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  1. Have to admit that you guys have put me on the road to seeing youth promotion in a more positive light. I guess the team's performance this season will be the final determinant!
  2. I guess I am looking for a direct correlation between having a whiz bang Academy and promoting youth and it leading to results on the field. I don't want to, on the way home from a loss, talk about how the young guys tried their best but outplayed by classier opposition. I will not be consoled by "WSW is playing a critical role in their development and should be proud" - this is great for them and their families but how will this benefit the fans in the terraces - that's the clarification I am looking for.
  3. The big media release should come 2 years after they have been promoted and they have been killing it on the field and the club have managed to re-sign them for another two years instead of losing them to overseas. My point is save the media releases for proper signings. I am not interested in being part of a young players rise to eventual stardom - I want to know that the 11 players on the pitch are the best the club could get with the purpose of winning the title - not to be part of their development!
  4. For me, these announcements by the club that about youth players being promoted are starting to get annoying. It just looks like they are compensating for not having decent player announcements. Woohoo for the young fellas and all that but I can't understand why these warrants media releases. If anything it just makes the club themselves look more "Wall of Gaylord" if you get the Meet the Fockers reference.
  5. Yeah I thought that was odd as well. Maybe the three years in the wilderness has lessened our appeal as a drawcard!
  6. Smurfs home Sydney Derby at Jubilee and not SCG! Interesting!
  7. That is the problem with playing the youth. When they do find their groove they tend to piss off overseas and there is no "next season". When it comes to the A League, you don't have the luxury to plan for further than the season ahead if you are serious about winning championships. The coaches who have been the most successful (Arnie etc) knew this hence the lack of youth in their teams,
  8. When quoting use exact words - don't alter for political reasons.
  9. https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/a-league/teams/western-sydney-wanderers/burning-questions-as-western-sydney-wanderers-appoint-josep-gombau-as-new-manager/news-story/f0e72e1220af95c7c992990d07dc8c9f Josep Gombau has promised a “long term project” where the Wanderers will play the way he “believes”, https://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/news/gombau-bringing-his-barcelona-beliefs-wanderers "I am so proud that the Wanderers put me at the top of this project." And also when he was in Adelaide https://www.adelaideunited.com.au/news/gombau-stresses-importance-wanderers-challenge “They have signed on for the style and the project that we have in place here and they are each very important regular players for the team.”
  10. Didn't Gombau use the term "Project"?
  11. Unless the club announces more decent new signings, I can't help but have the feeling that this the squad we have now is mid-table at best when compared to other teams even the new Western United. I foresee another season of "Boys tried hard but couldn't over line" "too many missed opportunities" "the young guys did well but outclassed" - we don't deserve this after the last few seasons of hell! I am not willing to throw in the towel yet given the fact that there are another two and a half months until the start of the season and there may be new signings. It's just frustrating when you wait for headlines about your club signing a quality player and only hearing about the usual suspects, Victory, SFC, City picking up all the available quality. I just hope this post is just a case of me panicking too early and that even if we don't sign anyone else, this side does turn out to have a successful season. It's just the way I am feeling at this time and I know I am not alone!
  12. Think of Bankwest as Australia's Bombonera, Isn't that supposed to be one of the most intimidating stadiums in the world?
  13. I just keep thinking back to that first year. Remember the crowds started coming when we went on that winning run. I've said it before, it was the 6-1 victory over Adelaide that you can pinpoint as the start of the success off the field as well as on. I guess it's the chicken and the egg thing. In our current football environment does great support create a great team or does a great team create great support?
  14. Unfortunately, if you want the club to successful in the future we can't just "let them". You forget our club is not one that has many years of tradition with support being passed down from generation to generation like the EPL. Whether we like it or not we need the flogs, Eurosnobs, fair weather supporters to sustain the club because 7000 or so die hards will not. That is the state of our game currently and maybe some years in the future we can have the attitude of "we don't need them". That's reality!
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