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  1. At the moment it feels like we're waiting for the bus in the rain dreaming of having a Yaris
  2. Degenek seems like he would be a good fit with us after last night
  3. I heard Schweinsteiger isn't allowed to leave until Chicago win the world cup
  4. As long as the first parts correct I dont care if he has hair like Dino, or a wife that looks like Dino for that matter.
  5. No random YouTube car compilations? For shame
  6. Would sign Randy in a heartbeat....if he still had one.
  7. According to google (which like the FFA is always correct) Dortmunds average home crowd last season was 79, 653 and they have over 145,000 members. The difference, apart from the huge number of fans, is half their members can't get in because the stadium is full. Half of ours are at home by choice or banned.
  8. No surprises, but there are big differences between our situation and theirs. Dortmund have over 100yrs of history and the highest average attendance of any football club world wide. We have a club where more than half our members (who have already paid their money) are choosing not to come to games. It's not the hardcore football fans that the club should be worried about, it's the apathetic ones.
  9. It's funny how that "externally contracted" supporter marshal sprinted up the stairs of the bay like her life depended on it to speak with the cops. Its almost like someone cared about the fans! She should know it's club policy to ignore these things and then put out a weak media statement a few days later, or maybe an email to the fans threatening them.
  10. The RBB did this earlier in the season, "eff the FFA, eff the FFA, football fans are still number 1"
  11. So no games at spotless till at least round twenty then. Can the ground staff get the pitch fixed for mid Feb?
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