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  1. We wuz robbed..! Let's be 3 up at the break and take bad decisions, unlucky bounces, wordlies etc out of relevance.
  2. I hope FCB hasnt thrown a tanty. He is a respected member of this community. I'm sure most would appreciate his input. So he was proud we assigned a German coach with the football pedigree that accompanied that. What's wrong with that? That it's not working out as hoped is I'm sure as much a disappointment to him as it is to the rest of us. We all get it wrong. The desire of some to want him to eat humble pie is non constructive. What does that achieve? Come back mate.
  3. I just hope, was it, wasn't it a penalty doesn't mask the real issues. We were hanging on there after clearly being the better team for the majority. Then our coach moves to a back 3 and doesn't replace Duke who's virtually comatose. Yes our finishing is poor. But we are way underperforming for out outlay. Sotirio ffs!! That's down to the coaching.
  4. Penalty was harsh but they were all over us by then. It was inevitable. Terrible tactical decisions. Why keep duke on? It says a lot if our goalie is our best player again.
  5. We were the better team. Babbel makes a tactical switch to move to a back 3. The Nix then start to dominate. Maybe Babbel isn't as good as some think he is.?
  6. At least we are hanging onto 6th. No one will fancy us if we make the playoffs
  7. What's wrong with Meir? Surely he should be on for Duke now. Duke is like the Black Night from Monty python
  8. God. I wish. Just one day we'll put a team to the sword and win at a canter. It absolutely never happens
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