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  1. I don't think that they don't care I just think they will be running on a skeleton staff. Unfortunately they won't be putting money into admin so it makes dealing with the club frustrating which ultimately is a bit myopic and will probably cost them more than paying staff would have.
  2. Yeah this is the kicker. At the end of the day you'll be able to go to any game you want anyway. So the only reason to renew membership is either to maintain your tenure or loyalty.
  3. We do spend money. Just not wisely. Piovaccari was on a million for example I believe.
  4. 2016 MayDay. Proper English football night this. Takes me back. It will be just like the wind blowing in off the Trent too at Brisbane Water. Got the feeling that when we walk in we won't so much mingle with the crowd as form a large part of it..!
  5. no. Posh seats. Well posh row. Mate of mine is a Mariners member and he can't face going so he gave me his codes
  6. With Mooy to slide through an inch perfect pass... cue delirium.
  7. Do we actually know that Optus are seriously interested in the HAL? Or is it just wishful thinking? Also more pertinently has anyone heard anymore about Hyundai's sponsorship situation?
  8. Hope the club don't start debiting next years memberships from our accounts until there is some certainty around what is going to happen!
  9. I'm not going to say you are talking a load of bollox because it's as valid an opinion/assessment as anyone else's. Maybe Optus will step in but they will need to outsource the production. Maybe Fox will come back with a reduced deal? Will Macarthur pull out? Will Western Utd's boutique stadium ever get built? Will there be an overseas interest?
  10. Last time I watched City on TV I thought the VIC GOV had enacted a coronavirus containment policy as it looked like it was being played 'behind closed doors'
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