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  1. I see McDonald a lot like Cox. Not as fast as they used to be but very good at reading the game and, as you say, getting in between the lines and creating space for others to run into. I do think McDonald has a little more goal poacher in him than Cox though.
  2. I see the article only provides quotes from Ugarkovic's agent, so names still seem to be speculation. The source of them will be interesting. As it could be who Newcastle have asked for, not necessarily who WSW have agreed to send. For me, Tass is much more valuable to the team at the moment than another defensive mid. Also, why would Tass want to go there. Surely just after he arrives Boogaard will be back from injury. So he may be on the bench anyway.
  3. I hope it isn't Baccus or Tass. 1. They are both good young players 2. The club has the potential to get a nice transfer fee for both of them some time in their future. You would assume/hope that it is players that we deem surplus at the moment but the Jets may find useful.
  4. Wasn't sure where to put this. With the lockdown of Brisbane again due to COVID, has there been any communications about our game there on Saturday? I have heard what League and AFL are doing, but nothing ever mentioned the A-League (not that i am surprised).
  5. So agree with this.. and to make matters worse, our attacking mid (Troisi) feels that he needs to drop behind our 2 holding midfielders to collect the ball.
  6. From the report, they had won 3 of their last 4. Agree there must be more to it than performance. If not, tough task masters. I am sure Victory will be contemplating it. I did notice overnight that their foundation shareholder and board member Richard Wilson quit the club. Apparently a disagreement with the direction of the club. I wonder if this had anything to do with a plan to get, or not get, Popa as their coach.
  7. I thought I heard that the BBL final was allowed to be at 75%.
  8. With McGowan injured and Ziegler out of form (trying to be nice), i think we have lost a lot of depth in that CD position. Playing 3 at the back now means we have no back-up if anything goes wrong. Also, we have been stacking the team with midfielders, maybe we need to start picking a few of them. But I agree, i don't think a new formation is likely to happen.
  9. Hopefully having an attack this year that poses a threat may mean that we don’t need to rely on Lopar for us not to lose a game. I have always felt that teams attacked us more as they knew we offered nothing going the other way. We were never able to put scoreboard pressure on the team.
  10. Has anyone heard anything more about the draw being released for next season?
  11. They were both in Canada in 2013, so you never know. And both played at Toronto.
  12. Stick with a tried no tested NPL coach. That seems to be the quality of the team we will have next season.
  13. Just saw that Messi has a clause in his contract stating he can leave on a Free within 10 days of the Champions League Final. The idea of marquee, coach, owner is still alive.
  14. I must say that i agree Neverbloom. As much as i still love the club, i don't have the same excitement around game day, and i think this is down to a few things: Even before we left Parra for SOP, there were many people in the crowd who were there to chat and catch up instead of watching and being absorbed in the game The RBB. As great as everyone of those people are in creating the atmosphere, the impact has been slowly melting away. This was a huge reason for me becoming a member instead of just watching the team from afar Away fans - I used to love seeing the huge n
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