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  1. Could this explain some of the empty seats? Also noticed that the outer bays of the standing area were participating in few if any of the chants - tourists?
  2. It backfired because like I posted in the match report thread, it actually made them sound louder because of the roof.
  3. I think the location of the Cove on the 2nd Tier may have amplified their chanting. I think that was the main reason for them sounding so loud as they had the room directly over them.
  4. Totally agree. Unless big changes made, can see a 4 nil or similar scoreline against us next weekend.Though a victory for us last night, didn't actually see many positives on the field. It was like a continuation of last season but somehow managed to ground out a victory with a bit of help from VAR. Even in a scoreless draw, you can see the difference in quality on the pitch in the Melbourne Derby. I know it is only the first game but in terms of thinking about the next game, with this line up, it is looking ominous.
  5. On the eve of the first game of a new season I can't help but feel underwhelmed by the squad we have at this stage compared to others in the league and, on paper at least, feel like a mid-table team. Can someone please convince me otherwise that we do have a legitimate shot at the title along the likes of the Victories, Glories SFCs and Melbourne Citys! I just can't get excited - the stadium helps a little but I feel like it will be a season where we may scrape through a few wins, try hard, put in courageous performances but in the end falter due to less quality on the pitch, especially up front. Maybe I have listened to too many expert panel's predictions this week on various channels and podcasts!
  6. I disagree. If anything, those are the years where the big money should have been paid for quality players to challenge for the title - more than any other year. The level of damage done to the club by having mediocre teams at terrible venues is yet to be determined, but I think it will take a few seasons at Bankwest to bring back a lot of fans lost over the years at SOP. I personally know of a few who have become completely apathetic to WSW and have nowhere near the enthusiasm for the coming season as they did before SOP. Yes the actual venue being **** and security and transport issues played a role but imagine the level of enthusiasm a continual winning team over the last few seasons would be like going now into Bankwest. It would have picked up where it left off pre SOP without having to almost start again attracting the fans!
  7. Like we suspected "Sydney's Spotless Stadium ranked lowest for pitch quality (two out of five stars) and atmosphere (1.33 out of 5)" https://www.ftbl.com.au/news/key-findings-of-a-league-player-survey-530676 Whoever voted (or decided) to play here - well done!
  8. Have to admit that you guys have put me on the road to seeing youth promotion in a more positive light. I guess the team's performance this season will be the final determinant!
  9. I guess I am looking for a direct correlation between having a whiz bang Academy and promoting youth and it leading to results on the field. I don't want to, on the way home from a loss, talk about how the young guys tried their best but outplayed by classier opposition. I will not be consoled by "WSW is playing a critical role in their development and should be proud" - this is great for them and their families but how will this benefit the fans in the terraces - that's the clarification I am looking for.
  10. The big media release should come 2 years after they have been promoted and they have been killing it on the field and the club have managed to re-sign them for another two years instead of losing them to overseas. My point is save the media releases for proper signings. I am not interested in being part of a young players rise to eventual stardom - I want to know that the 11 players on the pitch are the best the club could get with the purpose of winning the title - not to be part of their development!
  11. For me, these announcements by the club that about youth players being promoted are starting to get annoying. It just looks like they are compensating for not having decent player announcements. Woohoo for the young fellas and all that but I can't understand why these warrants media releases. If anything it just makes the club themselves look more "Wall of Gaylord" if you get the Meet the Fockers reference.
  12. Yeah I thought that was odd as well. Maybe the three years in the wilderness has lessened our appeal as a drawcard!
  13. Smurfs home Sydney Derby at Jubilee and not SCG! Interesting!
  14. That is the problem with playing the youth. When they do find their groove they tend to piss off overseas and there is no "next season". When it comes to the A League, you don't have the luxury to plan for further than the season ahead if you are serious about winning championships. The coaches who have been the most successful (Arnie etc) knew this hence the lack of youth in their teams,
  15. When quoting use exact words - don't alter for political reasons.
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