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  1. Can’t say I’m a fan of the 3 at the back, particularly when our 2 DMs drop so deep to get the ball. At times we had 5 players behind the ball whilst in possession. No wonder there were no options up the pitch.
  2. What makes our roster so much worse than the others? The fact that we haven’t signed a heap of recycled a-league players and have signed players from the youth set-up that have lived and breathed the Wanderers brand for the last few years? Let’s give them a go. I, for one, prefer that we are growing a team from the ground up. And all the other signings seem to be of quality. Hopefully we start to see the benefits of this with salary concessions. For years people have complained about the turn over of players and the recycling of sh!t players from other clubs.
  3. Fair enough. Watching it with no commentary. Looked to be some ugly scenes afterwards to with the Hume City crowd throwing things at the Mariners as they left the park.
  4. And then fumbles one over the line for the winner...
  5. Did Majok just miss an open goal at the far post in the 89th minute?
  6. Actually, countdown to the next page... a signing is still a few pages away I believe... ( 21 posts to go )
  7. If the foreign player is coming in under the cap then agree. But for the two marquees spots available, it isn't about the money clubs CAN offer, its about the money clubs are WILLING to offer. Very big difference.
  8. Hope this is more of whats to come from the season ahead rather than a one off for a friendly. I also had a joke with a police officer whilst crossing the road outside the leagues club.
  9. Yes he did, but i found we seemed to have a lot of space between that back three, to such an extent that it did look like he was a right back. I hope we revert to a back 4, with McGowan only a back up to Tass and Ziegler. I found most game we seemed to have 5 at the back, plus the two holding midfielders with nothing between then and the forward line. We look far more balanced last year when we played 4 at the back (although it didn't help conceding goals obviously).
  10. I thought McGowan was the one at the back that looked terrible. Him and Kamau looked like they were just introduced before the game.
  11. Just bought tickets for the game. PAX 19559... I do hope it's a sell out.
  12. Yes, but a lot of the 50,000 were there to beg the club to buy Mbappe https://talksport.com/football/558456/eden-hazard-real-madrid-fans-chant-kylian-mbappe/ How would you feel.
  13. Could it be Ross McCormack? He’s a free agent since being let go by Aston Villa. I hope not.
  14. Just hope we don’t get a home semi in May. The playing surface will feel like a cow paddock.
  15. billybob

    Jaushua Sotirio

    Notice it was only 1 year deal. Will 19/20 be the Wellington Phoenix’s last year? Wi H Canberra taking their spot when Macathur join the comp?
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