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  1. I decided to get Santalab 11 put onto the back of my new season shirt now that that the service is available. But halfway through the first half I got a text to say that the machine that irons the name and numbers was busted and to come over to the merchandise shop. I had to give them my contact details and they promised that they would post it out during the week. Anyone else affected?
  2. I listened to the interview with Tsatsimas on the way to work and I have to say that I'm very disappointed with it. There is ZERO talk about food!!
  3. I can picture that sceanrio: Round 15 - The pre-match ceremony involves the giant WSW shirt is walked out, face down, to the centre of the the pitch by the local football district kids. Then another bunch of kids brings out two giant number 1's and a giant 'SANTALAB', made in the new typeface, and places them onto the giant shirt. Voice on the PA announces that names and numbers are only available when ordering the current season kit. BloodyIrishman is ejected for screaming 'its ******* January ****s!! Why the **** didn't happen in time for Christmas'.
  4. Has anybody got any info about whether we can order the new season shirts with names and numbers?
  5. With that comment you are winner of this thread.
  6. So I'm on the Gold Coast for a family holiday and decided to to wear my 15/16 kit cause a WSW kit seen around here as rare as hens teeth. Turns out I was so wrong cause I get to the beach and there's a guy in a season 1 top kayaking. Just kinda random. Sure he thought the same.
  7. How did Bozza respond? If their game is interesting then it'd be played in more than two countries. He kinda chuckled in a diplomatic manner and the immediately went into wrap-up mode for the show. I don't think Bozza was impressed.
  8. I was watching Bill and Boz on Sunday night (I think) and Bozza was having a good old rant about the cost of grassroots football for children and how it should be cheaper. Proper order of course but then the NRL tool beside him just has to add his 2 cents to the subject by adding the zinger 'how about you make your sport more interesting' (or words to that effect). I guess some people will just never understand the beauty of the game......
  9. So does anybody agree with me in thinking that Steven Lustica gave a good account of himself when he came on the other night?
  10. Since we startedI'll take the irishman. No more gambles on overseas strikers we've never heard of.Thanks for the nod of approval Which one? Either Nobody seems to have got my joke..........
  11. Since we started I'll take the irishman. No more gambles on overseas strikers we've never heard of. Thanks for the nod of approval
  12. You can have mine if you want, but it is in the active section? Thanks for the offer but the missus wouldn't be too please to sit alone while I'm in active. Much appreciated.
  13. I've never looked for a cent when I've passed on my tickets to other forum members. Simply hoping that the favour is returned.
  14. I'm looking for a spare (freebie if at all possible) to the Victory game for the wife. Thanks in advance.
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