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  1. Not sure they made a mistake with Ange. I think it is more that he now has players that can play the style and tempo that he wants to. Previously, he has to use Australians.
  2. On that trajectory the team would then peak putting on their socks and not make it out of the change room.
  3. Well we haven’t lost for the last 4 weeks. So I guess its kind of a mid season revival. Sure we have only played the last 2 teams in the comp in those 4 weeks, but don’t let that spoil the party.
  4. If they play like a pub side, treat them like one. Miss hit pass, fined. Sh!tty first touch, fined. Skied shot at goal, fined. It may not make us a better team, but at least the club will get another income stream.
  5. Easier for a-league clubs to hire players with a-league experience than actually go out and scout players from NPL which may be a diamond in the rough.
  6. Maybe makes no sense for in-house productions, but couldn’t the a-league just engage NEP or similar to work directly for them and cut out the middlemen? Then they could engage a company just to show the game and provide the commentary and various weekly shows.
  7. Be interesting to know how many of those missed passes were forward and not side to side. That seems to be the norm. I liked the way that Ziegler made some forward runs on the weekend when he won the ball and there was no-one in front of him. It may have not come to much, but showed at least some commitment to move the ball forward. which was a nice change.
  8. Tass should be signed immediately to a long term contract. I hate the thought that he may turn out for another A-League club. He was the best defender we had for the last 2 seasons and its a shame his development has been slowed this year by Babbel not using him. Understandable if he heads off overseas.
  9. Wow, who would have thought it. 1. Score more goals and concede less 2. Play better 3. Actually have a plan The article definitely hits the issues on the head, but this has been what i have been reading on this forum all season. How these 3 issues get fixed is the big question.
  10. Question for those that attend training sessions. Do we train like we warmup? Where the defenders and midfield pass the ball amongst themselves and the forwards shoot at goal? Only reason I ask, I that this is how we play. We are great passing between the defence and midfield and no idea about getting it into the front third.
  11. Not the worst. Came to us in not great shape, and maybe his size made his running style look cumbersome, but i think he genuinely put in to try and make it work. From what we know, he didn't spit the dummy and blame others. So no, not our worst signing in my book.
  12. Even in ice cold conditions, 2 minutes into a game, Meier was never going to get on the end of a through ball. His strength seemed to be ball to feet (had a good first touch) and back to goal. Our problem was we never used him like this. If the ball was played to him, the players didn't move, or not into a position to receive it back. As others have mentioned, i hope Cox turns out to be in the same mould as Le Fondra & Donovan. This will be considered acceptable. Then we just need to convince the club interested in Baccus to up their bid and we can buy a CAM.
  13. https://www.transfermarkt.com/simon-cox/profil/spieler/37150 Compared to Andy Keogh if this is the guy.
  14. Simon Cox I think it said... not full article but in a short headline. The search reveals this bit, but as mentioned, the article is no longer there. 18 month deal apparently..
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