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  1. If he's doing this all within a salary cap, I want him to do my taxes for me.
  2. Surely a pipe dream .... https://www.sportingnews.com/au/football/news/a-league-move-a-perfect-fit-for-unwanted-jack-wilshere-as-he-seeks-fresh-start-abroad/g6g7r8sfksb1gtc84prd1q61
  3. Would Daniel Sturridge be worth gambling on? He'd be a pretty safe bet. We could have a punt. I'll show myself out ...
  4. Didn't he spend 2/3 of the season out injured? And pretty much everyone at Victory was unbelievably terrible last season (until they played us).
  5. He was a good servant - wish him well.
  6. Piovaccari, Borda, Jumpei, Adeleke, Sotirio and Saba .... because everyone deserves a second chance.
  7. How is it possible in a salary-capped league for a club that has resorted to begging for donations can buy a complete new team, with no sign of stopping? Maybe Popovic hasn't submitted the expense report yet.
  8. Pretty good for a club that has to use a GoFundMe page to stay afloat.
  9. Has Victory announced his signing yet, or is it Gatt's "leak"? You'd think they'd be plastering it everywhere by now
  10. Would we take Honda at his age? His twitter says "It's almost about time I start looking for the next club".
  11. Has Spira retired? He's still relatively young ... Getting the band back together ....
  12. The past few weeks, Troisi looks like he's enjoying his football. Didn't look like that earlier in the year. If we can snag two wins in the next two games, I think the momentum will be high across the park.
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