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  1. dodson

    2018/19 A-League Grand Final

    I'm still not sure what I enjoyed most about the first half. The blown off side call for ESFC or brosque getting elbowed in the head
  2. Tomi did as well
  3. Baumjohann's effort level is on par with (if not worse) than Piovaccari's. I wouldn't be surprised if he signed on for us just so his wife could get more content for her instagram. He can best West Melbourne's problem next season.
  4. I'd love for someone to break that neanderthal simon's leg
  5. How many times you gotta look at it? I made my mind up after one replay
  6. After all the weak as piss penalties we've taken this season, good to see Bridgey show them how to bury one *****
  7. Sounds like it's derived from this interview he did with transfermarkt https://www.transfermarkt.de/sydney-profi-baumjohann-bdquo-hier-konnte-ribery-sein-gold-steak-in-ruhe-essen-ldquo-/amp/news/333104?__twitter_impression=true
  8. then this clown says "they need more time with their clubs" the ******* irony
  9. Commentators say "they might have to start thinking about next season and play some of the youngsters" Yeah that's what we've been doing, we're missing 2 of our starters cause the dumb **** national coach called them up outside of an international window for some bullshit friendly
  10. what a ******* **** **** he's been **** all season
  11. Worst thing about being down is having to listen to these **** commentators start to get cocky
  12. dodson

    AFC Champions League 2019

    Good thing they're only playing at 43%
  13. Just watched the post-game interview arnold had with Daniel Garb. Basically it was a "good experience" for the boys and he's proud of them. I'll give him credit though he didn't throw his players under the bus like he did 12 years ago. If we're being honest in 5 games this Asian Cup going scoreless in the knockout stage, beating palestine, scraping past syria and losing to Jordan isn't good enough. It wouldn't be good enough for ange, holger or pim. Foxsports went extremely easy on him post-match and even cut their coverage 20 minutes short to protect him. He's a good manager at a-league level but his record in Asia is just bollocks and this debacle is in this Asian cup confirmed why so many of us were against him being re-hired for the job to begin with. Arnold out!
  14. Just woke up.... what did I miss???? Oh......
  15. I don't see this guy accepting a mutual termination. He signed a 4 year deal on really good money that we stupidly offered him and he''s just built a house. After this year no team in the league will offer him anything near what he's getting from us on multiple years. I hate to say it but I think we're stuck with his money on our cap.