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  1. Getting a sore neck from shaking my head at other team's announcements of new players. The latest being this and Juric. Juric of course, joins the exclusive club of good players let go and when they are available again, WSW are unwilling to sign (Antonis, Economides, Spiranovic etc). Oh well, as long as we have our fantastic youth! PS Would love nothing more than my sarcasm and intrepidation about this season's youth policy to be proven unfounded but I just can't see it!
  2. Exactly - either past peak or they will leave for OS just before they reach it which is why I am still so underwhelmed by the recruitment this season. Yes Sydney FC may not have the fancy academy and youth system but, on the playing field where is matters and what I am only interested in, they are still way ahead of where we should be.
  3. Yes but they are still making decent signings - if we are a "big club" which I keep hearing why aren't we doing the same?
  4. Our recruitment so far - promoted players from the WSW youth team which finished 2nd last last season and rejected youth players from other teams. Would you class the squad as it is now, possibly the worst at the start of a season for WSW?
  5. I think in the half hour or so he was interviewed on that TWG Podcast, he must have broken the record for the most cliches used by a coach in the history of football at the start of their tenure!
  6. Oh no! He is talking about "3 year projects" and "no quick fix". And another season gone!
  7. I would argue that those "years of misery and 2 years of patient building" caused SFC to lose support which even the subsequent success has not brought back or even built upon. Their crowds in the last few years did not match the success they have had on the field or even the type of crowds they were getting earlier in their history. My point here is that in a fickle footballing environment which Sydney unfortunately is, a club cannot afford to have years of patient building up because people will just lose interest and would be unlikely to return as has been the case with WSW. The other issue with patiently building a team is that there is no guarantee that those players will be there in future seasons, especially the young players who are off OS the moment they show any promise. For me, I want to follow a team that I know has done everything possible within its means to win the forthcoming season, not building a team with the aim to win it in two years who will most likely lose players and then have to start again. Why bother taking out a membership then? I know I sound fickle but that is the reality of the comp we compete in!
  8. I thought Aloisi was very complimentary to WSW fans on the Simon Hill Podcast labelling the atmosphere at the WSW/Brisbane Semi, the best he has ever experienced - now it makes sense!!
  9. According to Bossi "Sources close to de Marigny suggested issues about recruitment, support staff, season planning and personal differences had convinced the club to look for a new coach for next season, which begins in late December."
  10. Not a fan of the buttoned white collar - ruins the whole look. Should have stuck with type of collar that Kappa have on the Western United shirt. For me it would have then rated as one of the best WSW shirts in their short history.
  11. If only I could see the faces of our illustrious board when SFC players were hoisting the toilet seat at the ground that was supposed to be the answer to all our problems. New stadiums and academies be damned - a successful team on the pitch - that's all that matters!
  12. An example of why we are where we are: https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/nabbout-joining-glory-donachie-to-jets-confirm-victory Why didn't we make a move for Nabbout?? What was our last decent local name signing? Academy Youth players who just have OS contracts on their mind are not going to win us trophies!
  13. One of those "If only" games. if only there was no Covid and we (and MV) had decent teams. Imagine the scene of these two teams playing each other at the new stadium for the first time with Semi final or Premiership positions on the line...imagine the atmosphere like the games between these two teams in the first few years of WSW existence before Stadium upheaval, over zealous security, mediocre squads and Covid. ....sorry - daydreaming!!!
  14. And when these players (Antonis, Economidis etc) come back to Australia after unsuccessful stints OS, we don't want a bar of them even though we know of their quality. Look at MV, as soon as Nabbout and Rojas are available to come back, they make sure they come back to Victory.
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