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  1. Zakman

    2018/19 A-League Grand Final

    Foxtel currently showing replay of our 13/14 Grand Final against Brisbane. How f....n close did we come to winning it! Breaks the heart more than the other 2 we've been in!
  2. Zakman

    Football Media Discussion 2

    It was because we were playing so well and copped 3 bullshit goals (penalty, own goal, deflection). A comeback was always on the cards and when Santalab scored that second, I remember turning to the family and saying "We are going to win this".
  3. Zakman

    Western Sydney Stadium Open!

    I am talking about the comp as whole. Early kickoffs is not the only, however definitely a reason for low crowds especially for teams like Mariners and Jets. The ideal kickoff time for a summer comp would be 6/6.30pm. No too late and more shade for the whole game. Unfortunately, this would mean games being played at the same time which doesn't suit TV demands. That was my point. The FFA and security clamp down on things that have caused hardly if any casualties yet are putting the spectators' comfort and health at risk for the tv coverage.
  4. Zakman

    Western Sydney Stadium Open!

    I' ve personally seen two people pass out from heatstroke at Gosford and seen others severely effected by heat at Parra. I've said it previously that for all the rhetoric the FFA spins about providing a family friendly safe atmosphere, more spectators have been harmed by excessive heat due to 5pm kickoffs (thanks to Foxtel scheduling) than any crowd disturbance or physical harm by another spectator.
  5. Zakman

    Western Sydney Stadium Open!

    Went to the 12.30 session. About 2:1 Eels to WSW shirts with a sprinkling of Tigers. Its definitely the football stadium we have been waiting for in Sydney matches, if not betters, AAMI Park in Melbourne which, up until now, was hands down the best one in Australia.
  6. Zakman

    City Crunched 3-0

    Exactly. Unfortunately we live in a schadenfreude society. No matter how well we do next season on and off the field, others will always refer to the last 3 seasons which to them showed that our fans are as fickle as the rest and that Western Sydney fans being the most passionate was just an illusion. It is going to take a few seasons to get back that reputation.
  7. Zakman

    City Crunched 3-0

    Even if the "great revival" becomes a reality next season and we do get the huge crowds again, other clubs can claim that our club is just as plastic as every other team and its just the novelty of a new stadium. It will take a few seasons to wear this off. There is a Greek saying that states (roughly translated), the storm shows who is the good sea captain. Well we just went through a storm and our captains sucked!
  8. Zakman

    City Crunched 3-0

    The saddest thing about this is that we are no longer in a position to make fun of other clubs' crowds like Melbourne City and SFC.
  9. Zakman

    Those still standing

    Well with regards to TV coverage, it wont make any difference if the RBB are active or not as last time, all you could hear on the TV was the Cove thanks to strategically placed microphones.
  10. Would this affect crowd noise volume? The one thing I admired about AAMI Stadium in Melbourne is how loud the crowd sounds, having been there in person which I assume is helped by the style of roof. I'm thinking that the gap between the top of the stadium and the roof would take away some of the volume of the crowd both at the ground and on TV. Is this right or am I completely misunderstanding structural acoustics?
  11. Zakman

    West Melbourne: Season 2019/20

    "...it’s understood the club will wear green and black stripes" Wonder if these will be vertical or horizontal because if its the latter, then it deserves a "Hang on a moment" from WSW. "Western" in name, one of the colours black, English Football influenced name "United" - talk about following our template. All we now need is for Rudan (Croat from Western Sydney) to be appointed their head coach as rumoured.
  12. Sorry but giving 100% as your main quality to me does not make you an asset to the team. If they put me in the line up for the next game I will give 100% too but will be as useless as **** as I don't have the ability! Sotirio is not at A League standard which is the issue I have always had with this player. You can probably interchage him with any of the NPL wingers at present and will probably have the same impact. I look at the bigger picture and the fact that the club has to rely on players of this standard shows a flawed recruitment program. And please... yes, argue with me about his technical ability or usefulness in the team but don't bring up "giving 100%" as his main quality because that shouldn't be relevant in the top competition in Australia.
  13. No you're not. What makes it worse is that he just scores against crap opposition then it is all praise!
  14. Given the success they have had at Jubilee in terms of crowds and atmosphere (unlike us) they would probably also want to remain homeless as long as possible.
  15. I've posted this before but I am in total agreement with Arnie on this issue. The A League is the highest level in Australia and I expect the team I support to field a team selected with the aim of winning this comp in mind, not to be the stepping stone for some developing young player who will go overseas the moment he shows some promise.