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  1. If Sydney can have Ninkovic under the cap, then surely Duke can fit under ours. Unless Sydney have borrowed the Roosters sombrero...
  2. Compared to the previous weeks, i found that our 3 centre back played very centrally which meant that the 2 wing backs played back a lot more. We basically played 5 across the back. Then when the Brisbane strikers dropped back, instead of our centre backs pushing up to mark them, they let our holding midfielders drop back to pick them up. In other words, we had 7 players behind their front line. This allowed their midfield to run at us and all the time in the world. It also meant that when we broke, we had 3 players up that end of the field.
  3. Has someone checked if Babel is back in the dugout? Feels like the old days
  4. Jurman should be taken off. There have been times that he is just a spectator. The centre backs need to push up and mark their strikers and allow the holding midfielders to put pressure on the ball players from Brisbane. At the moment we have 5 players behind their strikers. No wonder we have no outlets going forward.
  5. And the revival continues. Was a good win last night. Passion and commitment was good and the team tried their heart out for 90min. Was a good night at Parra and had a feeling of old. Well done to the team and the 9k supporters that turned up.
  6. Still lots of mistakes but so much more commitment and passion showed by all the guys. Putting their bodies on the line. Much better to watch and a very good win.
  7. I recon there is less than 2500 here at the moment. Unless a lot are hiding at the bar and food outlets.
  8. Not sure they made a mistake with Ange. I think it is more that he now has players that can play the style and tempo that he wants to. Previously, he has to use Australians.
  9. On that trajectory the team would then peak putting on their socks and not make it out of the change room.
  10. Well we haven’t lost for the last 4 weeks. So I guess its kind of a mid season revival. Sure we have only played the last 2 teams in the comp in those 4 weeks, but don’t let that spoil the party.
  11. If they play like a pub side, treat them like one. Miss hit pass, fined. Sh!tty first touch, fined. Skied shot at goal, fined. It may not make us a better team, but at least the club will get another income stream.
  12. Easier for a-league clubs to hire players with a-league experience than actually go out and scout players from NPL which may be a diamond in the rough.
  13. Maybe makes no sense for in-house productions, but couldn’t the a-league just engage NEP or similar to work directly for them and cut out the middlemen? Then they could engage a company just to show the game and provide the commentary and various weekly shows.
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