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  1. At least ******* riera is doing something
  2. good mentality coming back from behind to jag a draw away from home when we should have been down 3-0 at halftime
  3. If i learnt anything from watching Tony Popovic manage for 5 years, it's that his teams always find a way to **** up a sure thing
  4. Apparently tickets go on sale today. But does anyone know what time they go on sale and through which site?
  5. Who??? Why not mbappe or Messi?* *Facebook and Twitter reactions
  6. dodson

    Central Coast Mariners: Season 2018/19

    Afl and nrl would jizz their pants if he wanted to try out for their **** sports. They're just jealous that they couldn't get in on the circus
  7. I don't think this has been mentioned anywhere, but during the members forum Jt said we've got a new strength and conditioning coach (ex-gws) and Stan ivancic is our new physio (ex-esfc)
  8. dodson

    World Cup 2018

    Optus Sports for Socceroos games are great. Commentary that isn't blatant cheer leading and you don't have to hear no personality David Basheer. Whilst you don't get to watch Lucy, you do get Mel and avoid fozzie
  9. Roly just put up a story on instagram that he is in Perth. But it is off-season so could just be for a holiday or could be for something else
  10. dodson

    Toilet Seat Playoffs

    lol these ****s forgot they had to play the games first before collecting the trophy
  11. dodson

    Squad Development 2017/18 Part 2

    Did anyone else get a text from Vedran saying he signed on for another 4 years?
  12. This league is an absolute ******* debacle
  13. Bonevacia was in the gym this morning with aspro according to his instagram