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  1. Didn't manage to do that against Victory.
  2. Another win and potentially we could be back in second.
  3. Passing practice required. Always better to pass to your own players. Maybe they forgot they were playing in white. Way too many easy turnovers killing promising attacks.
  4. Mexican football fans are hard to beat. Considered by some to be some of the best Latin American fans. No malice, they just love the game.
  5. A bit hypocritical really. He has probably done worse. But we tended to overlook it when he was on our team.
  6. Makes you wonder if Santa has had a falling out with the club. It would explain why he didn’t come back to the club. A shame, as I used to have a lot of respect for him.
  7. As soon as Berisha felt the hand on him, he pulled away and went down to try and make it look like more than it was. I don't take much notice of the bias idiots in the Fox commentary team.
  8. Where's the yellow for the dive by Berisha?
  9. That could be the next chant. "We're not as bad as Victory". 🤔
  10. Based on tonight's performance, at least we don't have to worry about wooden spoon.
  11. So it could be worse. Could be a Victory supporter.
  12. I don't disagree that this was a great team. But when you chop and change then you need some luck to be able to end up with the right players.
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