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  1. BBB

    The Refereeing Thread

    I don't know why I keep reading these weekly jokes from Wilson. All I do is get angrier that he keeps covering up the issues and biases by saying that nearly all decisions were correct. No comment on the fact that contact may have been initiated by Thomassen and how this would be seen as a clear and obvious error? Especially when the VAR seems to have been forgotten for the last month or so!
  2. BBB

    The Refereeing Thread

    So we weren't the only ones complaining about this??? When it happened we all said it was a handball, but none of the replays at the game showed it.
  3. Very true. The ref was signalling our throw, Henrique gets the ball and starts to throw it in and the ref changes his decision. Then they go upfield and score...
  4. I would rather have Hamill in goals for the rest of the season than have Vedran wear the shirt even once more.
  5. Actually he missed two 1 on 1's... Isn't that 2 great goals he has scored with his left foot now? Maybe he is actually left footed and doesn't even know?
  6. Sometimes I wonder why we bother having DMs. They always seem out of position to me. It was a great goal but there was no one shutting him down.
  7. I hope you are right, but they all agreed we got screwed over in the Perth game and we still didn't get the favourable decisions on Friday night.
  8. We have only missed 3 home games since the first ever home game, and I know that the boys need all the support they can get at the moment, but the complete bias of all of the match officials has gone too far now. I will not be attending any more matches this season. Congratulations Ben Wilson and Kris Griffiths Jones, you have turned away another Wanderers supporter from the game.
  9. BBB

    The Refereeing Thread

    And to make matters worse, these inconsistencies seem to generally be in the favour of certain teams, which is what frustrates the supporters of all the other teams.
  10. If you win it then can you please pay off a few refs so we can start getting the help that other teams get?
  11. The ref can’t just be that bad, there surely has to be something dodgy going on. VAR is just as bad.
  12. But you know that they will show something in the first 30 minutes just to get our hopes up and then get belted so we feel even worse...
  13. When I jumped in the car this afternoon to head out to the game, one thing I did not expect to be saying after the game was "if only we took some of our chances, we would have won that game" (although, I would like a dollar for every time I have said that over the years, I could retire). That performance was miles better than last week and on a night with some more luck, we would have walked away with 1 or 3 points. Tate Russell was fantastic and a real breath of fresh air. Treejack was great again, but I think the guy should go home. It is clear that opposition teams are just going to kick him and the clowns with the whistles are not going to do much about it.
  14. Is it just me, or are we going to continue to struggle to attract players of ABJ's quality to the a-league if they keep getting hacked every time they get the ball? It looks as though the last couple of weeks that has been the game plan from the opposition. If he gets it, try and get it cleanly and if that doesn't work then just kick him and if you are not getting carded, then don't even bother trying to get it cleanly and go straight to the kicking.
  15. There was one time last night when Brosque let rip and it was clearly picked up by the fox mics. Can't believe how often he gets away with it.