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  1. Spontaneous Piano/ Sax at Charles D Gaul Airport, never met before and love how she plays the lower notes to compliment the Sax.
  2. Let me put it this way, 2 pre-seasons ago we struggled to beat Blacktown FFA Cup and consequently had a poor A. League season. Last year we played Bonnyrigg (ffa cup) at Marconi we struggled badly, putting it mildly we were crap. And we had an even poorer season. So should we struggle against SU58 then pessimism or doubt begins to take hold. I'm also positive that the forth coming season will be very good, however, a poor game on Wed next will dampen that somewhat. Having said that expecting to win cruising 2 to 4 goals to nil.
  3. Zico and the Killers: Wonderful player...His back heel and thru pass with 2 touches against the best defence in the game is sublime. at 1: 46. Small in stature (reminds one of George Best) with a killer free kick, so good that Keepers didn't even bother to move.
  4. If we can't dispose of SU58 in regulation time, we should be having a good hard look at ourselves.
  5. Good live rendition of Ewan McColl song about Salford by the Pogues. And yes Shane McGowan is still alive believe it or not. Possible Walk out Song.
  6. Beautiful song about growing old and nature. Christy Moore, Declan Sinnott and Donal Lunny.
  7. Don't know if this performance by Italian defender Claudio Gentile set some sort of record. In the 1982 World Cup he was tasked with marking Maradona in a group match. Gentile tripped, kicked, elbowed, bumped etc etc Maradona consistently and ferociously recording 32 fouls. After the game the players didn't bother exchanging shirts...probably as Maradona didn't have much of his left on his back. I wonder how much the Ref got in match fees for His performance? Treatment such as this was commonly dished out by defenders on Class attackers in the 60's, 70, and 80's. Players such as Maradona, Pele, Best and Cruyff etc have/ had the permanent physical scars on their legs to prove it.
  8. Ossified

    La Liga

    Even better He's 38...possible Marquee for us maybe?
  9. Athletico Bilbao 1st team play 200 local kids, c,mon WSW be innovative.....
  10. Yes, well we have had at least a hundred hunch's, could be's, maybe's, possibles, probables, might be worth a try.....and many more to come before the season starts in about 50 days time.
  11. Yep, probably County Cork.
  12. Ossified

    Music Thread 3

    How close to the original can one get?
  13. Ossified

    Music Thread 3

    Amazing cover.....A Day in the Life.
  14. Taurus are you able to throw some light on Kosta's Perth injury, is it a 2 to 3 game knock or more serious than that?
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