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  1. Would this affect crowd noise volume? The one thing I admired about AAMI Stadium in Melbourne is how loud the crowd sounds, having been there in person which I assume is helped by the style of roof. I'm thinking that the gap between the top of the stadium and the roof would take away some of the volume of the crowd both at the ground and on TV. Is this right or am I completely misunderstanding structural acoustics?
  2. Zakman

    West Melbourne: Season 2019/20

    "...it’s understood the club will wear green and black stripes" Wonder if these will be vertical or horizontal because if its the latter, then it deserves a "Hang on a moment" from WSW. "Western" in name, one of the colours black, English Football influenced name "United" - talk about following our template. All we now need is for Rudan (Croat from Western Sydney) to be appointed their head coach as rumoured.
  3. Sorry but giving 100% as your main quality to me does not make you an asset to the team. If they put me in the line up for the next game I will give 100% too but will be as useless as **** as I don't have the ability! Sotirio is not at A League standard which is the issue I have always had with this player. You can probably interchage him with any of the NPL wingers at present and will probably have the same impact. I look at the bigger picture and the fact that the club has to rely on players of this standard shows a flawed recruitment program. And please... yes, argue with me about his technical ability or usefulness in the team but don't bring up "giving 100%" as his main quality because that shouldn't be relevant in the top competition in Australia.
  4. No you're not. What makes it worse is that he just scores against crap opposition then it is all praise!
  5. Given the success they have had at Jubilee in terms of crowds and atmosphere (unlike us) they would probably also want to remain homeless as long as possible.
  6. I've posted this before but I am in total agreement with Arnie on this issue. The A League is the highest level in Australia and I expect the team I support to field a team selected with the aim of winning this comp in mind, not to be the stepping stone for some developing young player who will go overseas the moment he shows some promise.
  7. Zakman

    West Coast Collapse

    This is all great in theory but the reality is that this is Australia and young players go OS as soon as they show any promise. These players will be gone before they are "great" anything for us. This has always been my issue in relying on youth as I know we will not reap the full benefits of their development. I want to see the best 11 players the club can assemble to win the comp that season - not witness some kids progression. Arnie said it best "we are not a development league" and it showed with his results. The best championship winning teams over the short history of the A League (Roar, Victory and SFC), were comprised of squads with very little youth. Sunday showed exactly the problem - the kids showed a lot of courage and and tried hard but in the end were beaten by classier players - I personally do not want this to be the norm for us in the future. I want a winning team not a shopfront for OS clubs!
  8. The national team even have there own version of Sotirio - Robbie Kruse. Still in the starting line up for reasons only the coach knows!
  9. Zakman

    A letter from the Chairman

    I guess what I was hoping for in this letter is what is being done to salvage this season. We know about the Academy and Stadium. Are they pursuing big signings in the January window? By big I mean Forneroli (wishful thinking) or the like. Give us, the supporters who are sticking around this season, some hope - something to cheer for!
  10. Zakman

    A letter from the Chairman

    This letter quite frankly pisses me off!!! All it says that the money you have spent in the last three seasons to follow the team has been a waste as we wait for the light at the end of the tunnel. Not f'n good enough. At the beginning of every season I want to know that the team that will be put on the park is capable of potentially challenging for the title. Not one that is just to see out the season until the "great return to Parra" or is to develop youngsters who will leave for OS as soon as they are showing any signs of promise. F...ck the academy, f....ck the new stadium - what good will they be when we have a substandard team that's driven away support? Sorry these are my initial thought driven by anger - I may be able to put a more coherent post later better expressing my views.
  11. Zakman

    Unhappy New Year

    Maybe instead of booing the players, direct our anger towards the owners/executive box (if there is one) like various Premier League clubs have done in the UK. Protest against the fact that they are taking the fans for granted by having an NPL level team see out seasons at unsuitable grounds. Protest at the fact they are not willing to spend a little in keeping quality at the club (Ikonomidis, Antonis etc).
  12. Zakman

    Unhappy New Year

    For me its not effort rather than recruitment - we just have a **** squad. The fact we still have players like Sotirio and Bacchus as starters and are hanging out for the return of Bridge who has was crap last season pretty much sums up the mediocre squad we have. These 3 seasons at SOP are when the board should have spent the most on players to continue the clubs momentum but it has failed to do so.
  13. Zakman

    Unhappy New Year

    Think of SOP as the Brexit of the A League
  14. Zakman

    Unhappy New Year

    Well said!! It terms of player recruitment and the general treatment of fans this last 3 seasons, it is like the board has put the club in a holding pattern for the supposedly "glorious" return to Parramatta. The actions of the club both on and off the field have shown absolute disregard for the fans who have attended and have stuck by the team during this period.
  15. With all the praise for how great the RBB were last night, which I'm sure is warranted, it is mystifying how it never came through on TV. Only the Cove was heard. While I realise that its probably due to the positioning of microphones and Foxtel being worried about the Sydney FC dis chant coming through loud and clear on TV it is surprising that the RBB cannot be heard at least in background noise.