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  1. So pleased not to be going to the SCG or more importantly Sydney Olympic ****** Park. Everything else is a bonus. #winning
  2. No we won't average 20k per game. Your point is?
  3. I used to think Hertz Van-rental was a Dutch footballer
  4. yeah is Ziegler fit or is he going to be a constant, "injury - knee - 2 weeks", for the whole season!
  5. I can really see the Smurfs moving to Bankwest. It's the best football stadium in the country. At the end of the day we are just a tenant and money talks. It would be like the San Siro of Sydney.
  6. If it is an ACL then his season ended yesterday. And it means the Al Hilal curse (ACL pact we made with the devil) is still strong
  7. Duke put a cryptic message in FB saying how adversity only makes you stronger etc etc. Sounds a bit ominous..
  8. I'm sure the club are trying but it's not an easy sell based on the money we can offer. It really needs someone who wants to come for the experience because we (HAL) would be one of the lowest payers for sure. Plus there is very little known of the A-League overseas. It's a hard sell, I bet we get more knock-backs than anything
  9. In the interests of getting all the cliches out of the way. Our season starts here
  10. RBB almost sold out now. Should be a decent atmosphere if everyone who has bought in standing area knows what to expect
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