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  1. It is now sold out with the exception of the odd single seat here and there. Depending on the corporate turnout it could go close to the stadium record.
  2. I really think this has a smell of a thrashing about it. I don't think we'll get 5 but we we won't be far away. Our biggest derby win coming up. And in homage to MB it will always be known as the 'flat cap derby'. I've got mine..
  3. So with the safe standing area have they simply replaced 1200 or so seats with the same number of standing places? Surely they can use a 1.5 weighting at least for a standing area. ie 1200 seats = 1800 standing places? Otherwise it is always going to look sparse at the fringes despite being a sellout.
  4. Ah yes, Eddie Waring. "Aye, aye and that's an up and underrrrrrrr"..... ..and Giant Haystacks real name was 'Shirley'...
  5. Are they selling GA tickets called 'RBB seating' to ensure it doesn't look so sparse in the RBB standing area? As folk tend to move close together in the middle of the standing area it leaves gaps at the outer.
  6. Did you mean 'track' or 'hack' because I like what you did there?
  7. My PAX was 10,000 a week ago so not sure how that works because my tickets cant have included members but surely your PAX does?
  8. Yeah he did a great job tbh organizing that. Flights were astronomical. Kudos
  9. Ah the Gosford march. Hope it returns. Despite that friggin hill up to the Adam's family house. Last year was a massive downer.
  10. VB better than the majority of beets you'll get in a stadium. Heineken 3...puleeeaase!
  11. Not everyone is in it just for money though. Sometimes people can just want to experience another lifestyle even if they could stay in-situ for more coin. Maybe it wasn't a financial decision.
  12. If we can win for the first time on the road against the Vic in 6 years then our season, truly, starts here.
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