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  1. Important to remember that while I’m sure the government is getting quality expert opinion from many sources, IIRC the Chief Medical Officer is a political appointment and therefore all advice from that office should be viewed through that lens. Happy to be corrected if I’m wrong on this one.
  2. It’s not even the amount of shade or direct sunlight. They just don’t do well in ambient heat at those levels. I could do without listening to the complaints too to be honest. "Dad, it’s hoooootttt. I’m boooorrreeeddd. My flesh is peeling off my bones like a slow cooked lamb shaaaannnnkkkkkk. Daaaaaaaadddddddd, I’m meltiiiiiinnnnnggggg."
  3. I was in for my first ever Mariners away, but then saw the forecast. My boys are gingers. It’s child abuse to take them outside in that kind of weather.
  4. Unopposed drills? **** me dead. I may just be a mug grassroots MiniRoo coach, but even I know unopposed drills are not an efficient or effective method to prep your players for match day.
  5. Why not consider this Labi’s half season interview? For that matter, Heff, Meggsy and Catherine Cannuli are also putting themselves firmly in the shop window with the W League this year. The ladies are certainly playing some attractive football right now. The club has some very promising young coaches in the ranks. Let JP take the brunt of the rest of this **** show of a season. No point ruining someone with promise when they can quietly continue to learn their craft in the background while JP takes the heat. All of our early success was with a newly minted first team coach after
  6. Personally I prefer Russell to Wilmering, and I think we looked better moving it out from the back last week than we have in weeks. Nothing against Wimering, mind you. A young lad with bundles of promise. I just think his passing game and go forward needs more work. I hope his recovery is a quick one.
  7. Meier would be more successful if we could cross worth a damn. Our striker is a giant and most of our crosses were either low/along the the ground, or harmlessly floated to the other side of the 18. His link up play was good, but he’s always going to be perceived as a dud if the boys on the park can’t play to our marquee’s strength.
  8. Which is way too much money for something that Telstra won’t allow to go full screen on an iPad because the licensing is apparently done by screen size and not broadcast medium (also has Chromecast and Airplay disabled). A good VPN and YouTube at least gets full screen on tablets and doesn’t cost the $25/m that Kayo does. I wish the A League would consider carving out the streaming rights to be a product all on it’s own, or even to create its own streaming service and sell it direct to customers. Unlikely to ever happen with a market our size, I know.
  9. This is the key right here. There is a heap of support for grassroots coaches interested in improving themselves when it comes to outfield players. There’s bugger all for budding goalkeeper coaches or coaches who want to help out the young keepers in their teams. If the FFA wants to improve the keeper stock in this country, it needs to vastly improve the quality and quantity of resources available at grassroots level and then support the cream rising to the top. As usual, it’s a bottom up solution, and the powers that be are looking for a top down quick fix.
  10. To be fair, I think Riera always tries. Sure, he’s a shattered husk of a man who seems to have all confidence ripped from his soul and everything he tries ends up having the touch of a donkey, but at least he’s been closer to the Dino end of the scale than the Piovaccari end.
  11. It’s the lost culture that’s the most disappointing thing. I’m a blow-in (moved to Sydney only 10 years ago), but the thing I love most about Western Sydney is the never give up attitude. I see it around me every day. The thing I hate the most about this current squad is it caves so easily. It has no heart, no fight, no **** you attitude. Given this is probably our most westie squad yet, the fact that it’s the most spineless hurts. Sure, the kids are alright, and they’re always going to make dumb mistakes. They’re kids. But where is the fire from Hammil? I’ve never really seen him
  12. FWIW, in 2019 BDSFA has modified the national MiniRoo rules. Larger teams on larger fields starting at earlier age groups, and things like foul throws and offside enforced from an earlier age (U10 from memory, but I’d have to check). Game leaders were always encouraged to pull up the blatant offsides, but usually it was parents or the older youth players reffing, and they are rarely confident enough to do that. The idea that coaches are trusted to do the right thing has proven to not be successful, as too many coaches even at this level are more interested in thumping the ball into the back of
  13. Closest I’ve ever come to leaving before full time. Just so sad to see a complete absence of heart. I sure hope Mitch Duke really missed his folks while he was away, because otherwise he must be wondering what the **** he came back for.
  14. When I was a (very average, park football) linesman many years ago now, we were always instructed that when in doubt, advantage should go to the attacking team. In other words, if you weren’t sure you kept your flag down. All refereeing decisions are meant to operate on that basis, assistant or otherwise. VAR doesn’t change that in my view, and I would have thought should lead to more lineball decisions giving advantage to the attacking team because at least if you get it wrong a goal is chalked off and there’s no harm. If you flag an offside that isn’t, you can’t chalk a goal on and the game
  15. VPN like, uh, NordVPN to pick one at random, select a country without an A-League licensing deal like, say, maybe Japan, and the official MyFootball channel on YouTube. Allegedly.
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