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  1. Ah well we danced with the devil in 2014. Winning the ACL against all odds. The curse continues.
  2. I'd take a draw right now. We are too error prone its been the same for 5 years now. Constantly get picked off.
  3. Wow this is absolutely awful. We are the home team against at best, a middling outfit, yet we cannot dominate. We are almost playing on the break, at home. It's not good enough. We should be dominating possession, recycling the ball and keeping them penned in. We are a million miles from challenging for the A-League. At the end of the day we needed a goal from a defender to stay in it and we have only won one home game all season (against the very bottom team) Recruitment not good enough? Management? Ownership? Something is seriously amiss. Even if we jag a win here
  4. Another early concede. Another tough day at the office coming up
  5. I don't get the reference and cant be arsed looking it up but I do love the Small Faces. Steve Marriot, what a voice..
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