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  1. Pure class. I had really hoped he would work - it wasn't to be, but he has exited with dignity. Kudos.
  2. I look forward to another announcement to go with our Lopar .... https://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/news/muller-ready-make-mark?fbclid=IwAR0uAyMba9Z1LIrEdTUFBvb4UTM-0fxseMSxR4y6se2_cEuhGsH9Wwc4NUA
  3. Ange is busy. What's Mr Wenger doing these days?
  4. If only Santa had his manager's ticket and a bit of coaching experience - he would bleed for the club.
  5. Kelly is enough idiot for three villages. Yet the good burghers of the electorate of Hughes keep voting for this Neanderthal.
  6. Well we get John Farnham every year, and he's retired.
  7. We're going to the Hunter for the Elton John concert this Saturday, but there has to be some doubt over that depending on air quality. Sadly this could be our new normal for this time of year.
  8. Agreed, but can't see Merrick being the saviour, sadly. (Does Tensai have his AFC coaching ticket ? At least he had a Wanderers heart as a player)
  9. Ok - Merrick has been sacked, but please ..... no, no, no. Frying pan, meet fire.
  10. He is one player we should do everything to retain. Meier hasn't worked, but Lopar, Schwegler and Muller are quality - I hate to think that we could be even worse without them.
  11. I watched the first half last night, and the whole team is truly static. Balls are passed to stationary players rather than to space, and the pace at which passes are taken mean that on 90% of occasions the marker is on top of the receiver before the ball gets there. In contrast, or defensive pressure on opponents is non-existent - it seems like their receivers have yards of space and heaps of time. Coaching has a lot to do with it - there's no plan and no confidence. I was a fanboy at the start, but I'm team Babbel out now. Staunch the bleeding.
  12. This is a team that should be scaring opponents, but it's been much the same and pretty toothless
  13. You reminded me of one of my favourite tennis players, Ilie Nastase. He was volatile but intelligent, and supposedly could speak up to 7 languages. Unfortunately for him, he kept swearing on court in the language of the country he was playing in.
  14. On a lighter note ... Al-Hilal must be having nightmares about this strip. https://talksport.com/football/644632/fifa-club-world-cup-flamengo-al-hilal-liverpool/
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