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  1. Yes, but it is way too late for the media to get the public and government into panic about the everyday flu.
  2. The police presence at the mariners game is a bit over the top. I saw at least 2 police on the telecast. That is one for each of the mariners fans. 😂😂😂
  3. Doesn't even have to be NPL. If scouts got out and about at some local club matches they could spot plenty of diamonds in the rough, who don't have the contacts or the $$$ to go through the normal player pathway process.
  4. You have to remember that he needs to use the "it wasn't me, it was them" line, as he needs to consider his coaching future. If it was all about the level of Australian football, why are some teams consistently winning and others consistently losing?
  5. Interesting news article title on the Wanderers web site. "Wanderers dominate but forced to settle for a draw". Whoever titled that article was obviously watching a different game to me. Should have read "Wanderers dominate for a few minutes but lucky to settle for a draw".
  6. Have they been training with the men's team this week?
  7. I have no interest in looking at another team or walking away. But it would be nice to see some commitment from the club/team/players to turn the situation around. I am not seeing that at the moment.
  8. I get the impression that Brighton was happy to throw the FA Cup match today. No Mooy or Ryan, arguably 2 of their best players. FA Cup probably too much of a distraction if the team is trying to avoid relegation.
  9. Much, much cooler here from what I hear. Now in Chile on the way to Equador. Everyone back in Aus please stay safe while these fires are raging.
  10. Unfortunately, A League in winter would not be sustainable. The support for sports that people want to watch but not play (real football is still the most popular participant sport in Aus) is too strong. And also the media support for those sports is too strong. It would be better to plan game times better. But the problem with that is that the foxtel gods would get upset and dump A League.
  11. Will be at sea in the Atlantic. Hoping to see a win once we get back to wifi access in Argentina.
  12. Working fine through our internet here in South America. Using android phone and tablet over the hotel wifi.
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