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  1. If anyone has a spare RBB ticket they aren't using for NYD and are willing to pass on, please PM.
  2. Back Page tonight = totally worth it for Jules Schiller's 15 second comment about how the (non) treatment of crowd trouble at the NRL on the weekend highlights how unfair it is the treatment the A-league receives in the wider media. The panel didn't disagree either.
  3. With a new manager. But he has done enough to be given a chance to show that he can do better than that scenario. ESFC finished lower last year than we did this year remember. It can be turned around. Popa deserves the chance to be the man to do that. If he can't, then it might be time to look elsewhere, but not before then.
  4. Popa is owed another year. He has shown he can transform the side before, so he can do it again. The last thing we want is to become one of those farcical clubs who chop the manager everytime they have an average season.
  5. On another note, May 10 is shaping up as the most irrelevant, uninspiring fixture so far in our short history.
  6. They look a defeated bunch who doesn't want to be there. Friday night clearly exhausted the last remaining fight we had left.
  7. I agree but at the same time we've had too many clubs fold in the short life span of the league. The mistake was involving NZ clubs in the first place IMO. Agreed. They are here now, the league would just look like a basketcase if they were punted. Focus should instead be on bringing in new sides ASAP.
  8. The hawaiian shirts are classic, as is Bobo's confused look down at the plate, and then back up to Arnie.
  9. No, I didn't say Adelaide had underachieved, just that CCM have done better over the course of the league's history. Imo City, Perth and Newcastle have underachieved. CCM have overachieved until recent years, Brisbane have overachieved too (equal most titles and all). Wellington's poor performance isn't underachieving neccessarily, it is entirely predictable given the size of the club.
  10. I agree with the overall point, but in historical terms CCM have been successful. It is only the last 2-3 years where they have been poor. They have achieved much nore than Perth, and more than Adelaide for that matter. Wellington have been poor, yes, and Newcastle (except S3) have criminally underachieved given their membership base.
  11. The ABC rates much higher than SBS, however that goes straight out the window if we get punted to ABC2, which no one watches. Whatever the case, this gas been a massive fail on the part of the FFA not to get 7, 9 or 10 (or one if their affiliate channels) after years of prostituting out the game.
  12. It is ultimately just another 'sokkah bashing' article. He isn't giving any insight and potential solutions to the problem, he is just sticking the boot in, probably to deflect from the massive problems Super Rugby is having atm. Cockerill and others have written more insightful and sincere articles on the same issue.
  13. I originally read that as Zelic, Lucy (before realising you meant Zelic, Ned) she was my second choice for the way she says the 'ic' names She moves from bogan westie pronunciation to straight out of Zagreb like a pro. Fav: Simon Hill. As has been said, his commentary is streets ahead if anyone else. He calls the fame with oassion, and simultaneously doesn't try to make it all about him. He lets the game speak for itself. Worst: Basheer. I get the arguments for wankers like Slater, but at least he gets you emotinally involved (for better or worse). Basheer makes the most entertaining game seem excruciatingly dull.
  14. Not surprising, he is getting on and just doesn't justify marquee wages anymore. Still, he will go down as one of the greats of the league.
  15. To be fair, every single sporting club in the country is the same. Everyone is dudded by the refs, and noone can ever accept that sometimes you get 50/50s, other times you don't.
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