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  1. Where's the best place for parking, only at the stadium? Haven't been to Campbelltown stadium for a long time
  2. My 2 bobs worth; Redmayne has extremely poor judgment when to coming out especially in the first half. He looks lost. Same as last year, same this year. He is not a first team keeper. He costs us games your blind if you don't see it. Can't always blame the defence. Nico and Baccus deserved more game time. Why did popa take em off so early. Surely their fit. Much rather they stayed on for another 15 then throwing in lustica and melling. We lost all momentum when subbed. I suspect bulut has been put in place by popa. Will we have another Saba issue on our hands. Our defence is seriously exposed in the last 15-20 and they struggle to keep up with the pace especially in this period. On a positive note our first halves have been exceptional. I would be happy to see Baccus, nico, nicols, jumpei, Dimas and Santa/bulut start every week. When we hold the ball teams have no answer. Our press is good. FFS why is almost every game at 7.50. I know so many families that just can't make this time slot it's ridiculous. This definately has an impact on crowds. Onwards and upwards. We are working our way into the season and play some nice football.
  3. I bought some tickets today around 11ish pax was 43730. Members seats re-released to public this arvo and you get get some really good seats so I expect a good spike in numbers
  4. Tough target when afl give away thousands of free tickets.Give credit when it's due afl do it better than nrl.Tickets to the afl are less than our derby I think
  5. How about purchasing 2x 6 Ga tickets in the white and black section?would have been better mate but around a week ago the only available showing more than three was in the godsJust did a dummy buy online with 2 separate browsers and 2 different ticketek accounts.. Was able to get 2x 6 ga tickets black and white sectionThere are heaps of bays not released yet which are much better than what's on offer at the moment. Went into Ticketek they showed me on their system. Not sure when they will be released. They are trying to clear the "first release". Can't stand the way they promote this. Whatever happened to first in best dressed.
  6. i agree. And with the issues the club has had with sending the membership packs in the past, you'd think they'd try to get them out a hell of a lot earlier. i forget which year but i remember one season where the a lot of members had not received their membership by the first home match, they had to print out tickets at home, not sure what season thoughPretty much every year since season 1
  7. Wasn't cole injured most of last year hence the reason why he didn't play much
  8. This is why I'm asking about the ga. I got 5 extra people to come can't get active so maybe if we sit right up against the ga closest to the active it's pretty much the same
  9. Does anyone know if the category d, general admission is first in best dressed regarding seat allocations on the day?
  10. IIRC, Taurus said its a 2 week trial. Even if Popa was 99% sure he was going to sign him, he'd be keeping that close to his chest I don't understand why he would need to trial
  11. I know what you mean. However in my eyes, marquee is just the ability to add some good players outside of the cap. Sometimes i think there is too much emphasis on the status of itSmart thinking 99. Must have hit submit at the same time
  12. I agree but we only have guest and marquee spots available. I think in this case if he signs, the marquee is just used as terminology
  13. No. It's far less certain than people think.Ray Gatt and co ruining our fun with their factsBig statement to make if there is no truth to the article. It does state "come to an agreement". It sound plausible given it has specifics, ie 2 year deal, marquee etc
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