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  1. And there we have it. The definitive death-rider position.
  2. I agree to an extent, but I think he's half a yard slow in knowing where his options are. It will come with time at this level, but it is a bit stifling. No Schwegler as an outlet didn't help this week.
  3. Here's my uninformed contribution to the post-match dribble. Wilmering has potential and he's doing a good job in defence, but he stifles the go-forward because he lacks awareness of channels to distribute. The number of times he played back to Jurman reminded me of Gumby-ball. Time for him to have a spell. Losing Schwegler killed our composure. It was always going to be a bit confused without him. Muller (two dots) is the real deal. When he and the Big Fella get on the wavelength, we will be excited. Jurman is up there with our best buys for the year, and so is Georgievski. Overall our recruitment for the year has been very good, and the team will get better, but we need the old heads on the field. For all their potential, our young guys require class around them to be effective. Lopar is an alien from another planet. It was my wife's first time at a match - she loved the RBB and the atmosphere, she was excited to see Jurman in the line-up (she sat next to him at a presentation dinner a few years back and thinks he's a good guy - but she still has Santalab as her favourite player), she enjoyed the facilities at the new stadium (and a couple of wines), and she looked great in a Wanderers jersey and short skirt Crowd numbers could have been better, but we'll do better with later games. In all, not a fantastic performance with the ball (not sharp at all) but determined if a bit untidy in defence, but not anything worth opening a vein about. I'm tipping 3 points away this week if we can get Schwegler and Muller (two dots) on the pitch.
  4. The squad shows Elrich and Sullivan in. Be surprising if either play.
  5. In x 4. My wife is coming to her first WSW game (but it's costing me a nice dinner!)
  6. Is the top of the S the head of a snake?
  7. Poor old Archie. A dribbler on the field, and a bigger dribbler off it.
  8. Robbie Slater squats in the goal to make his point. Or to pee like a girl ... not sure.
  9. Corica has called for the VAR on the "team of the Week".
  10. They were the better attacking side. Our gameplan looked to be about keeping them out and taking whatever opportunity we had - I think we will certainly be more attack-minded against lesser opposition. On the night we had resolute defence, and the benefit of an insane Custodian!
  11. I was in Bondi wearing my WSW cap. I don't think anybody there knew what football was.
  12. "If they think they're the winners after two wins in the last four years, I'm OK with that," Ninkovic laughed. Eat a salted dick.
  13. This is the first time for a very long time that I have come into Derby week not feeling glum. Having said that, I dread the amount of open veins on this forum if we don't get the result in this game. It's a long season and we are tracking in the right direction - just remember, win, draw or lose, we're always Red and Black.
  14. Just saw the post match celebration - the big fella quickly got into the spirit of WDWSF - so good to see. Hope it's another post-win celebration against those blue muppets this weekend.
  15. ABJ will find it very different playing with the Smurfs next week as opposed to against them. He'll spend just as much time getting up off the turf, but this time it will be because he'll be pantsed by Schwegler with textbook tackles and not hacked to pieces by chop merchants. Either way, I still want to see him on his ass.
  16. I miss our participation in the ACL, even if the last couple were dogshize
  17. With our track record, I hope he doesn't have to climb a set of stairs to get on the plane coming here.
  18. A pretty fast winger - let's speculate. Does this imply that someone like Duke will drop into 10? He offered himself up as an option when Raddy went out.
  19. You have got to be kidding. We have one of the best players to lace up boots in the bundesliga, a top-flight defensive mid,and a host of players with international experience, and here you are a day from the first game death-riding them. If you can't be positive, don't bother.
  20. So the boss is definite that Majewski is gonski. Will there be a replacement?
  21. https://www.southcoastregister.com.au/story/6289496/jake-finds-his-trew-calling-with-wanderers/
  22. Attacking Mid remains the Achilles Heel. AMFG will need service to be effective.
  23. I have a suspicion he may start zeigler and sub him after a run - just a feeling, not any science.
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