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  1. Andy Keogh is supposedly getting "the treatment" at perth
  2. There's a Bein Australia youtube channel that it will be streamed on https://mobile.twitter.com/wswanderersfc/status/1149149452906532864
  3. There's a Bein Australia youtube channel that it will be streamed live on https://mobile.twitter.com/wswanderersfc/status/1149149452906532864
  4. First player to cop a red card on him will join Kerem Bulut and Iacopo La Rocca in the pantheon of all time WSW derby moments
  5. I hope we continue the tradition of hacking the **** out of him whenever he gets the ball
  6. His wife probably made him do it for the sake of her instagram account
  7. The UFC event pencilled in at Bankwest Stadium for October 6 has been moved to Melbourne. https://www.mmanews.com/report-ufc-243-headed-for-massive-stadium-in-melbourne/
  8. I'm still not sure what I enjoyed most about the first half. The blown off side call for ESFC or brosque getting elbowed in the head
  9. Baumjohann's effort level is on par with (if not worse) than Piovaccari's. I wouldn't be surprised if he signed on for us just so his wife could get more content for her instagram. He can best West Melbourne's problem next season.
  10. I'd love for someone to break that neanderthal simon's leg
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