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  1. Agree. Three letters for one. PIO. What was it, about $500,000 per goal. Sheeesh
  2. Tbf the smurfs are still hanging on. Had we gone down a man and a goal we would have totally capitulated by now.
  3. Saturday night should be no problem though as the game will be on the main FTA channel
  4. Oh goody we will be getting some marquee money again. No doubt given our recent record we will be able to turn a foreign marquee from a game changing individual to one on the outer training with the kids!
  5. Very sad. Another clean out on the way. Hope springs eternal for next season. Great thread title. Reminds me of The Killing Moon by Echo & the Bunnymen
  6. In a salary capped league the gap is quite stark. It shouldn't be but we are clearly 2nd best even if we jag a goal.
  7. I wasn’t in the CR out camp until now. Our organisation defensively is shocking. That is down to the coach. Are we saying the Mariners have a much better squad than we do? I don’t think so yet I am sure they would not have lost 5-1 to Perth or 5-4 to Victory. They may have lost in Perth, absolutely, but not 5-1, maybe 2 or 3. They have a proper coach. One who knows how to work with what he has. It is an embarrassment the way we capitulate and if we scrape into the play-offs we will be bounced out immediately. I’m afraid CR can’t really coach, or even worse, learn from his mistakes. Let’s close
  8. We're adopting the rope-a-dope strategy again. Watch us come on strong last 30
  9. Kamau has become a crucial factor. Unfortunately like Tomi Juric and Romeo he is made of glass. Seemed to tweak something on Saturday and I would not be surprised to see him out for a period. At this level of the game someone who can run at opponents at pace and put their defensive structure on the back foot are real difference makers. We need Bruce to be fit and firing to make any impact from here on in.
  10. Win and its a 3 point gap. Lose and it's 9. A real '6 pointer' and a 'must win' if ever there was one.
  11. Checked the forecast. Only rain predicted all week is for Saturday evening!!
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