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  1. Remember Badgerys Creek is as close to Blacktown as it is to Campbelltown...whether we like it or not this SWS decision will have a significant affect on Wanderers future growth. The FFA and especially the Smurfs new this and they got their way, surprise, surprise.
  2. I fail to see a massive football following it's still a league place, This, and therein lies the problem.
  3. "South West Sydney a dumb decision". Pushed by the corrupt Lang Walker who will walk away after a few seasons.
  4. The Jaryd Haynes Stand should loook good...go Parra.
  5. Ossified

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    Can someone please explain why (arguably) our 2 best players in the past 2 years Antonis and Ikonimides were not re-recruited when they left Europe? As has already been mentioned our recruitment when compared to Victory, Smurfs etc has been very poor.
  6. Ossified

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    It's not dark yet, but it's getting there.
  7. There's more : Clearly we're in good hands (FFA that is). Nogarotto replaced Tony Nutt as New South Wales state director of the Liberal Party in January 1998.[10] In the wake of the Liberal Party loss in the 1999 New South Wales state election, senior Liberal figures such as Jeff Kennett called for Nogarotto's sacking. Former leader Peter Collins described the campaign as "the most incompetent election campaign that the Liberal Party has run in living memory" and suggested Nogarotto should take responsibility.[11][12][13] Nogarotto ultimately resigned in January 2000
  8. Totally agree, however, they were Nagrotto's best mates so what does that tell you about Nagrotto?
  9. FMD, we have gone from Lowey to a bunch of Shysters.
  10. And Nagarotto :ABC Four Corners report (2002) that shows current FFA Board nominee Remo Nogarotto lied to Graham Arnold and Robbie Slater duping them into investing in Northern Spirit when it was on the verge of collapse
  11. Comment posted in the Guardian: By a neutral supporter I believe. So the VAR was for obstruction and it’s given for offside that neither the Ref or linesman saw. Chris Beath spoke to the TV because he had f’d up. You don’t use the technology to effectly cheat . He is a graduate of the Scott Morrison School of BS. And it had to favor the FFA darlings Sydney who always seem to be protected petals. And as Bozza said if these deliberate mistakes keep being made the people will turn off the game. And Brosque is always up their backside to Get prefential treatment. How the heck did Grant stay on the field being on a yellow and sliding in for a late tackle.
  12. Ossified

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    Never mind all this crap about a serious new top class signing...what the Club/supporters really needs is much more info or rumours on our 4th Kit. I mean why spend Money when you can make it?
  13. Ossified

    David Squires Cartoons

    And, Royal Bumlicking! lol To be fair, if it weren't for them pesky Quebecois, Canada would probably beat Oz in the Royal Buttlicking Power Rankings
  14. Ossified

    RD 2 - Smurfs - Sat 27 Oct 2018

    A really good pair of Binoculars will be required.
  15. A joke, yes, and a bad one at that. If you had Black Membership seats (near the half way line) in the old stadium, you will now be shoved into the corners of the Eastern stand. I expect there will be many unhappy members (black) giving membership second thoughts under this arrangement.