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  1. Cue biennial outrage at the community round not being included in membership
  2. In +3, a couple of rows from the back. First time at AAMI so looking forward to it
  3. Outdoor box at the derby is $1840 for an 8 seater, so $230 per person. That's quite a bit cheaper than other events; a 12 seater box at the origin cost $16,000, so ~$1300 per ticket (iirc). I think other events like the bledisloe cup are between the two. In summary: 27,000 people spending $30 per ticket plus average $30 on meals & drinks = $1.62m 3,000 people spending $230 per ticket = $690k (plus whatever gets put on spirits) So 10% of the people generate 30% of the revenue. In terms of stadium allocation this wouldn't be too far off a stand's worth. Not that
  4. Just bought two tix bay 37. Pax 15797
  5. History will be made at one of Rugby League’s most iconic grounds, with NSWRL set to bid farewell to Parramatta’s Pirtek Stadium when it hosts this year’s Grand Final Day on 24 September. All three NSWRL senior competitions - Intrust Super Premiership NSW, Ron Massey Cup and Sydney Shield – will hold their showpieces as part of an action-packed triple-header. The venue will hold the three deciders for the second consecutive year before it is likely to be demolished at season’s end. NSWRL Chief Executive Officer David Trodden said it was a privilege hosting what appears to be
  6. Champions league isn't salary capped. Can't we offer players $100k for the season and $300k for the champions league games? Or is there something about that in the cap?
  7. #teamsleepybus lived up to its name. Now got a few hours to get some chiropractic work done on my spine
  8. +2 on the bus from melb. With firefly, not sure if there is also a greyhound overnight. Has anyone who's flown not been 'randomly' stopped for an explosives test?
  9. im in +2. Flying to melbourne on Sat then overnight coach to Adeliade. Flight was $75 and $60 for the coach. $200 back on Monday, not too bad.
  10. I don't think they can just push the lot over and push it into the river. Government have a lot of requirements about minimising landfill and maximising recyclability, so that likely means more of a separated approach, eg rip all plastic seats out, remove copper, separate concrete and steel.
  11. All this carry on is going to be good for the parra stadium as it looks like being the only stadium that a politcian is going to be able to take a campaign picture in front of.
  12. Alberto did resign for next season, Dimas too. Just waiting on Andreu...
  13. But you can use the free wifi to stream the game to your phone!
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