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  1. Fran Kelly interview with Malcolm Turnbull this morning. https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/breakfast/calls-inquiry-into-death-of-woman-allegedly-raped-1988/13205762
  2. Interesting interview this morning on RN Breakfast. Malcolm Turnbull raised the question "do we know whether the woman allegedly raped committed suicide?
  3. A Waterboard spokesperson said that it was part of a large greaseball which has been causing major blockage problems around Sydney's sewage system especially in Parramatta.
  4. Extract from Eduardo Galeano's classic book " Soccer in Sun and Shadow. On the Referee. Sometimes, though rarely, his judgment coincides with the inclinations of the fans, but not even then does he emerge unscathed. The losers owe their loss to him and the winners triumph in spite of him. Scapegoat for every error, cause of every misfortune, the fans would have to invent him if he did not already exist. The more they hate him, the more they need him. For over a century the referee dressed in mourning. For whom? For himself. Now he wears bright colors to disguise his distress.
  5. Weather forecast not good, similar to last sat night, thunderstorms rain etc.
  6. Ok now, got it sorted.
  7. Where in the ground are tickets available for WSW supporters?
  8. Smoggy's rip on Animals Hilton Valentine reminded me also of Alan Price. My name is Geordie McIntyre, An' the Bairns don't even have a fire So the wife says "Geordie, go to London Town!" And if they don't give us half a chance, Don't even give us a second glance Then Geordie, with my blessings, burn them down.
  9. Yes, twas dumb. Dublin rang Barnier as soon as this got out and told him to fix it which he did. Meanwhile the Lads in Monaghan and South Armagh (bandit country) were rubbing their hands with the prospect of huge smuggling profits/dollars from driving truckloads of Vaccines via the many backroads over the Border.
  10. UK Gov policy threatens Irish Peace Process agreement for 5 yrs (Article 16) E U Commission Policy threatens Irish P P Agreement for 5 hrs. Guess who Brexiters think is worse?
  11. Pissing down in Leumeah....fancy having to pay 50 or 60 bucks to sit in the rain.
  12. The problem with VAR is that it is consistently inconsistent thus defeating the purpose of it's own creation.
  13. And a little closer to home, and not a peep out of Morrison or his mates......wouldn't want to upset his BASE. The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald reported that dozens of far-right extremists gathered in the Grampians and Halls Gap over the Australia Day weekend, chanting white supremacist slogans, raising their arms in Nazi salutes and some wearing army fatigues.
  14. As I said recently this guy is a fully rusted on Smurf supporter (doubted by some).....Well and truly entrenched inside the Harper, Speed, Slater, Bossi Smurf tent.
  15. What a wank of a sport.....5 days for a draw. Maybe just maybe for a change we could play India next.
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