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  1. If only Brisbane wore yellow shirts tonight. He can't score in that colour.
  2. After watching them against Perth, I wouldn't see it as an upset. But then, I'm a tragic.
  3. Was there a practice game last night? I read something on Facebook. Curious if Mutch had a run.
  4. Support them when they're gold, support them when they're ****. It's like being a St Kilda supporter in the eggball game - always a glimmer somewhere.
  5. Good to see. https://www.ftbl.com.au/gallery/pic-special-wsw-return-to-training-549419
  6. So the resumption announced - do we actually have a team to play the remainder of the year?
  7. I don't think Jurman has any passion for the club - he's paychecking until he can get his next gig. Looks very disinterested at times.
  8. Needs one this weekend to clear his slate before the derby.
  9. Kamau adds a dimension of speed and is getting better at cutbacks, which now have the advantage of Muller, Cox and Duke running on. Different styles, both working better.
  10. We're going to need them to stand up again in the next few weeks. DG is going to get a fair holiday, Kamau didn't look so great when he went down, Pirmin is at card max - just when the team is showing some genuine west Sydney mongrel, the odds slip away on injury and fouls. The next couple of games will be a big test.
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