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  1. Baccus' lack of discipline is also a problem for me. He tends to give away unnecessary fouls or get yellow cards at when it really was not needed.
  2. In the last few years, I have usually been the first to criticise the club's lack of quality recruitment before the start of the season. I must admit, these last few signings has actually tilted my anticipation for the season towards optimism! Happy to be corrected, but in previous seasons, high quality calibre players were usually brought in during the season when the team needed a boost. To start the season with such quality and relative stability is making me look forward to the start of the season. So.......FFS everybody get vaccinated ASAP so we can actually start the season and hope
  3. With a potential line up including Antonis, Petratos, Koutroumbis, Mourdoukoutas and Triantis which would resemble a Sydney Olympic side from the NSL they might entice some of the old NSL supporters back to top flight football.
  4. On the topic on the role of the CEO and board in recruiting players, if you haven't, I suggest watching the Netflix doc "Sunderland Till I Die". It really does a good job of showing the difficulty for a board to sign quality players. Starting off with a wish list of players and then one by one missing out on each to last minute deals and better offers from other clubs, and then seeing signed players not performing or getting seriously injured. Watching it, I couldn't help but compare it with WSW as they are both two clubs with strong support struggling to get back to former glories.
  5. Highest attendance and average in the A League for the first time!!! https://www.ultimatealeague.com/records.php?type=att Club Total Average Highest Attendance Lowest Attendance Total: 824,525 5,647 24,105 - WEL vs WUN 990 - WUN vs NEW Western Sydney Wanderers 104,801 8,062 20,336 - Rnd 19 vs SYD 4,976 - Rnd 10 vs MCY Sydney FC 101,567 7,813
  6. We definitely do have a tendency to over hype young players. A couple of good games and they are already Australia's future stars. The same thing seems to be happening with Alou Kuol. He scored a few goals at the start of the season and signed with Stutgart for next season and has pretty much done nothing since with the Mariners. I don't know if it is part of the "heap praise on the young" attitude or we are just hungry and impatient for the next Kewell!
  7. In previous seasons, there were always excuses a coach at WSW could fall back on such as a substandard recruitment budget by the club, inadequate training facilities, not playing at a proper football ground (SOP). When it comes to CR, no other coach in our short history has been given more tools and and had more favourable circumstances for a successful season. He got the players he asked for and still getting them up until recently (Ugarkovic), has superior training facilities and stadium not to mention the fact that circumstances caused by Covid meant that WSW has had a relatively less disru
  8. The way the FFA have decided things, finishing 2nd is better than winning the Grand Final as it means qualifying for the ACL which Grand Final winners no longer do.
  9. Yes this desire to play in the winter months is a case of too much pandering to the so football purists who can't get past the fact that football is not the main sport in this country. We need to be realistic in this regard and acknowledge the issues this causes such as competition from other codes and conflict with other levels of the sport. Another more more minor issue this causes (which is more of a personal gripe) is that jackets cover the jerseys of the fans. Everyone in the crowd with a WSW jersey, especially in the early years was a spectacular sight. For the general good of the g
  10. Yes there are fans that do follow the team but unfortunately, there is also a group that are more loyal to a certain Former Yugoslav republic whose flags and chants are clearly to antagonise opposition supporters. Not to the mention the nationalistic propaganda sticker bombing of Belmore (and Lambert Park) when Rockdale play Olympic. I have personally witnessed all this as well as proper Rockdale football club fans shaking their heads at this group's antics.
  11. I'm inclined to call it a Freudian slip. Anyone who has been to a Rockdale-Sydney Olympic game knows that the so-called Rockdale fans are never there to watch the game!
  12. I tend to agree. This is by far the worst Victory team I have seen and a decent attack would have notched up 5 or 6 goals against them.
  13. Only one thing to say about Yeboah - the new Sotirio!
  14. The club must provide the script for these foreign players to read for the press release - they all say the same thing; "to play for the biggest club in Australia is exciting,” (biggest club - yeah right!) “I have watched the A-League here in the UK and also played in Asia in the Asian Champions League so I have seen a lot of matches ...." (Yeah - I am sure you did!) Seriously, is this the best we can do for an OS import? Worth bringing him or is it CR looking after a mate?
  15. All I can say is - THAT'S MORE LIKE IT!!
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