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  1. He could have been 10m onside and the var would have still given it offside. You have to remember which team he was playing for at the time.
  2. They didn't have their Mexican fans tonight.
  3. "Robbie Kruse, what is your super power?" "I fall over a lot".
  4. Also, not the bias of the rest of the a league refs.
  5. I was working in the US during the 2006 world cup. Our family used to go and watch the games on the big screens in a shopping centre in Fort Worth. It was always packed with Mexican immigrants who were so passionate. We had a ball watching the games with them.
  6. I think the Mariners have another goal in them.
  7. The last couple of fouls in the box were worse than the 2 penalties.
  8. Simon is a protected species with the refs. Only picks up 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 cards for fouls that deserve one.
  9. It looks like they ran out of ideas.
  10. Can't wait to play Adelaide if they are going to make pass backs like that.
  11. Who designs the Mariner shirts? Tonight it looks like a Glory shirt which has had the colour washed out on laundry day.
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