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  1. AlanTran

    Jason Trifiro

    Spotted ol' mate coaching NPL youth this morning.
  2. Stream: http://cricfree.sc/watch/live/fc-seoul-vs-western-sydney-live-streaming
  3. Wtf was going on with the RBB and police outside the station?
  4. Based on what information ????????? ( Just a question,not being nasty) I just reckon a player of his calibre would be looking for greener pastures in Europe and the Americas, that's all. Seriously hoping that I'll be proven wrong though!
  5. I'm being a little bit pessimistic here, but Nico will definitely be gone after this season. Of course he's going to speak positively about the club and Australian lifestyle when being interviewed by Aussie media. I don't think that necessarily means he wants to stay.
  6. Andrew bloody Hoole ripped our defense to shreds hahaha. Cole had a shocker, got beaten almost every time.
  7. UPDATE: Pio is working at my local gym. He still appears to be deadweight.
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