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  1. Nah was thinking more of A League crosses come shots
  2. Blowing a gale tomorrow in Perth, might jag an upset
  3. I'm landing 3pm. I'll get a cab to the Beatty Park Leisure Centre to soak in the spa, then walk to the Brisbane if you're still there
  4. Honestly, the Nike design team needs to be euthanised. The dross they're dishing up year after year suggests they're suffering from considerable pain. Light years away from Stuttgarts jerseys
  5. Very cloak and dagger stuff from the people's club at the moment. You get more candour from that orange mouth in the White House than this mob
  6. FLARES AT THE CYCLING!!!!! DUTCH FANS BLAMED!!!! They'll have to ban Dutch fans from the next stage, deduct points from Dutch riders. When will they stop giving the media ammunition to attack them with? Surely the sponsors will walk away. It's time a threatening email is sent to these hools. Graham Arnold's wife and daughter won't be coming to cycling from now on. Oh what a state the sport is in.
  7. Daily Terror has a Fox Sports BBL draw wall chart. Their first match, Dec 19.
  8. They're determined to prove non football people can be converted. Despite what they're being told by stakeholders, history, yield and non football people. They're adamant that if you can find a bit of fluff or tinsel big enough, one can catch and hold the attention of the general passer by.
  9. I can see it now. Bolt is starting left wing, waiting for someone dressed as Darth Vader to put the ball down for kickoff. It's a must win home game for the struggling Gosford based club, on a wet and windy Geelong afternoon.
  10. Completely different worlds. The parrot and his challenged mate are simply perpetuating a half baked narrative invented by corporates from insecure rival codes. A prophecy was cooked up that, inspite of glaring differences between Australia and these countries, crowd violence would escalate from what Australian sport is used to, to the horrors seen during world news segments. What they gloss over is the fact these countries have seen their governments collapse into absolute disarray, with social order no longer present. In fact, North African countries have seen "ultras" and "active suppo
  11. Just watched two videos of Newcastle United fans singing during and after a loss at Goodison park. Watching fans in love with their unsteady club, their mid table team, their journeyman manager, shows how far we've fallen. Love to lay it all at the feet of our management, but things were going bad when they took over. Popa's attitude was deteriorating, word was getting round that we were a tinpot club behind closed doors, fans were turning on each other. It was only a matter of time until what was festering beneath the facade would bubble through to the light of day. Some love needs
  12. I think he deserves a pass. The way he was mirroring some of the comments and opinions of our own fans, some of them on this forum, it opened up so many avenues for discussion. One I spyed was the constant reference "the soccer was great". Can someone quote such a reference being elaborated upon? We are often told "the soccer was great, I had a good time, the noise was good, loved the atmosphere". Has anyone followed that up with analysis of the actual match? Was the game flowing? Were there tactical talking points? Was the passing up to standard? It always seems to be a stand alone swipe at a
  13. Seeing the line "what's it going to achieve" a lot now. Like we are supposed to front up to the game, bend over and cop a reeming from the authorities. Fact is the authorities have basically been given the green light to antagonise a physical response from anyone who turns up. Is it disloyal/selfish to give that a wide berth? How is an incident between the RBB and the authorities tonight going to help the club?
  14. Well wehad it coming. We lit those flares, we broke those chairs, we punched a person, we swore, we wore those clothes. It was all about us. Funny now people are saying it's not all about us it's about the team, the club, the crest. Anything good is attributed to the collective, anything bad gets laid at the feet of the RBB
  15. Best part is anyone ejected or banned tonight, including Mr HAPPY, won't have anyone to stand up for them because they crossed a picket line to be there in the first place
  16. No HAPPY's right. In a perefect world we should be able to say screw the politics, screw the flexing, screw the drama, I'm going to my hill with my cans and having a great evening. What HAPPY hasn't seen is the louder you are the closer the authorities come. When they see your passion they think "that's him". "that's the one the club told us to look out for. The one getting all the notoriety in the papers". Surounded by uniformed Rambos you now have a very narrow scope in which to behave. If you express disgust with the referee, you're out. If you scream something at Carney, Hoole or Aloisi, y
  17. And do what marron? One would have to survive 2 hours of amorous glares from authorities who have recieved carte blanche from the club to rip in and kick ass. This zero tolerance, family friendly mangement has publicly declared time and again that the RBB is unlawful and asking for it. The feeling of invincibilty that must accompany you during a shift at a Wanderers match while you grip your nightstick and mace white knuckle tight must truly be near climatic. What rights could any person wearing red or black excercise in that atmosphere, it's Stockholm without the chocolates
  18. A lot of people view the RBB as a troupe of travelling gypsies, contractually obligated to sing and dance when commanded. We're regular people with jobs and families. I'll stay home with my family rather than trek out to Homebush and risk being arrested for challenging a request to quit due to swearing or standing near the wrong seat. If we are patted down then herded like cattle to our designated pens with a battalion of bulls itching to jump on us, forgive us if we don't feel like singing and dancing. It's a lot to stomach to patronise a club that has made no bones about us being surplus to
  19. Done with A League, I only go to B League matches now
  20. It¨s an area Americans murder Aussie media in everytime. A nothing game between two sides with no chance of making the finals is a media nightmare in Australia, like nails on a chalkboard. In the States it¨s an oppurtunity to gorge on statistics and tactical analysis. Players closing in on records, teams approaching milestones.... every game has importance. The big one in the States this year was Cleveland going winless for the season in the NFL, they even had a parade
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