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  1. Interesting to see the fixture list Union - may as well have tractor shows as well, similar pitch damage. And why the **** are Wests playing home games there, I thought they played out of Campbelltown and Leichhardt ?? Happy days
  2. Well, no F*****g Sydney FC filth in that squad, Thanks Arnie.
  3. Swanderer

    Josh Risdon

    So now a Western Melbourne Athletic apparently.......
  4. Gutted. Penalty absolutely soft. Joke. But the team held for 70 minutes and good play. Happy with the effort but pissed at the ref...... and VAR .. FMD,
  5. No I cant believe people want to see Australia beaten but the sense of Schadenfruede for Arnie does make these matches win-win
  6. Great match report. Really unhappy with Wellingtons foul play but unhappier with the refs, just outrageous. and wasn't the VAR ref Giffith -Jones - oh dear......
  7. in + 1. Beyond depression now so looking forward to dinner...........
  8. Fairly despondent last night. Its already been said but I couldn't believe that no subs were made till late. You could see little impact was being made but no reaction.... I'm tired of watching Riera coast out front, tired of the predictable from the keeper, tired of to holding onto possession till its too late ....... Moan over........... I hope I will feel better
  9. Suffer financially? So called FC followers (as per article) can't be bothered to take out memberships or turn up but the club looks to be financial. I think they do ok without any extras. But hey, all valid points above. Enjoy the match.
  10. All well and good........... but I dislike them enough that smurf FC are not getting my hard earned, not one F******* red cent!! And that should be valid for anyone. Cheers
  11. I thought there was a race meeting on but can't see anything advertised Hmm, not looked into this at all. Intend winging it and try some of the smaller wineries. If I get this pre booking at the smaller venues then its a big tasting at the pub or bottle shop
  12. Push your way to the front waving a credit card, I'm sure you'll get a tasting ........ But as was said, are you trying to do sit down lunch or just get a few under the belt before a picnic on the paddock......
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