Soccer Stoppage Time Tonight!!!

    So true. hardly credible. May as well rename the show Bossi Stoppage Time.
  14. sasam

    Stop, Hamill Time!

    Dead right . for someone that works so close to the club I find it hard to comprehend the naivety. can I just remind everyone that last season , we finished with 6 more points than we have now (with 4 rounds still to go). the that bloke had the team for 5 years . The current bloke has had the team for 16 rounds . If results go our way (even with a loss or two 3rd is still a possibility). It may be an indictment on the league - 10 teams etc, but it’s a reality . Not going to throw the current gaffer under the bus just yet . Will give him a full preseason , recruitment and next season to see results. ... or the other option is to sit at home and sulk over an ex partner that dropped me night before engagement party - lol ... really don’t understand how anyone , after TP bailing could be longing for his return! we talk about passion for the club the region, we stand for something etc . well f*%# TP . He bailed on us. That’s unforgivable imo. And that’s because of how suddenly he dropped us into the **** . rant done . See you all in the stands for finals . Ha