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  1. Haha, my wife went to casula high as well (in the 80's) and says the same. Teachers were lazy buggers who didn't give a rats about the students HEY HEY HEY DON'T YOU ******* DARE I went to Casula and things must have changed since then. I wouldn't change it for any other school. The teachers were proper sick kunts in the positive sense of the word and most of the students wanted to do well. The school has had a handful of 90+ ATARs and plenty of 80s and 70s and **** through the years.
  2. Squires is so witty and smart. He's genuinely great.
  3. Regarding microphones, there were about 4-5 in front of the RBB and I assume the same was in front of the cove.
  4. Tried calling the club, obviously no pickup on a Saturday, tried emailing but to no avail. W ha ta the general consensus? Should I risk going to the stadium to pick up someone else's ticket or should I just let it slip?
  5. Can you see them checking ID's? The March leaves at 7pm, will give them 30mins to get 5k through the gates! No idea what happened with the quote there. I meant how do I pick up someone else's ticket from the gates? You know the ones where you pick up tickets for packages that haven't been delivered.
  6. Guys I don't think I'll get an email with a printed ticket. What are the chances of picking up someone's ticket that won't be going to the game without ID? Seriously I've got someone's spare ticket that won't be used, can't see it go to waste.
  7. Rbb tickets are on sale through the club.
  8. If someone showed us a genuine ticket with a 65k pax printed on it I think this whole forum will end up having a joint orgasm all at once.
  9. I for one welcome the passengers in active. We have plenty of season long passengers anyway, might as well have a few more in to look pretty and make up the numbers. But hopefully some of them get hooked, then we're onto something good. Now, important question. PAX?
  10. So SBS stands for sokkah basketball sokkah?
  11. Updating SFC sections: Cherry pick anywhere at your leisure.
  12. Micallef is a loose case. He's talking to himself.
  13. Let's cut the bullshit. None of this supply and demand crap. If anything, supply and demand are equalising each other pretty well here. If the game was a sell out and people were fighting for tickets then you can justify jacking up the prices because demand exceeds supply by a big margin. Here we know the game won't sell out but rather than trying to get as many people in through the door (which is the only benefit of playing at ANZ rather than at Parra if it still existed) what we're doing is trying to get less people in intentionally but make better margins out of them. Get ****ed.
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