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  1. I am in no way a Simon fan. However, that second yellow was the refs making sure that the ffa got the result they wanted.
  2. If I am Woolies' only customer, then I am likely to get more of a say.
  3. I wish I moved that poorly when I am on the field. 😂
  4. Let's hope the mariners have a blinder against the nix today.
  5. Are the suits acknowledging the action (or inaction) that the rbb is taking and their reasons for taking it? Or are the suits taking the "head in the sand" strategy?
  6. One of the few times this season a draw feels llike a win.
  7. Holding onto the ball better in the second half. They must be checking out this forum.
  8. All they need is to stop turning over the ball. Unfortunately they don't have skills to step around the opposition. Just play the safe passes.
  9. What does everyone think of our chances of jagging another win before the 20 April?
  10. Nothing to see here, move along.
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