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  1. Then what should we expect from Lederer? Should he walk away or should he as the majority owner carry the Club thru the next 6 months or so? He should tell Members what he is prepared to do or not to do. ps. Spare money is relative, is it not?
  2. And watch Morrison and Frydenberg morph into Marx and Engels.
  3. Could not agree more, I have a close relative stuck in Morocco and the Dept of Foreign affairs have been useless. An Aust Passport is worthless if one is in need overseas.
  4. Sad o'seas story: A couple in Northern Ireland who were married for 53 years died within hours of each other after contracting coronavirus. Christopher Vallely, 79, and his wife Isobel, 77, died over the weekend in the same room at the Mater hospital in Belfast. Christopher was hospitalised and placed in isolation 10 days ago after showing symptoms. Isobel was hospitalised last Thursday and died on Saturday night, a day after their wedding anniversary. Christopher was moved to the room she had occupied after his condition worsened. He died on Sunday 12 hours after his wife. Both had underlying conditions: Isobel had a stroke last year and Christopher was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. “They were amazing parents,” their daughter Fiona Vallely told the Irish News. “And they would have done anything for anybody. They were fantastic people and they did not deserve to go this way.”
  5. Maybe instead sing "You'll never walk alone" Stringer will join in with you for sure.
  6. I think I'm getting homesick, walk thru any town in Ireland and this young woman will wander by.
  7. In the US, Gizmodo is reporting that a 17-year-old boy has become the first coronavirus patient to die after being denied treatment because he lacked private health insurance. Gizmodo reports: Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, who is running for the Democratic presidential nomination, tweeted about the news, calling it “barbaric”. 968 people are talking about this
  8. And then there's this from Brazil: Bolsonaro subsequently admitted lives would be lost but added: “That’s life.” “You can’t shut down a car factory because people die in traffic accidents,” Bolsonaro said. Brazil’s far-right leader — who is pushing for tough lockdown measures to be lifted in states across the country — is facing growing fury from across the political spectrum and the country’s media. In an article titled “Trial of the future”, the Brazilian writer Ruy Castro captured the revolt: “There’s a sense that, if Jair Bolsonaro isn’t tied to a tree and gagged, before making any more disastrous moves, the cost in lives will be incalculable. But one day these lives will be counted.” Castro added: “Every single member of the government who, with their deeds or words, opposed the policy of social distancing and helped coronavirus spread will have to pay the price ... It isn’t right to call Jair Bolsonaro irresponsible. He is the person most responsible for whatever happens in Brazil — and he will have to answer for it.”
  9. True, Bankstown Sports Club stood down 500 staff today and that does no include cleaners or restaurant staff.
  10. I wonder if it's painful?
  11. Ex Horse Industry (racing) piece of excrement. He should be in prison for what he allowed to occur to thoroughbred horses during his time there. Low life, NRL can have him.
  12. Bit unfair on Hawaiians.
  13. One would now think that it is almost certain that all Football comps will be cancelled.
  14. This does not inspire confidence either: 2700 passengers of a Cruise ship let loose in Sydney despite some on board displaying flu-like symptoms. 4 of the passengers have tested positive for Coronavirus. Border security my arse.
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