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  1. I've been doing meaningless rumours for ages, with no end product
  2. Sleuthing that "clue" on Transfermarkt doesn't yield much ....
  3. Impatience. The longest off season in the world will do that.
  4. I feel it in my bones that we will announce our marquee striker this week. Or it could just be arthritis. It is bloody cold.
  5. Only if he wants to be a club man. The Boss won't tolerate tourists.
  6. He'd be massive, but the $ are out of our league.
  7. Looks like the Boss has a plan for the future. I'm sure we're going to be far better this year than last, but the prospect for next few excites me.
  8. Just saw that - usually a cryptic like that means signing announcement.
  9. That forward line looks thin with Duke on the injury list, even if his recovery goes well. Itching for an announcement or two
  10. Saba was extremely talented and also a major tool. It was potential unrealised rather than lacking.
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