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  1. Booked accomodation within 10 minutes of the fixture being released for myself and a couple of others in the Powerchair Team. Staying at the Wanderlight Motor Inn Friday and Saturday night. #PowerchairTourOfDuty
  2. Yeah I had the same responseNo Melbourne City gear available on the website either. Perhaps a contracting issue with the aleague/clubs? No Socceroos gear on their website either was is odd
  3. Gnomey02

    Dario Vidosic

    Same happens with me, every year I get the away jersey with a player on it. Missed out on getting the season 1 kit but the last 3 seasons Hersi, Poljak and now Vidosic all gone!
  4. As long as they have wheelchair bays in the RBB or close to I'll be content with the new stadiums.
  5. In, looking forward to making a weekend out of it. Tickets to the UFC also sorted.
  6. For all those going up for the match, the Wanderers Powerchair will be heading up and playing the new Brisbane Roar Powerchair team in morning of the A League match. Playing at the PCYC at Suncorp Stadium, Sunday 8 March starting from 11am. More details to follow...
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