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  1. beatsurrender

    Football Media Discussion 2

    What a knob https://www.news.com.au/sport/football/pat-cash-ridiculed-for-inciting-aflfootball-debate/news-story/5af11052a467712e0e098d24644c349a
  2. beatsurrender

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    Most vital goal he ever scored was the second against Hiroshima. The stadium went off. He had one chance and knew he couldn't miss. He got right over the ball and put his laces through it. Was in the RBB that night and can still see it arrowing into the net. As they say the rest is history.
  3. If Happy was still around (he was a bit like Two Face wasn't he?) he would surely be ecstatic by the look of our new home.
  4. 5 nrl teams' home? What's happened to one of sport's great storylines? Home ground advantage or an away win against the odds.
  5. Exactly this. As with virtually all sporting grounds of note in this country they are centrally owned and operated and teams, like us, are mere tenants. The MLS have seen the light and most clubs there have boutique football stadiums now. In this country the operators only care about maximizing revenue. Come one, come ye all will be the catchcry.
  6. beatsurrender

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    Yeah but when Hadley goes off on a "NRMA need to look at who they are sponsoring etc" diatribe, he knows that NRMA is a much known brand to his listeners, putting 'AON' in there instead of 'NRMA' just wouldn't have the same impact because most listeners would be "Uh, who.. whatever.."
  7. beatsurrender

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    AON would be better actually. Because, just say, NRMA, being a local company, do at least hear the garbage sprouted by Jones and Hadley et al well AON wouldn't even raise an eyebrow to what these muppets would say.
  8. beatsurrender

    Football Media Discussion 2

  9. beatsurrender

    Toilet Seat Playoffs

    i was going to go up for the GF. Tried to get 2 tickets around 1.30pm. No chance. Apparently there were only 1,700 tickets left for general sale after the members sale. A bit disappointing. Just hope that a) everyone who has a ticket really loves the game and really wants to go and b) Victory get smashed.
  10. They wont need the capacity. Cant imagine the Eastern suburbs set travelling to Parra. No sure how many rah rahs we have out West. Maybe the pacific islander community. Manly is an awful stadium and an absolute cow meadow of a pitch so should suffice perfectly.
  11. looks more like a bone. Or maybe an ivory colour.
  12. beatsurrender

    David Squires Cartoons

    It was sent off overseas so Cornflakes could write a message in it. Hasn't been seen since
  13. beatsurrender

    Gombau Sacked By Wanderers

    Again we don't know what went down. How and when what was communicated. It's an awkward situation and these things are always hard to judge as everyone is human and reacts differently. One thing for sure this puts the cap on the grubbiest and most disappointing season ever. On and off the park.
  14. beatsurrender

    Gombau Sacked By Wanderers

    We don't know what happened between them. Maybe Robbie was really angry and felt unfairly treated, this is hardly a stinging riposte. More like a poor bit of sarcasm, maybe a touch of schadenfreude on Robbie's part
  15. beatsurrender

    Squad Development 2017/18 Part 2

    Jeez the wish list and "How about so and so.." has started very early this year. Only another 4 months and countless pages of this sort of speculation to go... eeek..