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  1. Thanks Paul. Yeah they have a special where the $80 plan is $59 currently. I’d be watching it off the phone (live) but I’m worried about it dropping out as it’d be over cellular. I just don’t get much confidence with Optus
  2. Hey guys, for those of you who watch EPL. Does anyone have Optus sport? I know that it’s not game related, but after a search of the forum there seems little recent talk about it and it’s merits. Other forums have canned Optus and their coverage, with **** resolution and clarity, drop outs etc common. However, as a human in this society I also know that people are more likely to post disgruntled comments than positive ones. I’m up for a new phone and Optus seem dirty to me, but their EPL coverage is slightly tempting. I already get BeIN separately so watch other stuff, but ha
  3. Yeah, the clubs working hard on that. I think Brad is losing hair over it
  4. Like this below. Construction contains many sections, stages and milestones. Grading, form work, reo, Concrete, steel work, utilities, irrigation(?), drainage, internal structures & services, et al. I want to know the nitty gritty. I know full well it’s being built Thanks for the update. There’s always dust though. Parramatta is a hot construction zone these days
  5. So anymore updates on the stadium? Anything more locked in? I know we all love our opinions on what if’s and hypothetical situations, but there’s a tonne of work being done out there (my place is dusty AF as proof) so sort of hoped we could get more real updatesin here, rather than talking about league and their conservative food
  6. Be fair Potkorok, this was their official Le Cove away trip. It’s not easy travelling so far which such little means. This is right up there with our Adelaide GF travel for difficulty and distance... can’t expect much
  7. Your first point about SydFC is (possibly) exactly what’s happening with us now. We go through this shitty teething crap for the benefits in future. If this wasn’t a derby people would be pissed but not at “Imma throw ma membership in da fire” angry (not saying you are, I’ve just been watching social media respond). Nothing good in life comes for free, Gombau has a record of making things come very good after initial issues, so maybe in time other fans will be envious of our improvement. The second point about the fans deciding which stadium to go to is a bit off I believe. When t
  8. It’s hard to get my head around. We got thumped, but we also have players who were able to beat their players. As a group we were pretty **** in transition and poor in communication and execution, but that comes from not “knowing” one another, not knowing your position or expectations. So, what’s going on in training? Why were so many passes lost, they fell short of their targets, were too low and lacked conviction and confidence. There are a few rules you can follow when defending 1-on-1, such as showing them the (side)line to keep them wide etc, but for fukcs sake stop letting th
  9. Yeah the clubs trying to figure it out, attendances weren’t mentioned at our meeting and the point was made that it should be told to supporters (whether they do or not is up to them) because we all have the impression that it will. Was it in an email at some point? It’s more based off your start date (and and your groups joining dates) and section. The issue is that whole western stand having to be moved... haven’t heard how they’ll do that. Good luck haha, I’m not envious
  10. I like to imagine that it's a veiled swipe at lowys attempts at being head of football in Australia. That's probably due to my severe hatred for the fact he is in the current position when he doesn't deserve to be and is an arrogant **** ...anyway, yeah probs about Arnie
  11. just some humour from Bayern https://www.fourfourtwo.com.au/feature/neymar-hit-with-fake-500-notes-with-his-face-on-by-bayern-munich-fans-479292
  12. Aw come on guys! Don't be so cynical, this is the FFA. They're the only competent ones out there trying to grow this beautiful game of theirs
  13. I seem to have missed the fact I have also read I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic which I found hilarious and interesting. It is exactly how I thought it would be. Stories of mischief (the bicycle thief) and determination pepper the book. I really enjoyed the laid back style (swearing and all) of the story, it just works for Zlatan Im 75% of the way through I think therefore I play by Andrea Pirlo. As I mentioned in my post of books earlier in the year, i wasn’t far off the idea of it being filled with art. He is an odd guy, but I love it. I found it difficult to transfer from Ronald Rengs w
  14. I forgot to mention that I also read Changing the game by Ange. This isn’t a blight on it, but I completely forgot it as I went straight to A life too short after and got wrapped up in the emotions of that touching story (seriously, read it. I found parts hard to read by association, but I believe I’m a better person for it) I love The work Ange has done. I think he is one of the best Australian coaches we have/had. He’s a stubborn man, but rather than get annoyed, I really wanted to back him in the stories he told. Someone with a dream and ideals who wouldn’t water them down for a
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