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  1. Is it just me, or are we going to continue to struggle to attract players of ABJ's quality to the a-league if they keep getting hacked every time they get the ball? It looks as though the last couple of weeks that has been the game plan from the opposition. If he gets it, try and get it cleanly and if that doesn't work then just kick him and if you are not getting carded, then don't even bother trying to get it cleanly and go straight to the kicking.
  2. There was one time last night when Brosque let rip and it was clearly picked up by the fox mics. Can't believe how often he gets away with it.
  3. Good, if the FFA don't listen to Bozza and Archie after tonight, then they are never going to act.
  4. I thought he watched a few replays when he made the original decision. Were they not enough?
  5. Wow... that was disgraceful by the VAR
  6. BBB

    Nix Played Off The Park

    In terms of the game, it was great to see us put together a 90 minute performance, even if it was against a pretty poor opposition. I actually said last night that the Nux are that bad that they would probably want to have Sotirio as an upgrade to most of their team! I think if we can make the top six and have Oreo, Iko and Carrusca (possibly Cejudo if he ever gets back on the park) fit and firing then I think we will scare a few opponents. By then they should have built up a pretty good combination.
  7. BBB

    Nix Played Off The Park

    It was good as it took the mind off the thought of only being up 1 nil at half time with our dreaded 60 minute clock off only 15 minutes away... thankfully that didn't eventuate!!!!
  8. BBB

    Nix Played Off The Park

    Yeah, that was pretty funny... He actually used two hands at one stage, one to hold the mic and the other to push the interviewer's hand away...
  9. Commentators are rubbish... second worst performers, after our defence.
  10. BBB

    The Refereeing Thread

    Not that I would have wanted more time, but how can the ref call half time after 49 minutes, when they had 5 added minutes and a player went down during extra time??? I know the ref is the sole decision maker on time, but surely he should have at least gone until 50 minutes?
  11. Great to see that the VAR has again reinforced to me why I hate it. Why is the “obvious error” in the box treated differently to the foul on Jumpei that got the ball down that end? Or the foul on Sotirio by 3 of their players? That is what makes it ridiculous and completely unfair.
  12. It would be a little bit funny if the knock-down of the SFS got done before the election and then the next government pulled the funding to rebuild it...
  13. After the rubbish game I just sat through, I just came to this thread to try and calm down. Thanks for all the updates so my head hurts a bit less!!!
  14. BBB

    Amateur Association Football

    When my son was playing in the younger age groups, I liked that as a coach I could be on the field with the team. It gives you the ability to speak to players on the run and not have to yell across the field. It was really good when a player was struggling and you could just jog up beside them when they were off the ball and give them a little pep talk. Or when someone had done something good, you could give them some praise.