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  1. Trump's aim is to intimidate those who don't agree with him. The incendiary crap he deals out is designed to activate the loonies who subsequently pose a very real threat to anyone brave enough to speak out in dissent. So his repulsive view becomes the loudest because those who care are silenced, and the sheeple become indoctrinated. Fascism 101. Rant over.
  2. Not trying to be funny, but how good is his English? Do we know?
  3. Totally underwhelming, and that's the nicest way I can put it.
  4. He would star in this league - and what a strong front line we would have. I'm not confident, but it would be sensational if we snagged him.
  5. So the squad is confirmed, so no additional signing ready for the match. I thought MB said he would have his whole squad in before the Leeds game?
  6. Have we become so cynical that we're now even no longer playing "suggest-the-obscure-Euro-off-contract-based-on-FIFA-ratings"? In previous years there was no shortage of speculation all the way up to the point that we signed someone nobody had EVER heard of before. I miss those days.
  7. Anybody know what kind of dog Okazaki has?
  8. You'd reckon the club would throw us a bone, just to keep this thread from becoming a dead zone ...
  9. I like the look of the ones we've recruited so far. A sharp 9, Aussie pat fit, and one more miserly CB and we're looking far better on paper than the last couple of years.
  10. I wonder if Brattan will stomp on ABJ just out of habit?
  11. In a way I'm glad. It means I won't be conflicted about my opinion on Brattan.
  12. I'm understating so people don't pee themselves.
  13. That's him - a cheap option and can sniff a goal or two, but very late 30s
  14. Hull City webnews site says Campbell is definitely released but no more detail. At least he's not as old as Crouch - another name that has been bandied around.
  15. I'm hearing that an announcement is going to be made tomorrow. Admittedly, I'm only hearing it from the voices in my head.
  16. Sadly, I feel responsible for where this has all gone .....
  17. I thought you might be keeping something from us, and my question would catch you at a careless moment ....
  18. Would be worth buying Brattan just to give him a proper "Welcome to Parramatta". He was a pea-heart in red-and-black, don't see him changing that aspect in blue.
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