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  1. In south america at the moment. I will be on a patagonia tour while the game is on. I guess I will find out the damage once I get back to the hotel.
  2. The strategy for a few seasons seems to be, let's not take an open shot at goal (whether it be close or far), let's wait until the defense is set and then pass to a player who is in a worse position. Or am I missing something?
  3. "Mistakes" would imply that he did not intentionally screw us over.
  4. Wanderers definitely didn't play great but up until that point the jets had struggled to score. The decision (or non decision) was a game changer.
  5. Our team seems have no defence against the long ball to a mobile attacker.
  6. If it had been esfc or city$$$ it would have been a definite pen.
  7. Agreed. Give the ffa exactly the press conference they deserve.
  8. The referee should have the ultimate decision. However, as mentioned previously, no one has any idea what goes on in their feeble minds (lottery).
  9. Biggest problem with kayo is that it depends on the quality of the internet. As I am with bigpond the quality is not consistent. Lots of lagging and outages. Probably time to consider another provider.
  10. I thought Mr squiggle was drawing the lines.
  11. Need to wait until we slide further down the ladder first.
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