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  1. Do we actually know that Optus are seriously interested in the HAL? Or is it just wishful thinking? Also more pertinently has anyone heard anymore about Hyundai's sponsorship situation?
  2. Hope the club don't start debiting next years memberships from our accounts until there is some certainty around what is going to happen!
  3. I'm not going to say you are talking a load of bollox because it's as valid an opinion/assessment as anyone else's. Maybe Optus will step in but they will need to outsource the production. Maybe Fox will come back with a reduced deal? Will Macarthur pull out? Will Western Utd's boutique stadium ever get built? Will there be an overseas interest?
  4. Last time I watched City on TV I thought the VIC GOV had enacted a coronavirus containment policy as it looked like it was being played 'behind closed doors'
  5. And look what happened when we scraped up in the late 70s As for tonight; #CoxHatTrick
  6. I'll take a drawski. Unfortunately Kamau is one of our 'made of glass' players and will be injured on and off throughout his career. Pity as his form hit gold. Roar will play it as tight as they dare on their home patch. This has 1-1 all over it. OK by me, we have to ensure we don't lose momentum ahead of the next Derby. (PS for the Smogster - just like Forest Monday night at the Boro. Good solid away point!)
  7. It's all a bit flat isnt it? We may just scrape into the 6. If we do we'll be handed our backsides promptly. So once again it's looking forward to another interminable lengthy off season and pages of speculation over who we will, might, should sign. There doesn't seem much to play for does there?
  8. Who knows maybe we will never be any good again. The ACL curse Smurfs are over the hill and far, far away. We are down there fighting for the scraps with the Mariners and the Jets. The potential was there for us to be as consistently dominant as the Smurfs and Victory but we seem to have lost that advantage and the Rams will obviously eat into our base (the amount to be determined). If rusted on members start to drift then the club will slowly fade away.
  9. JP says we have to take the positives out of the game and move forward to next week. Really! No s**t Sherlock. Who actually comes up with this crap? We've been saying the same things (players and management) for the past 4 years. I'm not quite sure what positives they are talking about but they don't add up to a hill o'beans. We get no insight, no problem solving just platitudes and hackneyed phrases.
  10. Lederer says our squad is good enough to challenge hence Babbel's removal to ensure we get more from our potential. Lederer is plainly wrong. We are not good enough.
  11. Same old, same old. At home against the bottom team we struggled to a point. JP obviously isn't the answer. If he is then Lederer is asking the wrong question.
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