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  1. Booked accomodation within 10 minutes of the fixture being released for myself and a couple of others in the Powerchair Team. Staying at the Wanderlight Motor Inn Friday and Saturday night. #PowerchairTourOfDuty
  2. Yeah I had the same responseNo Melbourne City gear available on the website either. Perhaps a contracting issue with the aleague/clubs? No Socceroos gear on their website either was is odd
  3. Gnomey02

    Dario Vidosic

    Same happens with me, every year I get the away jersey with a player on it. Missed out on getting the season 1 kit but the last 3 seasons Hersi, Poljak and now Vidosic all gone!
  4. The season fixture has been altered for the rest of the season, we're no longer playing on the June long weekend so all games have been pushed back a week so the final Derby of the season is on the 27th of August. Not sure how to add images here but here's a link to the updated fixture https://www.facebook.com/WSWPowerchair/photos/a.542627845780821.1073741829.533048233405449/1099908590052741/?type=3&theater
  5. Powerchair Training looks like it'll be called off this Thursday so I might finally be able to attend on of these. So penitentially in!
  6. As long as they have wheelchair bays in the RBB or close to I'll be content with the new stadiums.
  7. First round is Saturday 30th of April with the games. I'm hoping we'll have the schedule out within the next few weeks.
  8. We would just like to thank everyone who attended our fundraiser last night and all those who made donations. Without you this night would not have been as successful as it was. All our successes this season will be because of all your generosity, so from the entire Wanderers Powerchair team thank you! For those who couldn't attend this years fundraiser here is our video in full!
  9. Thanks for coming out today mate and supporting us, means a lot.
  10. In, looking forward to making a weekend out of it. Tickets to the UFC also sorted.
  11. Yeap it's official, this weekend will be on Sunday at Valentine Sports Park and the following week we'll be back at Kevin Betts Stadium. One round later in the year is potentially moving up to Gosford but no confirmation on when yet but once it's announced I'll have it on the Powerchair social media pages and on here.
  12. Hey guys, no game tomorrow (Saturday 6 June). The first week of the month is designated for training, our next game is Sunday 14th June at 11:00am against Central Coast Mariners at Valentine Park, Glenwood. We're calling this the Community Round.
  13. Brisbane Roar v Western Sydney Wanderers Powerchair Match (The Foundation Cup) The PCYC at Suncorp Stadium, Castlemaine St, Paddington will be open from 11:15am, with some activities for the Roar Powerchair Team before theWanderers kick off against them at 12:00pm in what is hopefully the first of many annual matches against the two clubs completing for the Foundation Cup.
  14. For all those going up for the match, the Wanderers Powerchair will be heading up and playing the new Brisbane Roar Powerchair team in morning of the A League match. Playing at the PCYC at Suncorp Stadium, Sunday 8 March starting from 11am. More details to follow...
  15. Is that you Andy ? Yes Hawk, it is I
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