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  1. A new contract should be on JP's desk on Monday morning
  2. If he was going to do it, he should have got his money's worth for it
  3. This is some high level ****ery Even by a-league standards
  4. I don't want to say the refs have got an agenda against us but after last week's handball penalty and them not even checking this one..... It sure as **** feels like they got it in for us
  5. What an absolute **** show this is. If JP is calling all the shots what is Babbel even doing? If any of this is true, as far as I'm concerned JP, Babbel and JT should all be shown the door. Babbel for allowing himself to lose control to JP, JP for undermining the gaffer and JT for letting it get this far under his watch.
  6. When he announced his departure from the club on instagram he said something along the lines of "joining a team that is more in line with my beliefs." Which was a bit weird at the time but as more pieces of the puzzle get revealed it's starting to make sense. What doesn't make sense is leaving a very tense and uncomfortable team environment and then going to play under Rudan.
  7. I, for one, am ready for the Kevin Muscat experience in Western Sydney
  8. I like my derby wins like I do my hot chips.....with EXTRA SALT
  9. dodson

    AFL Thread 2

    there's got to be lots of disappointed people in canberra and a lot people still not giving a **** in western sydney after today's shellacking
  10. This is great. He meant more to them baumjohann ever did to us
  11. Yeah he should've. He got swindled by money grabbing Tim Cahill who convinced him to turn it down. Meanwhile days later, here comes Super Tim swooping in and gets his signature on the contract
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