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  1. This is the key right here. There is a heap of support for grassroots coaches interested in improving themselves when it comes to outfield players. There’s bugger all for budding goalkeeper coaches or coaches who want to help out the young keepers in their teams. If the FFA wants to improve the keeper stock in this country, it needs to vastly improve the quality and quantity of resources available at grassroots level and then support the cream rising to the top. As usual, it’s a bottom up solution, and the powers that be are looking for a top down quick fix.
  2. To be fair, I think Riera always tries. Sure, he’s a shattered husk of a man who seems to have all confidence ripped from his soul and everything he tries ends up having the touch of a donkey, but at least he’s been closer to the Dino end of the scale than the Piovaccari end.
  3. It’s the lost culture that’s the most disappointing thing. I’m a blow-in (moved to Sydney only 10 years ago), but the thing I love most about Western Sydney is the never give up attitude. I see it around me every day. The thing I hate the most about this current squad is it caves so easily. It has no heart, no fight, no **** you attitude. Given this is probably our most westie squad yet, the fact that it’s the most spineless hurts. Sure, the kids are alright, and they’re always going to make dumb mistakes. They’re kids. But where is the fire from Hammil? I’ve never really seen him deliver a bollocking on the field. There’s no gee ups from Elrich. Vedrans’s passion seems to be directed mostly at a big fat STFU to the fans. I can’t blame Bridge as his failing body means he’s not even on the bench. Hopefully he’s guiding the young ones behind the scene. Our westie elders who grew up here are failing us, and the visa players aren’t getting indoctrinated in the ways of the West. Think of the work ethic of the visa boys in those first seasons. Polenz, Hersi, Ono, Dino. All would flog themselves stupid every game. They had people like Meggsy, Topor and Ante to show them how things worked out this way. Will we ever see that culture again? I’m worried the answer is no.
  4. FWIW, in 2019 BDSFA has modified the national MiniRoo rules. Larger teams on larger fields starting at earlier age groups, and things like foul throws and offside enforced from an earlier age (U10 from memory, but I’d have to check). Game leaders were always encouraged to pull up the blatant offsides, but usually it was parents or the older youth players reffing, and they are rarely confident enough to do that. The idea that coaches are trusted to do the right thing has proven to not be successful, as too many coaches even at this level are more interested in thumping the ball into the back of the net as much possible instead of getting the basics right. It’s disappointing, and the coaches doing the right thing were often left disenchanted and disgruntled by the experience. Scores are recorded from U5 but not publicised, and are in theory used to make sure teams are in the correct division the following year. We already do that internally at my club as we want to make sure that kids aren’t either thrashing or being thrashed - neither outcome is good for development. I’m a fan of small-sided games, and it’s a system that has worked well in Europe for many years. The difference between us and Europe in my view is that elite coaching courses are significantly more expensive in Asia compared to Europe. If higher level coaching accreditation was more accessible, I reckon we’d have a better quality player coming through.
  5. Closest I’ve ever come to leaving before full time. Just so sad to see a complete absence of heart. I sure hope Mitch Duke really missed his folks while he was away, because otherwise he must be wondering what the **** he came back for.
  6. When I was a (very average, park football) linesman many years ago now, we were always instructed that when in doubt, advantage should go to the attacking team. In other words, if you weren’t sure you kept your flag down. All refereeing decisions are meant to operate on that basis, assistant or otherwise. VAR doesn’t change that in my view, and I would have thought should lead to more lineball decisions giving advantage to the attacking team because at least if you get it wrong a goal is chalked off and there’s no harm. If you flag an offside that isn’t, you can’t chalk a goal on and the game suffers. No idea if things have changed in recent years. I suspect not as the principle is still sound.
  7. VPN like, uh, NordVPN to pick one at random, select a country without an A-League licensing deal like, say, maybe Japan, and the official MyFootball channel on YouTube. Allegedly.
  8. What’s the record for a team losing 4-3 in a season? We might as well collect the whole set as a record breaking club.
  9. Kamau needs to bulk up a bit more I reckon. He’s knocked off the ball too easily week after week. He puts in a shift but that doesn’t go far if you’re dispossed with a little shoulder or hip bump every time you’re on the ball.
  10. This time of year always serves to remind me that I must be crazy to keep putting my hand up for Exec positions at my club. Off season feels shorter every year
  11. And to be fair, Riera is also one of our best defenders. He clears the ball more often than our fullbacks some games.
  12. It comes down to what’s in his contract surely? IIRC, it was a condition of Gombau’s contract that we made the finals in his first season. We didn’t, and the club exercised its option to terminate the contract. Babbel has a 3 year contract. Whether he stays beyond the first year will no doubt come down to whatever KPIs are in his employment agreement.
  13. Good idea actually. Walking fewer stairs will be easier on my dodgy knee too.
  14. Any views on lower tier vs upper tiers for the Eastern stand? I was lower tier Black on the Western stand (last row, really close to exit and toilets which was a huge bonus when taking little kids to the games) and I’m going to miss those seats. I only had two seats then compared to four now. Cost of upgrading would be too much. Oh well, it is what it is. I’m trying to work out if it’s better to be upper or lower in the new stadium, but can’t really work it out. Which is less likely to lead to my two red-headed kids spontaneously combusting at a late afternoon game?
  15. He was on loan from his Eredivisie club. He’s going back to Holland. Sure, he’ll probably get loaned back out again but in this instance it’s fair to say that leaving is just standard club business. Loan players being bought by the lending club at the end of the loan are the exception, not the rule.
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