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  1. Another goal against us from a free kick that should not have been. But they can go back further for our offside???? Load of crap.
  2. I really don’t think the technology is good enough for the small margins they are using to call offside. People can move a long way between frames and which frame is the correct one where the ball is considered kicked?
  3. I think we are too slow in getting the ball into the box with our crosses. By the time we actually put the cross in, the defenders are set and everyone is static. When we get a counter and and early ball into the box we look far more dangerous, but we hardly ever seem to do it.
  4. And it was 1-1 where it mattered. How many times have we seen that as Wanderers fans?
  5. Our final third is just shambolic. We cannot get a decent ball in and when we do we have Yeboah shooting for throw ins.
  6. I am certainly Babbel out now. How does Yeboah stay on for 95 minutes???
  7. I wonder if having an ex-player in the VAR (similar to the video ref in rugby league) would make a difference in some of these calls. Technically, the "contact" may have meant it was not clear and obvious enough to overturn, but the ex-player could then say that the contact was not enough to cause a foul and overturn the decision.
  8. BBB

    Pirmin Schwegler

    He was awesome tonight and whilst it is early days, he is becoming my tip for player of the year. An absolute beast and I think he will be great for players like Baccus and Sullivan. Gives them the confidence to play forward and not be worried about losing the ball.
  9. I am surprised at how pumped we were too, especially since it is only Rd 2... but there was something about that performance that really got me fired up.
  10. If AMFG is the Football God, then Pirmin must be the Football Jesus...
  11. It is only about 2kms from both Rooty Hill and Doonside Stations so should be pretty accessible by bus and car, assuming there would be additional services if a licensed club was built.
  12. I completely agree with everything that scarcev has said above, and would like to add just two things. The first is the mantra that a mate and I have used throughout the years of coaching our sons. "We win as a team and we lose as a team". One person is never solely responsible for a win and conversely is never solely responsible for a loss. We found this important when you start the get comments along the line of "we could have won if player x scored from inside the 6 yard box with an open goal" or "if player y didn't lose the ball then they wouldn't have scored". The other thing I would
  13. That looks freaking awesome. The only thing that would top this would be if in the photo they also had the lights on the corporate side red. From memory those lights went basically the whole length of the stadium and would have given a nice red glow from inside as well.
  14. I guess that explains the armageddon style weather tonight... they wanted a realistic test of the Wanderers setup, including normal weather conditions. When is the next 45 degree day so they can test our other type of weather condition?
  15. I am most impressed that they continue to offer discounts to Foundation Members. I love the fact that they recognise the people that have been there from day 1.
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