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  1. I like my derby wins like I do my hot chips.....with EXTRA SALT
  2. dodson

    AFL Thread 2

    there's got to be lots of disappointed people in canberra and a lot people still not giving a **** in western sydney after today's shellacking
  3. This is great. He meant more to them baumjohann ever did to us
  4. Yeah he should've. He got swindled by money grabbing Tim Cahill who convinced him to turn it down. Meanwhile days later, here comes Super Tim swooping in and gets his signature on the contract
  5. Andy Keogh is supposedly getting "the treatment" at perth
  6. There's a Bein Australia youtube channel that it will be streamed on https://mobile.twitter.com/wswanderersfc/status/1149149452906532864
  7. There's a Bein Australia youtube channel that it will be streamed live on https://mobile.twitter.com/wswanderersfc/status/1149149452906532864
  8. First player to cop a red card on him will join Kerem Bulut and Iacopo La Rocca in the pantheon of all time WSW derby moments
  9. I hope we continue the tradition of hacking the **** out of him whenever he gets the ball
  10. His wife probably made him do it for the sake of her instagram account
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