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  1. Not the first time the club has been swindled by a smoothe talking foreign manager. The responsibility for this comes down to the decision makers that have fallen for it three times in a row.
  2. I wonder if it could be O'Doherty on a permanent deal and Tass on a loan.
  3. Yeboah is a disaster. Duke can't get out of quarantine quick enough and when he does Yeboah should never get a sniff at the bench ever again.
  4. "Dazzling piece of skill" *dribbles the ball over the sideline
  5. "De Silva is dazzling tonight" *drills a shot into the big screen *scuffs a shot on goal Speed is the worst
  6. On the ABC Football Podcast, Daniel Garb picked us to come first
  7. "Rich with cash"??? Alex Crook from talk sport must have us mistaken for another team
  8. I have season tickets for the Sydney Kings (NBL) and they way they have handled the membership renewal situation has been great. They sent out multiple surveys querying member feelings on attending games whilst coronavirus is still about ( what would influence your decision on attending games, what factors would influence your membership renewal, etc). They pushed back the deadline for renewal multiple times until the league outlined their plan for the 2020-2021 season. They lowered the price of season tickets and updated their terms and conditions to state that if government regulations
  9. If we won as much as they did you better bet our fans would be rubbing it in their faces they way they do to us. Direct your anger towards our club. 4 years of promises and build up and they present us with utter ****. **** performances, **** recruitment, **** managers.
  10. Who was the person who said "it's the hope that kills you"? ......yep
  11. Yeah I dont think it was deliberate...Rather chalk it up as him being a dog **** player
  12. Hopefully Jurman can get a clean shot on that **** **** before the game ends
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