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  1. Burger project is inferior to many, many burger joints in Sydney, Mulberry Tree being one of them.
  2. Doing Q&A this week to break up the boredom and repetition haha. Its ridiculously hard to come up with new content this year
  3. We often refer to things you have said to us during the week, Taurus, but we don't mention you by name so as not to drop you in the **** haha
  4. I was pretty sure of all my #ATBfacts relating to pup's missus. I just thought she was from New Plymouth and met him in Wellington!
  5. Re: Cahill getting booed - All Cahill is, is a footballer and a businessman looking after his own interests. He's got about 2 years left in his football career, and hes got 4 kids, a wife, extended family and half of Samoa to look after financially. My issue with him being here is purely based around the FFA because as someone mentioned earlier, city are the chosen ones, and if not for Sydney going on a run that nobody wouldve expected, then City would be top of the league. Someone prove to me that city are legitimately under the salary cap and not using any loopholes and I'll shut my mouth.
  6. Stereo got cancelled so no need any more I saw Nova at the bar just after the march entered Etihad he's massive no more gym needed. Can confirm Nova is a unit he's more of a 1st floor studio in merrylands than a 3 bedder penthouse on the Parra river, but hes a unit nonetheless
  7. Full strength beer will be missed more than ever this Friday night, cos we're getting flogged
  8. Andrew Redmayne has the same amount of syllables as Western Sydney, so pretty much any of those chants would work although most people in the rbb are both tone deaf and about 3 quarters actually deaf, so if we started an existing chant with new words, the old words would almost certainly get sung instead
  9. Hahahaha awesome. It reminded me of this - what an absolute goose https://youtu.be/D9n678NObUw
  10. I tend to log on here about once every two weeks, and I love all the responses (particularly to the things that I say!) haha. Regarding the betting company, I totally get we need sponsors but ffs I wish we could get them from ANYwhere else. I haven't got a problem with gambling but I do have a huge issue with it's promotion, particularly in an area such as western Sydney. Besides, the ads are AWFUL
  11. ATB imo is at it's finest when the wit is spontaneous. I'd agree, but I'm not sure which one of you is the wit? i think nova is the ****wit turner is the halfwit and Brendan is the dimbwit - calls someone a dimwit - spells 'dimwit' wrong In other news - I have been driving over the harbour bridge occasionally for work and I thought I had it down pat until one day I had to drive from neutral bay. I ended up in the wrong lane and although I went across the bridge on purpose, I almost ended up on the cahill expressway and on the entirely wrong side of the city, i
  12. I'm sure someone will step up to fulfil that role in the team. ...lol
  13. Realistically I think it will be a 33.33333/33.33333/33.33333 split - wsw, sydney and randoms who just want to be there
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