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  1. That was passing the ball around your own backline repeatedly and not moving forward....i'm talking about attacking dominating coupled with high pressing football ffs.
  2. Largely agree, however, teams who dominate possession would or should create more scoring opportunities and logically as a consequence score more unless they have inept strikers. Once our defence is solid and reliable then our middle should be able to have better control in the centre and on the flanks and move forward with confidence without having to scurry back and spend a lot or too time and energy defending. Still nothing is guaranteed.
  3. With having only 25% of possession against Esfc suggests to me a worrying lack of quality midfielders. However it may have something to do with tactics on the day, but looking at our dominance or rather lack of in the middle over the season so far, I fear it's more the former rather than the latter.
  4. Might need it to cover your eyes if things aren't going well.
  5. Try getting one to a WSW game and back again on a sat or sun, they don't run. And if coming from Macarthur anytime and miss a connection due to a late train then your late. Overall just very poor.
  6. Moving a little away from the subject at hand but still on train transport. For those of us who live anywhere south of Glenfield railway station and wish to travel to Parramatta, Blactown and further ie for a Wanderers game or maybe for work one has to catch 3 different trains. Macarthur to Glenfield, Glenfield to Granville then Granville to Parra. Now this is 2021 and here we are having to put up with this ludicrous and archaic railway system and connection between 2 major metropolitan centers in Sydney. Quite frankly it's ******* disgraceful and embarrassing. Oh, and to make things nice
  7. It sure does, however can we continue in this vein in the coming weeks? Our inconsistent and poor form (excluding sat last) may suggest otherwise, I think next sat game will give us a good indication.
  8. The problem will be maintaining the same drive, energy and intensity for another week or two, also, the atmosphere as crowd numbers will be halved as we won't see our once a year attendees till whenever. Then again WU might be overawed as they are used to playing in front of 900 or so.
  9. Yeah but they have a STAR casino on theirs and we don't so there.
  10. Well it's certainly not cover version of tunes from those old German rockers Bach, Beethoven or Brahms but I must admit I do like it. So, get JT and or Lederer to lock it in as our walk out tune.
  11. Has it landed? I believe NASA has officially declared it a UFO.
  12. CR at his post match interview when asked about pressure...."pressure is not having a job or a roof over your head" CR has risen a lot in my estimations.
  13. No, a bit better....20,300 I think.
  14. What a pleasant surprise that was. The defensive effort was immense, including Ziegler, who played his best game for us. I was critical of the decision not to chase a good central defender and sign McDonald, well that proved to be a bit silly on last nights performance. If only we can continue like this for the remaining games, here's hoping. Great boisterous and passionate crowd pity it wasn't a sellout.
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