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  1. Just watched the post-game interview arnold had with Daniel Garb. Basically it was a "good experience" for the boys and he's proud of them. I'll give him credit though he didn't throw his players under the bus like he did 12 years ago. If we're being honest in 5 games this Asian Cup going scoreless in the knockout stage, beating palestine, scraping past syria and losing to Jordan isn't good enough. It wouldn't be good enough for ange, holger or pim. Foxsports went extremely easy on him post-match and even cut their coverage 20 minutes short to protect him. He's a good manager at a-league level but his record in Asia is just bollocks and this debacle is in this Asian cup confirmed why so many of us were against him being re-hired for the job to begin with. Arnold out!
  2. Just woke up.... what did I miss???? Oh......
  3. I don't see this guy accepting a mutual termination. He signed a 4 year deal on really good money that we stupidly offered him and he''s just built a house. After this year no team in the league will offer him anything near what he's getting from us on multiple years. I hate to say it but I think we're stuck with his money on our cap.
  4. Last year when Thwaite copped a red card and cost us the game first thing he did after was go on his instagram and owned the mistake and apologized to the fans. That should be the least this fraud should do. I don't think he will. Probably shill for muscle bros or some **** like he usually does
  5. Just got to laugh at it at this point. Comical stuff Give Vedran another 3 weeks on the bench. He hasn't learnt anything
  6. It's like we sold our soul to Nishimura for that ACL final
  7. Llorente with the cheeky swing at brattan. Shame it wasn't at Kearyn baccus
  8. Is there a worse commentator in Australia than this teo pellizerri ****? He's up there with David basheer
  9. Our number 1 target this offseason should be Perth's accountant. He must be a real ****in wizard on the books cause there's no way those ****s are under the salary cap
  10. Graham Arnold managed Socceroos team eating **** at an Asian Cup....I've seen this film before
  11. Tate Russell has shown more in 30 minutes than Llorente has all season
  12. Some choice highlights from youtube
  13. Nothing better than a dodgy red then giving them a nice kick in the balls