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  1. Its just a really shitty stadium that no one in the A League will be able to fill week to week for another 100 years, what an absolute joke they have made of it. Juan Antonio Samaranch really f**cked this up for us.
  2. hahaha I could watch this all day.
  3. Back to A League action, check out my preview of the game here if you're interested: http://wp.me/p4BrVS-2Q
  4. Cant deny that they are our best 2 centre backs although Hamill has been brilliant in ACL. Love the idea of Spira in CDM but then you gotta drop either La Rocca or Poljak... decisions decisions.
  5. I hope they keep going on and on about it, draw the legal battle out for years if you want, just makes it all the sweeter hearing their appeal against the Champions of Asia the Western Sydney Wanderers. This only serves to help us enjoy this for even longer keep it
  6. fixed edit: LOL cornerstone got swarmed haha cant wipe this smile off my face today mate
  7. 2 seasons in and our trophy cabinet already looking like one of the best in the league, a minor premiership and an Asian Champions League winners trophy. we are pretty f***ing good.
  8. Cant expect them to be over the moon, I actually prefer to hear them whining and trying to shoot it down it means it hurt them more and makes them easier to dislike lol. I think most Sydney fans have been good about it from what I have seen as well, fair play to them you cant hate on the Champions of Asia and most of them are smart enough to know that. I am happy to share this victory with all of Australia, it just means we have earnt a lot of respect from the rest opf the league and they have been pretty consistent in their support of our run from what I have seen on twitter and in the media.
  9. still have goosebumps, Champions of Asia!!!! I wrote a recap of the match and all the madness, if you're interested have a look: http://wp.me/p4BrVS-2z
  10. We are the champions, thank you to the whole Western Sydney family for the adventure this team is unbelievable I wrote a few words here: http://t.co/ZCEXgTvReW Still absolutely dead from the tension of that match but so happy and proud with the outcome.
  11. Some nice footballing underdog stories to inspire the boys in riyadh: http://wp.me/p4BrVS-2j COME ON YOU WANDERERS!!!
  12. lol if that will make it easy on you for the last few days, then go with this theory . Alhilal likes to prove such theories wrong unfortunately. You should ask Guangzhou if they liked proving it wrong? They did btw but we score and we win.
  13. Simple in theory, lets hope it is that simple in reality
  14. Hey guys, I did a review of the match, have a look if you're interested: http://wp.me/p4BrVS-23 Thanks!
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