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  1. Just saw that Messi has a clause in his contract stating he can leave on a Free within 10 days of the Champions League Final. The idea of marquee, coach, owner is still alive.
  2. I must say that i agree Neverbloom. As much as i still love the club, i don't have the same excitement around game day, and i think this is down to a few things: Even before we left Parra for SOP, there were many people in the crowd who were there to chat and catch up instead of watching and being absorbed in the game The RBB. As great as everyone of those people are in creating the atmosphere, the impact has been slowly melting away. This was a huge reason for me becoming a member instead of just watching the team from afar Away fans - I used to love seeing the huge numbers of Victory and SFC fans filling into the north end of Parra Stadium. These numbers have dwindled away some what The football - for the last 3-4 years the football has not been exciting. This doesn't mean we don't win every game (but lets be clear, winning is better) but the games haven't had that excitement that we had in the early days. I am not one to worry about the club and what they do for me. I understand for some, this is important. I am just interested in being excited about turning up and watching my team every 2nd week. Look forward to hearing from other fans.
  3. What does this say? That the Wanderers weren't able to compete with a multimillion dollar contract over 2 years which will set Duke up for life? As sad as i am to see Duke go, i am not unhappy that we didn't pay overs to keep him. From the video that was shared by the club, hopefully we will see him back in Red and Black in a few years.
  4. Wasn’t sure where to put this, but I have looked at the results for the year against each opponent. Adelaide - 6/6pts win, win Victory - 6/6Pts win, win Sydney - 7/9pts win, win, draw Central Coast - 7/9pts win, win, draw Wellington - 3/9 loss, loss, win City - 1/6pts loss, draw Newcastle, 1/6pts loss, draw Brisbane - 1/9pts draw, loss, loss West Utd - 1/9Pts loss, draw, loss Perth - 0/9pts loss, loss, loss 26 of our 33 pts came against 4 clubs in 10 games, 2 of which were the bottom teams and 1 who was the champions. We picked up just 7 pts from the other 6 teams 15 games. No idea what it means, but thought it was interesting. Any other year, 13/15 pts against Sydney and Victory was be considered a successful year.
  5. Maybe our players are crap, but what do you expect when we play a system which seems foreign to them all. Our defence have players who don’t know where or how to defend. We have no midfield because the holding midfielders sit on top of the centre backs and out forward line comprises 3 guys that you could throw a blanket over. When our wingbacks do break, they have no support and no options. All this i think is down to poor recruitment and trying to play a system which tries to fit in our (so called) best players. JP should revert back to a 442 which players would have played all their lives, and then pick the best players in each position. The great news is, I don’t think the team could do any worse.
  6. I know it has no chance, but this would be nice to see. I am sure Schwegler would love to collect the ball, look up and actually see 5 red & black shirts in front of him.
  7. Please stop with the 7 at the back. We wonder why we have no midfield and no attack. The wing backs pick up the ball and have 6 other players behind them. The looked so isolated. Would love to see 4 at the back and only 1 holding midfielder.
  8. Not sure about Babbel giving him a glowing reference. Duke above attributed his goal scoring form with the sacking of Babbel.
  9. If Sydney can have Ninkovic under the cap, then surely Duke can fit under ours. Unless Sydney have borrowed the Roosters sombrero...
  10. Compared to the previous weeks, i found that our 3 centre back played very centrally which meant that the 2 wing backs played back a lot more. We basically played 5 across the back. Then when the Brisbane strikers dropped back, instead of our centre backs pushing up to mark them, they let our holding midfielders drop back to pick them up. In other words, we had 7 players behind their front line. This allowed their midfield to run at us and all the time in the world. It also meant that when we broke, we had 3 players up that end of the field.
  11. Has someone checked if Babel is back in the dugout? Feels like the old days
  12. Jurman should be taken off. There have been times that he is just a spectator. The centre backs need to push up and mark their strikers and allow the holding midfielders to put pressure on the ball players from Brisbane. At the moment we have 5 players behind their strikers. No wonder we have no outlets going forward.
  13. And the revival continues. Was a good win last night. Passion and commitment was good and the team tried their heart out for 90min. Was a good night at Parra and had a feeling of old. Well done to the team and the 9k supporters that turned up.
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