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  1. Hey guys, Couldn't find the ticket selling section but Just found out i can't make the game so selling 3 tickets. 2 adult 1 junior Section 219 Cost price was $110 but happy with $100 for wanderers supporters
  2. All this talk about esfc outnumbering us. We absolutely embarrassed them in the stands to the point that even they are disappointed in the coves effort last night. Really good vibe about the RBB last night and even though we only had one side full of supporters "who de we sing for" sounded amazing.
  3. can you imagine the scenes if we somehow come away with the win ? They have packed out the stadium because there so confident there going to flog us again . I would love to see 30k+ Smurf fans have to watch us celebrate .
  4. Any idea what was happening at the entrance to the RBB noticed a lot of unhappy people getting rejected after showing there ticket .
  5. Looking for two tickets to the wanderers vs jets game if anyone cant make it happy to pay for them.
  6. Not sure if this has been posted Concerns for new stadium http://www.parramattasun.com.au/story/4169719/concerns-for-new-stadium/?cs=1497
  7. This is why I'm asking about the ga. I got 5 extra people to come can't get active so maybe if we sit right up against the ga closest to the active it's pretty much the sameI suspect they will tarp off the active area to separate it from the GA bays next to them.Anything we can think of that will ruin the atmosphere, they will do it!! Haha it really shows the farce that is the ticketing process. Members who don't want to wait will buy outside the active bays. Then people who don't really understand active end up in there, while people that really wanted to be in there are not, and then they
  8. There ******* kidding them selves they want to try and fill that many bays with full season RBB members .
  9. Great isn't it? Is it really though ? A lot of people can't commit to a full a season and try to attend as many games as possible , do they want more empty seats in the RBB when members dont turn up ? Fair enough they only want members in the RBB why not give a flexible option for those that have work and family commitments , i already buy a supporter membership surely that should give me access .
  10. So you can only get tickets In the RBB of you buy a full membership ?
  11. who gives a **** Your taking the piss aren't you ? You don't think it has anything to do with the fact he's actually a good player ?
  12. thinking back to all the big teams we have had over here in the last couple of years I can't recall any team holding back there stars and not letting them play . Madrid,Spurs,Roma,Chelsea,city I can only think of aguero not playing and that was due to injury In saying that though looking at the team arsenal are sending over for the MLS all star game they might **** us with a second string team . Either way as long as we put on a better show then esfc I'll be happy .
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