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  1. If only I could see the faces of our illustrious board when SFC players were hoisting the toilet seat at the ground that was supposed to be the answer to all our problems. New stadiums and academies be damned - a successful team on the pitch - that's all that matters!
  2. An example of why we are where we are: https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/nabbout-joining-glory-donachie-to-jets-confirm-victory Why didn't we make a move for Nabbout?? What was our last decent local name signing? Academy Youth players who just have OS contracts on their mind are not going to win us trophies!
  3. One of those "If only" games. if only there was no Covid and we (and MV) had decent teams. Imagine the scene of these two teams playing each other at the new stadium for the first time with Semi final or Premiership positions on the line...imagine the atmosphere like the games between these two teams in the first few years of WSW existence before Stadium upheaval, over zealous security, mediocre squads and Covid. ....sorry - daydreaming!!!
  4. And when these players (Antonis, Economidis etc) come back to Australia after unsuccessful stints OS, we don't want a bar of them even though we know of their quality. Look at MV, as soon as Nabbout and Rojas are available to come back, they make sure they come back to Victory.
  5. Winning is the key. As has been posted before, it was the winning streak in the first year that attracted the fans. The few games before that, we were lucky to crack 10,000 at Parramatta. The police and security issues started almost straight away but the active endured for the first few seasons because we had a team on the pitch that we could be proud of so it was worth putting up with the issues. Once the team hit mediocre level, the fans said it was not worth putting up with it anymore hence the decline.
  6. We just need a winning team. Don't forget, the first few home games were not that well attended and it was the winning streak in S1 that brought the fans. As still a relatively new club without a long history or support having being passed down from previous generation, people support this club based on results on the field. I can't understand how the board don't see this. Whether you like it or not Sydneysiders from all areas of the city are fickle and only support a successful club. Bring back the success on the field and that will bring success off it.
  7. That was my point. The difference between the two clubs is that, yes they may have made a mistake but when it was apparent that it was not working, they took steps to rectify it and salvage what they can from the second half of the season. The nature of the A league is that you can finish 6th and still win the comp. If steps are taken now such as changing the coaching staff and sign new players, who knows what can happen. As it stands now we have a clueless coach, a toothless attack and a defence that leaks like a sieve. Surely it must be obvious to the powers that be at WSW the disparity between us and the top 5 or 6 teams - FFS fix it!
  8. Melbourne Victory's actions this week show why they are the club they are and why, at least in the short term we will struggle to get to their level. MV not playing to their usual high standards even though they are still in top 6 contention, sack the coach, release under performing foreigners, make a grab for any top available talent (Rojas, Troisi). WSW hovering near the bottom, playing crap football, recruits have flopped, a coach bereft of ideas - let's see out the season, subject our fans who pay to attend to a couple more months of football hell, but hey, we have a shiny new stadium!
  9. In absolute agreement with this. One the main causes of our troubles in the past 3-4 years has been piss-poor recruitment and player retention. Whoever is in charge of this whether it be the coach, board, CEO or agents, has to have the worse record in the league in this regard. I get frustrated when, for example, Forneoroli, was on the transfer list and WSW were not listed as one of the interested parties even though we were in desperate need of a proven striker. Likewise why didn't we pull out all stops to keep Ikonomides or bring back Antonis? Until this issue of recruitment is fixed we will always be in the shadows of teams like SFC and the weekend absolutely showed the disparity between our teams. The superior quality of all 5 of SFC's goals on Saturday were the result of excellent recruitment.
  10. Could this explain some of the empty seats? Also noticed that the outer bays of the standing area were participating in few if any of the chants - tourists?
  11. It backfired because like I posted in the match report thread, it actually made them sound louder because of the roof.
  12. I think the location of the Cove on the 2nd Tier may have amplified their chanting. I think that was the main reason for them sounding so loud as they had the room directly over them.
  13. Totally agree. Unless big changes made, can see a 4 nil or similar scoreline against us next weekend.Though a victory for us last night, didn't actually see many positives on the field. It was like a continuation of last season but somehow managed to ground out a victory with a bit of help from VAR. Even in a scoreless draw, you can see the difference in quality on the pitch in the Melbourne Derby. I know it is only the first game but in terms of thinking about the next game, with this line up, it is looking ominous.
  14. On the eve of the first game of a new season I can't help but feel underwhelmed by the squad we have at this stage compared to others in the league and, on paper at least, feel like a mid-table team. Can someone please convince me otherwise that we do have a legitimate shot at the title along the likes of the Victories, Glories SFCs and Melbourne Citys! I just can't get excited - the stadium helps a little but I feel like it will be a season where we may scrape through a few wins, try hard, put in courageous performances but in the end falter due to less quality on the pitch, especially up front. Maybe I have listened to too many expert panel's predictions this week on various channels and podcasts!
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